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Jobs that Didn’t Exist 10, 15, 30 or 50 Years Ago


The international job market has changed considerably over a few years, especially when the onset of globalization and outsourcing began in the international market. Even in the past, there has been a considerable amount of escalation in new jobs and roles.

There has been a large change in the labor market over the past few years due to the advancement of technology and science. More and more new jobs and branches are being introduced, that were even unheard of in the past years. Here are a few careers that were not present over the years.

Jobs that Didn't Exist

Jobs That No Longer Exist:

Here are a few examples of various jobs that were not present throughout 10, 15, 30, and 50 years.

Jobs That Didn’t Exist in The Last 10 years:

1. Digital marketing specialist:

The marketing industry is one of the main industries that has faced a lot of changes and developments over the decades. This may be because the marketing industry is developing constantly and has shown a continual development in the manufacturing and creation of products and services for customers. Nowadays, almost all marketing ventures are online. Now it produces more and more opportunities for all skilled professionals.

2. Social media manager:

Over the last decade, social media introduced to the general public and this led to the large boom of social media development. Now it has become a mainstream necessity for the world population. Along with the introduction and development of social media comes the onset of big data and data storage.

This led to the onset of social media managers, where people hired to manage the social media pages of various organizations and companies when digital marketing blossomed.

3. Chief listening officer:

The chief listening officer also somewhat has the same kind of job as a social media manager has, the only difference is that it is one step higher than the latter. The chief listening officer, also known as the CLO, gets paid for listening to various customer and client queries regarding the company and the organization.

The job also focuses on social networking in which a CLO designates to provide a post, a blog, or send emails to various clients.

4. Blogger:

Blogging was an internet phenomenon that started in the late 1990s. In origin, blogs first consider as online diaries and start attracting a lot of people, by the early 2000s, the popularity of blogs grew and lots of people started posting blogs describing their day to day lives and experiences.

Nowadays, many people do blogs both as a hobby and also as a source of income. Another variation of this is called a vlog or video blog, where people create video diaries.

5. Search engine optimization specialist:

10 years back, nobody knew what search engine optimization meant. But nowadays, many high profile jobs include SEO tracking and optimization. The need for search engine optimization grew when companies wanted their products to see first when searched on the internet, so.

The main purpose of the SEO specialists is to increase the search engine optimization of their websites, products, and services. That is, they are the people responsible for making your product visible to the customers when searching on the web.

Jobs That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago:

1. App designer:

As mentioned earlier, in the past 15 years, due to the onset of technology and its development, the electronics market grew rapidly. This also meant the introduction of smartphones and their associated applications software. As the phones became smarter and smarter, the use of smartphones became wider and this leads to an increase in various smartphone applications.

After the introduction of the app store for various devices, app designers started increasing, where one could make an app and sell them in the respective app stores. This lead to a new employment prospect of app designing. An app designer is expecting to create a varied amount of graphics, designs, and animation that suits the look and purpose of the application software

2. App development:

There is a correlation between the roles of an application designer and an app developer. One is responsible for making the app work and function properly, while the latter is responsible to make the application look good and user-friendly when launched from the smartphone.

The app developer designs and implements the code for the functioning of the app. The work of both the app developer and the app designer creates the perfect app for the phone.

3. Big data analyst:

The rise of digital marketing and its related operations has led to the creation of big data. Big data generally means the analyzed and computational data that is studied to reveal patterns, trends, and sequences that are similar to human interaction and thinking. It is a voluminous amount of both unstructured, semi and fully structured information that predicts the human thinking pattern.

With the onset of storing and using such data, big data analysts have become one of the most sought after working individuals in the industry. Big data provides an organization to have a greater edge than its competitors in the industry.

4. Cloud services specialist:

With the introduction of data mining and big data storage, more and more information is stored in cloud servers. Due to the increase in automation, cloud servers are replacing physical servers. Hence, the amount of workforce required for maintaining physical servers is depleting and instead, the number of cloud server specialists is increasing.

The main purpose of a cloud specialist is to maintain and manage the information, data, and functions that are relevant to cloud storage and its associated technologies.

5. Market research/data miner:

A market researcher and a data miner is an individual that learns about the various changes that occur in the market and predicts what is suitable and not suitable for the success of a certain product.

They try to analyze the various data of customers, go through their interactions, and learn about their transactions and various other activities to provide a concise report about the various steps to take for the success of a product. Market researchers have a better understanding of the market and its changes.

Jobs That Didn’t Exist The Last 25 Years:

1. Website copywriter:

The World Wide Web was established nearly 20 years ago, before that there are no websites present. But with the introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web, the number of websites increased day by day.

This also increases in individuals who are experienced in writing content for various websites, which conveyed the information about the website in short phrases or small descriptions. As technological development increased, the number of copyright writers and technical writers increased.

2. Virtual assistants:

Virtual assistants are administrative assistants that provide guidance and assistance to business owners that are small scale in nature and do not have enough budget to hire a personal assistant. Many virtual assistants provide remote location support.

With the onset of the internet, the work from home concept is very popular nowadays and more and more people are encouraged to work from home. Virtual assistants do not need any physical presence.

3. Internet marketer:

With the onset of internet marketing, internet marketers play a key role in establishing a lucrative business. Internet marketers are available in varying disciplines since there are many areas where online marketing takes place.

The main role of an internet marketer is to provide statements and descriptions to persuade the customer in buying the product online. They are the ones that are responsible for selling information about the product and its requirements.

4. Online business managers:

Online business managers are the individuals that monitor the performance of internet marketers. They usually work in remote locations and often take care of the business website and its relevant pages.

Online business managers usually land with a well-paid package since they constantly have to keep in touch with the business owner and other clients associated with the company. The evolution of the internet and the digital marketing arena saw an increase in the need for online business managers.

5. Content strategist:

A content strategist is an individual that is responsible for deciding what all contents and descriptions should post on the website to attract more and more customers. They must discipline themselves not only under the content but also the technological views, the behavior of the market and the industry, everything that falls under the content aspect of the website.

This job has evolved due to the evolution of the internet. A content strategist is focused only to increase the revenue and the growth of the organization through their websites.

Jobs That Didn’t Exist The Last 50 Years:

1. Nutritionists:

Eating healthy was not always a new thing, but due to the decrease in exercise and a decrease in eating healthy food, more and more people nowadays are preoccupied with the notion of eating clean. For this purpose, it is a common occurrence to go and visit the nutritionist frequently.

Thanks to various social media like Facebook and Instagram, many self-taught nutritionists and health gurus have been able to garner a wide range of audiences with the help of the internet.

2. Genetic counselors:

Over 50 years, science has developed over leaps and bounds in all aspects, be it in technology, biological science or environmental science. Development in science has enabled humans to achieve the impossible.

The main purpose of genetic counselors is to predict and study any kind of genetic defects that may occur within a person or a child and pass that information to healthcare professionals who will treat the patient/individual.

3. Information security analysts:

As mentioned before, due to the increase in cloud computing and automation, there is a large risk of security breaches and leakage of information from the cloud servers. Leaking sensitive information maybe lead to grave consequences in the technological industry.

To prevent this from happening, information security analysts are hired. The main purpose of such individuals is to learn about the various security flaws that could happen, troubleshoot them to prevent such occurrences from happening. Various measures are taken to prevent unwanted leakage of information.

4. User designer expert:

50 years back, nobody knew what a technological software was, until the introduction of computer technology in the early 1980s. As virtual space or the internet became more and more developed, there was a need to make the software more and more intuitive and user-friendly. Hence, the demand for user designers aroused.

The main job of a UX designer is to create software that is user-friendly for doing day to day activities. Their role has been extremely important in online marketing sites, social networking sites and also government websites. They provide the usage of the website with a pleasant and smooth experience.

5. Drone operator:

Drones are small robotic flying equipment that was first developed in the 1970s. The commercialized drone came for the general public about 10 years back, since then, there is a large need of drone operators to handle drones to do dangerous and dull work that humans cannot possibly do.

These days’ commercial drones are used to take videos and pictures at nearly impossible heights and also done to transfer goods from one place to another. Drone operators are in large demand for using drones for surveillance and security purposes.


All these jobs show us that, we are all moving towards the digital era. With the onset of development, more and more job opportunities are being created for a large number of skilled workers and at the same time, a good part of the existing careers are being extinct. Mass production by humans is slowly turning into mass production by machines.

Almost all the physical work is being transformed into machine work and all physical entities are being transformed into virtual objects.