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13 Best Jobs for People Who Want to Change the World


Who would not want to live in a world where people respect each other, every person can have basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing, and education so that the world can be a happier and peaceful place.

We all blame others and think we had done enough for the world, but then again, Is it enough?

There are people who really do efforts to make the world a better place, but they often face the problem of livelihood.

Actually, the problem is we all never give a second thought to the solutions, we just concentrate on the problems and just waste our energy on debating the problems, but in reality, the world needs people who are willing to find solutions and to take a step toward the solution.

Want to Change the World

In this article, we are discussing the fulfilling careers or jobs for people who want to change the world because you can only help when you had enough to survive.

Careers That Make a Difference in the World:

If you are thinking that you can only help the world by sacrificing your time, life for the needy one then you are wrong, very wrong indeed.

There are jobs that allow you to help the people even when you are getting money for your work.

Actually, what matters the most is your intentions because you can only help someone when you want to and there is no way that anyone can force you to help, if you don’t want to.

So if you want to help and don’t find a way of helping the world, then you should start from your job.

We are listing those most satisfying jobs where you can help the world by doing your job and even you get good pay at the end of each month for the job you have done.

1. Certified nurse midwife:

Certified nurse midwife (CNM) are the nurses that help women throughout their pregnancy, post pregnancy and during the childbirth.

CNM works with an obstetrician-gynecologist to help women in their serious illness and time of recovery. This is the job where you help women in their difficult time and help them recover from illness.

If you want to help others, then this is the profession where you can work for others and still earn a livelihood. CNM is a very respectful and especially for those who are passionate about helping those who are in need.

2. Politicians:

Well, we all are very aware of the reputation politicians got around the world.

The history was painted black by cruel politicians and at present, there are some black sheeps who are the reason why people don’t trust politicians very much.

There are still those cruel politicians who work against humanity and treat their people in a bad manner, but still, there is light in the darkness.

In the past, there were politicians who were the epitome of goodness and sacrificed their lives for their people; history has seen those brave politicians till now.

There are many politicians in current time who work just for the public and spend their life doing good for others.

If you really want to do something for the world and want to change the world, then politics is the path for you.

Politicos give you a great opportunity to help needy one and can make the change in the life of those who cannot do it by themselves.

3. Investigative journalist:

We all are well aware of the roles journalists play in our social life and bring changes for good.

Journalism is a field that has the capability to bring great positive changes in the world. If you want to change the world, then this investigator jobs or the investigative journalist is the job for you.

Investigative journalists are those people who risk their lives and put their loved one in danger to bring the news for you from those parts of the world which are unseen and need the interference of humanity to help.

Animal cruelty in China, hunger in Africa, dangerous life in Syria are some of those reports being in the limelight by the investigative journalist. If you want to take the risk and help unfortunate one, then you can choose this profession.

4. Behavior analyst:

People often complain about increasing insensitivity among people for each other.

Insensitivity and rude behavior are one of the main issues that need dealing with the world because people seems to be more in stress nowadays which causes rude behavior and disrespect for each other.

Behavior analysts are the type of mental health professionals who deal and help people by applying behavior theory.

Behavior analyst actually analyses the behavior of their client and help them improve by using different techniques.

Behavior analyst can be the perfect job if you want to make a positive change in people’s life by bringing good behavior and changing the way they treat others.

5. Lobbyist:

Are you one of those people who doesn’t agree with the decisions government makes or feel like there is a need for improvement in the decisions or the law made by the government?

If yes, then lobbyist is the perfect job for you.

There are people who often complain about government policies, decisions, and the laws, the government made, but hardly any of these people think about voicing their thoughts and about the changes.

Lobbyists are those people who work in advocacy to influence government policies and decisions made by government officials with the help of officials, organized groups so that, government can take decisions for the right cause.

6. Human right activist:

Human right activists are more popular nowadays than ever because of the media involvement, but still, they work to protect human rights and to help those are facing a human rights violation.

Actually, the problem is some of the human beings are more greedy and selfish than we can think of and they never think about the welfare of others as well as take advantage of innocent people.

Human rights activists fight for the rights of a human who suffered from the human right violation. There are some well-known human rights activists who are solely dedicated to fighting for human rights.

If you want to change the world, then this is the perfect opportunity where you can bring changes in the life of those people who suffered due to the selfishness of other people.

7. Fire captain:

Fire captain, a name that is enough for the introduction, we do not need to say many nice words to describe how noble the job is.

Fire captains are those people who train, supervise, direct and mentor firefighter to work and stay safe while on the job.

If you love the job with the action, adrenaline rushes and fuller of surprises then this is the job where you can work to change the world for better and can help people. The job is admirable in itself as well as the work they do.

8. Diplomat:

The World needs peace and peace comes when nations around the world maintain peace with each other because war only brings death and human violation in mass.

No one wants the world to fight and create havoc in the life of innocents, especially those who are defenseless.

If you want the world to change for better then the job of a diplomat is for you, being a diplomat you get to be the part of the world where you can have great influence.

Actually, the diplomats are the people who reside in other countries and maintain peace among countries by creating healthy communication between countries and help in resolving issues which may cause tense situations.

9. Grant writer:

There are people who need financial help and there are organizations that help needy one whether it is a government organization or the private one.

There are people who seek help and there are also people who offer help, but the problem is needy and helper does not know each other, what should they do?

Grant writer helps those people who seek help and write and complete applications for the funding from the helping institutions.

It is one of the jobs that help people or provide you space for doing good for others. You can choose such exciting career options if you want to change the world because you got to help.

10. Elementary school principal:

Children are our golden future, if they know good morals they will become a good hearted person. It is a well-known fact that children are a most innocent form of human being, they do not know anything about the world but they are learning.

Whatever children learn they will use it in their lives as well as education transform people into a better one.

If you want to change the world, then you should work as the elementary school principal, that way you will have power, authorities, and medium to bring the change into the world by teaching students high morals.

11. Police chief:

One of the most tiresome job, but also one of the most influential government jobs if you want to change the world because police officers are those people who interact and affect the large mass of people on a regular basis. One needs to be a idealist to become a good police officer.

Police officers are those people who work to make the world a better place by providing security and helping in maintaining peace.

It often happens that people misjudge police officers, but they are human beings, who are sacrificing their personal and family life for the safety and security of us, the commoners.

So, if you are dedicated to bring change into the world and make it a better place for living not only for us, but also for our future generations as well, then the job of police can be a great option for you.

12. Director of philanthropy:

Director of philanthropy is another job that provides you a gateway to change the world, a great opportunity in itself that has the power to change many lives around the world.

Director of philanthropy helps the foundation to use their money wisely and greatly so that large numbers of people can get help as well as the money, goods can be used in the best possible way.

There are many foundations, organization and institutions that provides help to those who really need it, but they cannot just go and give money or help, they need medium so that their help can be utilized to the fullest.

Director of philanthropy helps in maintaining a balance of capital and the people who need it.

13. Musician: 

The music has much power like healing, soothing and motivating. There are musician around the world in the past and present that create mass changes in the world simply by their music.

Music is a power that touches you to the core of your heart and shakes you to new heights where you discover so many things; it can be loved, relief or something motivational. Music is just the sweetest way to bring the change into the world.

Music is like a magic which leaves a long lasting effect on people’s mind, soul and conscience.

You can use music to change the world by creating some soul changing music; it can be in any way and form.


There are so many people thinking about how to change the world, but a handful of them show enough courage to do what they want. In this article, we had discussed professions which can provide you livelihood as well as help in changing world. The world is such a beautiful place to live, but there are people who are hell-bent on destroying its beauty.

If you really want to bring change, then start with your own self, your home and family because you can’t motivate others to change if you are unable to change yourself. So, to change the world, start with yourself and then move on to your profession, but all in all make efforts because what this world needs is some genuine efforts.