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What other Jobs can Recruiters do? Best Alternative Careers


Recruiters usually possess several abilities which make them capable of surviving in the field they have chosen.

At any point in their career, if they feel bored of their profession, they have multiple options to choose from. They can use their myriad skills and abilities to score in diverse careers.

what other jobs can recruiters doSkills and Qualities of a Good Recruiter:

1. Multitasking:

Most recruiters are capable of multitasking. This allows them to handle the pressure of dealing with calls from expectant candidates as well as work load and expectations from their bosses.

Individuals who are unable to multi-task often lag behind in their daily tasks and this prevents them from succeeding in their career.

2. Listening skills:

Very few people in this world are gifted with really good listening skills. Most people fail to listen to an entire sentence properly and miss out some important fact.

The recruiters cannot afford this, as daily they need to interact with multiple candidates as well as shortlist the best few for certain roles.

3. Knowledge about different jobs and careers:

Recruiters who have been in their fields for a few years know the different jobs and careers that exist. They also know the present trends of different careers and how the job market is doing. This is a valuable knowledge that very few individuals possess .

4. Great communication skills:

great communication skills The career of a recruiter provides them the opportunity to interact with all kinds of individuals including people who are harsh, overconfident, timid and rude.

With years of experience communicating with people, recruiters develop great communication skills. These prove an asset in their future careers.

5. Ability to maintain good corporate relationships:

To survive in a corporate organization, you need to be able to maintain good corporate relationships. This makes most recruiters possess qualities like friendliness and amiability.

The ability to maintain such relations helps them pursue other careers too like marketing, sales and human resources where one has to be continuously in touch with people.

They even tend to succeed due to the good relation they maintain with clients and bosses.

6. Knowledge of social media and its reach:

The tech-savvy world is pretty amused by social media and its reach. Knowledge of social media can prove really useful in several businesses.

People in recruitment usually need to use social media to find the ideal candidates. This helps them develop the knowledge regarding different social platforms.

People in the recruitment business have a very hectic work-life and this persuades them to check out other career options.

If you are one of those recruiters, don’t be dismayed as there are multiple job opportunities which require the skills and capabilities that you possess. If you understand the different ways in which your skills and abilities can prove useful in different careers, you are sure to be optimistic about your career and your future.

Some of the most common options that you may choose to explore are writing, counseling, business, resume writing and instant options in social media. Recruiters have been great as career counselors as they know exactly what a recruiter looks for in a candidate.

Alternative Careers for Recruiters:

There are numerous careers where all the different skills of a recruiter prove very useful. Here are a few careers that a recruiter can think of pursuing if he gets bored of his recruitment career.

1. Web content writing:

web content writer If you have a flair for writing and you have knowledge regarding the recruitment industry, there are many websites that are looking for people like you to share their real life experience on their recruitment website.

You simply need to surf the internet to see the different websites where you can contribute.

2. Career counseling:

There are many talented individuals in the world who fail to land in the right profession because they are unaware of the nuances of the corporate business.

You can share your knowledge on the whole recruitment business. You can also help them with guidelines on ways to impress a recruiter.

You can train them how to appear for an interview. You can be a great business counsellor and also help them attain their dream jobs. It can be a noble profession and as interesting as recruitment.

3. Social media executive:

Social media is one place where people meet, interact and also market products. The number of social media platforms has multiplied in the last one decade.

If you are aware of the different social media channels that can be exploited for sales, marketing and recruiting, you may even opt to be a social media executive for renowned firms.

4. Marketing and Sales:

sales and marketing An ex-recruiter is an ideal candidate for marketing and sales jobs. He can use all his communication skills and corporate relationship building skills to maintain good relation with his clients.

He can also improve sales by understanding the best use of diverse marketing channels including social media.

The confidence that you gain while working as a recruiter helps you to maintain the same attitude in sales and marketing jobs.

5. Start a business:

A recruiter can even start a business. His contacts in diverse fields can help him when he starts enterprising. In a business, you need to have good relation with clients as such people will be able to deal with clients easily.

The profits of any business greatly depend on loyal clients. To build a loyal clientele, you need to have contacts and experience in dealing with clients.

For a good recruiter who has done justice to his role, there are numerous other roles that he can play due to the skills and abilities he has achieved during his tenure as a recruiter.