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List of Famous Human Resource Managers in India


The presence of a skilled personnel is the success of any organization. And behind the availability of a skilled workforce is the HR department, whose main aim is to track the right talent and provide them with right type of training.

Compared to other branches of management such as marketing and finance, HR has traditionally been regarded as less glamorous by management students.

But a number of HR practitioners have gained a considerable amount of light in recent years.

Here is a list of HR managers in India who have been trendsetters in the profession in recent years:

Famous HR Managers in India

The true strength of any organization is its manpower and good manpower is the result of a good HR team. While the role of an HR professional may not be glamorous, it is still extremely significant.

A good HR team is capable of retaining the skilled manpower so that the business expands manifolds as the years advance. Following mentioned are famous hr managers list in India.

List of HR managers in India:

Ajoyendra Mukherjee, Vice President and Head, Global HR, TCS:

TCS is sure one of the prominent and well-known companies of our times. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) is a known name but it definitely owes its success to the great leaders who thought beyond the times. These were men who were not withheld by times and dared to think up initiatives that transformed business for the firm completely.

Ajoyendra Mukherjee is the Vice President and Head of Global HR for TCS. As the Global HR Head of TCS, Ajoyendra has initiated two major initiatives, ‘Mpower’ and ‘Maitre’. The former has two managers that enable two managers at TCS’s centres to deal with the issues of their employees and the latter which goes beyond members of their staff, their families in order to make them a part of the cultural activities at TCS.

Nandita Gurjar, Senior Vice President and Group Head, HR, Infosys:

Infosys is surely one of the top IT companies in India. It is a dream company for all the IT engineers from India. The firm has retained its high reputation by proper management. It has always been hiring the best talent in the industry. This would never be possible without the proper HR team. Nandita Gurjar, the Head HR and the Senior Vice President of Infosys has done complete justice to her role in the firm and taken the company to the pinnacle of success.

As the help of HR activities at Infosys, Nandita firmly believes that one of the most important things for the management of an organization is to listen. The importance of listening cannot be undermined in the business process.

Infosys also performs crowdsourcing as a part of its HR activities under Nandita’s supervision. She sure has some success secrets to share with different business firms of India.

Saurabh Govil, Senior VP, HR Technologies, Wipro:

Wipro is a very reputed firm in the digital world. Wipro is a digital company that has always kept the employees first. It has taken efforts to attract the best talent to their firm. They have also retained quality manpower with the right strategies and methods.

Human resource team of Wipro Technologies has remained one of its strengths. The success of the firm surely depends greatly on this team. Saurabh Govil is the Senior VP, Human Resource in Wipro Technologies.

HR has been one of the major strong points of Wipro since its inception. Living up to its time tested corporate philosophy, Saurabh has created more simple agile structures that lead to very simplified roles for the people. They know what is expected by the management, and what should be their long term objectives.

Rajan Dutta, President-Corporate HR, Corporate HR, Reliance Communications:

The Reliance group has been known for its employee-friendly policies that keep the company together. No great firm can survive if the employees are not happy. Firms like Reliance survive mainly because of their employee-friendly policies and plans. Rajan Dutta has had a major role to play in creating such employee-friendly policies that lead to the success of the firm.

Being a conglomerate, Reliance’s HR policies are far more comprehensive as compared to any of the companies mentioned above. Rajan Dutta has been the guiding force behind Reliance’s HR department and has been the trendsetter in the industry in each of the 24 HR policies.

Microsoft’s Senior Human Resource Director Joji Sekhon Gill:

The role of a human resource person can be very different from what we understand it to be. We often tend to take the role of an HR person for granted. We should never forget that HR has a major role to play in keeping the enthusiasm of the employees high and ensuring the best level of productivity from them. Joji Sekhon did the most unexpected things to perk up his employees. No wonder he is the HR person for Microsoft.

As an HR director, Joji’s role at Microsoft has been to encourage its staff to inculcate new skills which are not related to their work in any way. The best example we can quote here is that of Ankur Arora who works with the organisation as a Solutions Specialist. With the help of a few colleagues, Ankur formed a music band. Sekhon believes in creating a philanthropist organization where people are recognized for the quality of their work and enjoy their work life.

D.K.Srivastava, Senior Vice President of Corporate Human Resources, HCL Technologies:

The work culture in a firm or organisation has a great role to play in the productivity and success of a firm or organisation. Only a good work culture can make the best use of the true potential of the employees and ensure the best results and profits. D K Srivastava did something of the same kind and ensured a boost in the productivity of the company.

Srivastava has played an important part in changing the work culture at HCL Technologies over the last few years.

Manoj Biswas, India Head of Human Resources, Accenture:

Manoj Biswas is the Head of HR in Accenture. The firm is already renowned as one of the prominent IT companies of India. It has maintained a high reputation through the years with its exceptional performance. Manoj Biswas has greatly contributed to policies and positive changes in the firm.

One of the major respected voices in the industry, Biswas highlights on some of the major practices of the HR profession-training, re-skilling, career interviews, psychometric analysis, psychological interviews and counselling, which are practised in the army.

Biswas has executed them at Accenture and added a few new ones as well, such as a leave policy on the grounds of maternity leave and letting an employee to donate a few hours to an employee who has been on leave for an extended time period.

M.S. Krishnamoorthy, VP(Human Resources), L &T:

Larsen and Tourbo is a very renowned company. It is the dream company for many young IT aspirants. The firm has retained its high reputation through consistent performance that is truly remarkable.

The Vice President of Human Resources in L&T, M S Krishnamoorthy sure has made great contribution grooming the talent in the industry. This eventually pays off as superior performance.

Krishnamoorthy has been at the forefront of L &T’s attempts to poach the best talents from its competitors in the electrical and automation sector. There are few companies in the domains of heavy engineering and construction that do the type of work that L&T does. Therefore, Krishnamoorthy spends a good deal of time in grooming in-house talent according to the needs of the organization.

Dhruv Desai, Sr. Vice President and Head HR, Angel Broking Pvt. Ltd:

Angel Broking is not yet a renowned name in the industry. Yet, its efforts and contributions can never be undermined. Any successful company has a great mind that functions to ensure the success of the firm. In the case of Angel Broking, Dhruv Desai is the mind behind the brainwork. Hats off to his remarkable efforts.

A rising name in the profession, Dhruv has the cross-functional exposure that is essential to be a successful HR professional. Desai feels that an HR professional who has prior experience in marketing and finance has an edge over others.

Though the idea may sound a bit too radical for management professionals, the quality of work done by HR managers with cross-functional experience as compared to others is significantly high. Exposure at the early stage of one’s career would be a major plus point.

Most Influential HR Professionals in India:

Human resource department plays a crucial role in an organization’s growth and development. They not only have the duty towards just the company but also towards the employees working in the company. They have to work for the organization’s growth as well as for the welfare of the employees.

There are many designations working under human resource department and the roles of them differ accordingly. Before moving forward, let us have a view at a few duties of the HR department.

Functions of Human Resource Management:

  • Finding the right talent
  • Screening candidates for interviews
  • Hiring/ Recruiting
  • Training
  • Developing skills
  • Engaging employees
  • Solve any type of conflicts
  • Motivate employees
  • Check the productivity levels and many more

Top Human Resources Leaders in India:

Name Designation Organization
Sanitha Singh Director - HR CSS Corp Pvt. Ltd
Asha Poluru Director & Head of HR McAfee Software India Pvt. Ltd.
Shaloo Gulati Director HR - India Actuant India Pvt. Ltd.
Rasheed M. A VP - HR Hartex Rubber Pvt. Ltd
D. C. Mandlik Vice President (Pers. & Admin.) Larsen & Toubro Ltd
Anish Philip Chief People Officer Mindtree Ltd.
Abhilasha Singh Head - HR Hindustan Electricity Generation Company Pvt. Ltd. (HENERGY)
Piyush Kumar Chowhan Senior VP & Chief People Officer Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd &Arvind Retail Ltd.
Varghese Mathew Chief People Officer (Global) ShapoorjiPallonji Engineering & Construction
Pankaj Sathe Chief People and Operations Officer KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd
Manabendra Misra VP & Head - HR Larsen & Toubro Ltd
Ramanath Gurzala VP - HR Lapp India Pvt. Ltd
Hemchandra Peruvelli VP - HR HIL Ltd
Mahima Datla Senior VP - HR Biological E. Ltd
P. Manoj Kumar Director & VP - HR & Corporate Affairs Innovative Foods Ltd
P. Seshagiri Rao Head - HR AdaniWelspun Exploration Ltd
Ajith kumar Balakrishna Director - Global HR US Technology International Pvt. Ltd
Kaushik Gopalan Global Process Leader IBM INDIA PVT. LTD
Jai Thomas Mannanal Group President - HR Topworth Group of Companies
Pratheep kumar Moolethara Country HR Head - India Weatherford Oil Tool M.E. Ltd
Dinesh Mishra Director - HR Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Sukumaran Mariappan Head - HR SAARC Region, Middle East & Thailand, Trimble Navigation Inc
Sunil Nair Director - HR GlobeOp Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd
Rajiv Burman Director HR MSIT India & China Microsoft
R. Nanda VP - Corporate HR Tata Chemicals Ltd
Jayandar Swaminathan Asst VP Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd.
C. Krishna Kishore VP - HR & IR Greenko Group
Raosaheb Kangane VP - HR & ER Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
Supratik Biswas Head - HR (India) Mercury Pharma Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ashish Kapoor Director - HR Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Dhanesh Gupte Head - People &Organisation Development India & South Asia, Sygenta India Ltd
Sudhir Kulkarni GM - HR Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd.
Daniel Jacob Asst. General Manager-HR EC Group Datasoft Pvt. Ltd.
Rakesh Shah Vice President & Chief Talent Officer Ugam Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Rahul Gaikwad GM - HR Centro Combustion Furnaces Pvt. Ltd.
Seema Vasudev Sr. HR SreiSahajeVillage Ltd
Nishith Chaturvedi Head - HR & Corp. Comm. National Payments Corporation of India
Nikhil Karajgi Human Resources Manager Jewelex India Pvt. Ltd.
Indra Jaishy GM - HR Planet M Retail Ltd.
Jitendra Kumar Sharma GM - HR NSL Sugars, Renewable Power & Conventional Power Divisions
Haritha Vasireddy HR InfoSage Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Sandip Sengupta Sr GM Promed Exports Pvt. Ltd
Subhashini Panyam Director - HR Hitachi Consulting Software Services India Ltd.
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Even as the world advances at a really fast pace, manpower still remains one of the key aspects of the success of the firm or organisation. It is impossible to achieve success without the right manpower.

Attracting the right talent and getting work out of them is not easy. A good human resource team is often responsible for quality work from the best men in the industry. It is thus high time we respect the hr managers in India and around the world for their skills and superior abilities.



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