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How to Become Model for Justice Magazine: 12 Best Tips


Modeling is a very unique career and has attracted men and women from around the world. Justice Magazine has always had the reputation of hiring extraordinary models who create a lasting impression on the minds of the audiences.

Yet, getting selected for Justice is really no cakewalk. You need to have several qualities that make up a perfect model if you wish to be working for Justice.

There are many young and aspiring women who have tried to be a part of Justice but failed miserably because they lacked direction. Here we have listed the significant factors that contribute to making the perfect model for Justice.

become justice magazine model

Tips to Become a Model for Justice Magazine

1. Passion for Fashion:

In the fashion world, the trends keep changing every single day. The attires and outfits that are in vogue today may just be termed out of fashion tomorrow. Models who wish to make a mark in the modeling career should have a passion for fashion. They should be able to identify the attires and trends that will survive the test of time.

Great models have a keen eye for the latest trends and understand exactly what the audience looks for in the models of cover pages. They are able to tame their own poses to match the requirement. You need to have the undying urge and passion to be able to identify these finer aspects in modeling.

2. Start when you are Young:

Justice Magazine is always in search of fresh young faces for their cover page. If you have identified your inclination towards the fashion world early, do not waste time hesitating. Pursue your dream career and start applying for fashion opportunities.

As Justice starts hiring models as young as 12 year olds, you can create your profile and start applying early. Teenagers need to take permission from their parents and guardians to perform.

If you are still a teenager, you may opt to create a profile with the help of your friends who enjoy photography. You just need to make sure that the pictures depict you in different poses and styles.

The focus of brands like Justice Magazine is usually on models in the age group of 12-19 years. If you make a beginning early, you will surely have the benefits.

3. Understand their Game Plan:

Many models fail to get hired because they do not understand how the company or the organization plans the recruitment for models. The firms like Justice usually has an entire separate marketing team that deals with all such requirements.

The team heads are usually in touch with the different modeling agencies that are prominent. They either hire models with the help of these agencies or have their casting calls and events. So you need to keep track of the latest events.

A little research on the careers of previous models from these magazines will help you get a clear picture and will also help you eke out a clear strategy.

4. Models Need to Be Flexible:

One quality that all models must unanimously possess is flexibility. The term flexibility encompasses a large number of factors. You need to be flexible physically and have a body that moulds to different modeling requirements. Flexibility in the ability to work is also required.

The models may be required to work in different work environments like in beaches, forests or some remote tribal locations. Only models who can adjust to such changing environments will succeed as models for Justice.

5. Modeling Agencies Play a Great Role:

There are modeling agencies set up in different localities of the US as well as in many remote locations of the world. These agencies play a great role in getting the models placed in the organizations and brands of their choice.

You need to identify the top modeling agencies in the locality. You also need to identify if these agencies have helped models get hired to the Justice Magazine.

The agencies with prior business interaction with Justice have greater chances of getting you hired into the magazine. A little research into these facts will help you select the right modeling agency for you.

Once you select the agency, follow their guidelines devotedly. If they have any suggestions or improvements, accept these with a positive approach.

6. Practice Helps Models Stay Appealing:

While modeling agencies do help you get into the right firms, you should not be totally dependent on them. You need to do your share also and make sure you are continuously in touch with the fashion world. You can furnish your skills and abilities only when you practice your skills and participate in all modeling events.

Appear for photoshoots and mock modeling events in the locality. You learn with practice the different ways to flaunt your features. It adds to your appeal and increases your chances of getting hired by good firms.

7. Patience is the Key:

If you do not stay consistent in your effort, you are never going to be rewarded. You can succeed as a Justice model only if you are persistent in your effort and have the courage to wait.

There are millions of models applying each day for big brands like Justice. You must understand this fact and not expect their call in the very first attempt. You must also not give up hope. Try again till you make it through.

8. Do not get Obsessed:

While persistence is good, obsession is not. You need to try again and again to get selected in your favorite magazine. You must also simultaneously try other firms and brands. This will help you widen your horizons. It will also help you understand the other opportunities available for models of your age.

You may use social media to help you market your profile online. A profile on Instagram and such other websites are frequently screened by prominent brands. You need to upload your profile on these websites. You may also flow the blogs of prominent models and know their secrets of success. Researching these will help you understand different ways to achieve your goal.

9. Learn to Fake It:

Modeling is a dynamic field and many times you may have to take up assignments you are not pleased to do. The assignments could be tiring and at times too boring. While all brands look for natural and appealing looks, you cannot always naturally look happy.

There are occasions when you may have to fake your expressions and your attitude in front of the camera. This may be vital to get the perfect shot. You need to appear fresh and happy when you pose in front of the camera.

You must learn to hide emotions of annoyance and boredom from your face. Also, make sure you possess the knack to conceal your fatigue.

10. Let the Camera Be Your Mate:

The models for big brands know exactly how they look good in front of the camera. This is not an inborn gift but the dedicated hours they have spent in front of the camera that gives them this ability. You need to befriend your camera and get pictures clicked of yourself.

Review the pictures and try to analyze the poses that look appealing in photographs. Try to rehearse those poses. Take efforts to refine pose that are not appealing or photogenic. You may also ask opinions from your photographer friends.

If you have any seniors from your school who have taken up the modeling profession, their opinion will also help you develop your profile.

Many models choose to hire professional photographers to help them with their photoshoots. This is a good idea if you know good professional photographers. You need to take time and evaluate the skills of your photographer before you hire him.

11. Be Willing to Make the Initial Investment:

In any profession, you need to invest initially if you wish to get good returns. Modeling is a glamorous profession and thus the initial investment is a bit high. You need to invest on a photographer, modeling agency, gym trainer and other trivial requirements.

This may mean that you need to shell out around $1000 initially in order to establish yourself as a struggling model. It may seem like a big expense in the beginning but in the modeling profession, the returns are also equally high.

You do not need to regret the investment once you start getting returns. If you fail to invest and choose cheaper agencies or low key options, you may miss out on good opportunities and ruin your career instead.

12. Do Justice To Justice:

Justice magazine is one of the prominent fashion magazines and you need to do Justice to this great brand once you get selected there. You need to put in efforts to look best and stay attractive. This means you may have to quit your favorite food items and obey your dietician.

You may also need to join a gym or hire a trainer to help you stay fit. Hiring a trainer will ensure that your health and fitness is continually monitored.

Being the cover face for a big magazine like Justice is not a small thing and the little sacrifices you may have to make to stay there is really not great.