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16 Leadership Skills Interview Questions: How to Answer Them


Interviews are the most crucial part of a selection process. General questions are asked in it sometimes. However, when asked to the employers “Which skill are you primarily looking for in the candidates”, the most preferential given answer was- “We are primarily looking for leadership skills in our future employees”. This answer was applicable for all the prospective candidates and not only those applying for administrative or managerial level positions.

Also, the most common answer given by the employees when asked about their greatest strengths was “leadership”. It is one of the most general ability followed by teamwork that is looked for, in most generic interviews.

In fact, few companies have leadership skills questions at the core of their interviews and keep asking questions related to it. While the administration is a significant skill that companies seek, it is only a part of the control.

Management, the administration is a practical competency that includes planning, controlling and organizing functions apart from the ability to listen, inspire and motivate other people.

Even if you’re looking for an entry-level, fresher position, you should be at ease replying to leadership interview questions with answers.

Leadership Skills Interview Questions

Every job seeker should be prepared to an example of leadership skill that he can share with the interview panel. It does not need to be a work related leadership position only, college pass outs can explain about experience imbibed through clubs, volunteer programs, societies etc.

Before we proceed with the other interview questions for leadership roles that might be asked along with their answers, you need to know what exactly leadership skills are. It not only means managing things, administration work but includes a whole lot of things apart from that. It means different things to different people.

These are also the skills that the interviewers will be testing during the interview with their range of interview questions on leadership and management skills which we will be seeing in the coming paragraphs.

Best Leadership Skills Interview Questions:

The answers to interview leadership questions are also given along with the leadership  questions interview. Let us have a look at few job interview leadership questions and answers.

1. What are leadership skills?

Every leader should try to improve his leadership skills.Most will think of it as having the ability to direct people, a bunch of people or organization. However, it encapsulates various other core business competencies such as effective communication, vision, motivating and inspiring other people to excel. It means helping others to mature and turn their mission and vision into truth, making hard decisions.

2. What significant values do you exhibit being in a leader’s role?

The above question is the common leadership interview questions asked to almost all the candidates. The answer should be like this – The most significant quality that I have is my honesty and integrity. I demonstrate sincerity and conviction in all my dealings to establish trustworthiness when in a leader’s role.

3. How have you earned dedication and assurance from your team?

Though there are many differences between Commitment and dedication but they are very important in work that you do and hence the answer should be – I gain assurance from members of my teams by persuading and influencing them to set precise targets and also gain in the process. After they have found the cooperation and unity amongst themselves, they are welcome aboard to achieve the goal.

4. How can a leader be unsuccessful? Give me an example where you failed as a leader if any.

A leader can be unsuccessful when he can’t get the goals of the team synchronized with the aims of the organization. There are a few factors outside a leader’s control which include available resources, economy or the time constraints. The example that you give should explain about how you handled a tricky challenge and how you evaluated and then reduced the setback. Make sure you clarify how to seek straightforward feedback to make sure that you learnt from the failure.

5. What is the dissimilarity between a manager and a leader?

A manger is a person who is able to hold tasks and errands and make sure that others have their work done whereas a leader inspired, motivates the team to attain their goals and excel in their work.

6. What is your greatest strength?

This is a question asked to all- be it an engineer or a leader. The answer should, however, match with the post being applied for. It could be something like this –I am able to lead and encourage the team members to achieve their best and struggle to achieve goals and this is my greatest strength. I do this by being passionate about my work, through relationship building, and manipulating those around me in a positive manner.

7. What is your supreme weakness?

A tough question to answer, however it should never be answered with – I don’t have a weakness. It should be answered in a way like – I pass on duties to others which I know I can do but if I don’t delegate, I could finish up with more work than I can tackle. It is my weakness. To resolve it, I have learnt how to successfully delegate tasks by taking up courses in time management.

8. How do you make your ideas acceptable to others?

A leader needs to get his ideas and thoughts acceptable by all so that they follow them. The candidate should say something like -I tell them about the advantages of the idea and how to execute it. I stay open to their thoughts, feedbacks and change the ideas, the thoughts in a way that all agree to it. When the ideas are agreed to all of them, you are much more triumphant in achieving the goals as compared to making it mandatory for them to follow.

9. How do you praise a team member in public?

Every person needs to be appreciated and when praised by the leader, it makes him all the more energetic and dedicated towards his work. The leader should use a time when all are together in a group, such as a group meeting, to bring up the topic of praise. He should distinguish their success in front of the other members of the team so that others also learn from the best practices.

10. Are you more efficient on one on one basis or in a group?

A leader is someone who leads the group and should be more effective in a group because everyone has some individual value that they bring to a group. People should develop their interpersonal communication skills by helping those who need it as well as learning from those who are successful. It is the main benefit of a group wherein everyone learns from one another.

11. How often do you think it is sufficient to get together with your team?

The answer should be that the leader thinks he would meet his team members atleast once a week, or a fortnight or on specific days. contact among teams is vital and such regular meetings give the team an opportunity to interact with each other and discuss their problems, challenges and the best practices used to get over them. Also, when the team reaches a landmark, achieves a particular target, begins a new project or when there are a new challenging and demanding situation, he should bring the team together. All should get the message that they should celebrate successes and face the challenges together.

12. Describe a leadership role or position wherein you behaved like a leader even when you did not have the title of a leader?

This interview question for leadership needs an example to demonstrate and improved  leadership skills where you showed and how it really went. You can state an example from a situation where you were in a team and delegated responsibilities to the members. Show how the group gained from your leadership skills. Something that shows the beginning to the end like what problems you were facing, how you assumed leadership and then the group gained from it, what was the outcome.

13. How will you build co-operation amongst a team who does not agree on a topic?

The leader should find common position among the disagreeing members. He should state the significance of the large goal and the insinuations if the group didn’t come to a common platform. They should work together to reach a conclusion that is a win-win situation for both the sides.

14. What type of leader would your team call you?

The team should call him a person who will hold them up in their goals and successes. They should describe the leader as someone who will remove the obstacles that come in their way and make them reach out to their targets.

15. How do you encourage and inspire your team?

The candidate should state that he will find out what motivates them on an individual basis so that he can speak about the benefits each goal is going to help them. He should ensure that he has the correct amount of optimistic and constructive reaction so as to help them work efficiently.

16. How do you lead by an example for your team members?

The candidate should realize that the leader sets an example by leading the way and hence he should perform his finest at everything and ensure that his actions match his words. His team should see that his expectations that he had for them are the same as those he had for himself.

The leader should be a mentor to aspiring leaders as well. He should treat it much like the association that he has with his team. He should build a sturdy functioning relationship with the person, listen to their goals and share his personal experiences with him. Many would ask what the most tricky part of being a leader is. The main answer would be that a person should work alone also at a certain level if you are the leader.

It is the responsibility of the leader to ensure that the end goal, vision of the organization is the same as that of the employees and that all are working together to achieve it.

He should have the capability of embracing change and if the leader ensures all the above things, he is on the right track and has the competency to become a great leader. Best of luck and hope you become a great leader!