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How to Become a Model for Apple Bottoms Jeans?


Modelling has always been a fascinating career especially for women. The fairer sex enjoys professions where they get to flaunt their beauty and grace. There are several prominent brands where women models are required frequently.

If you are planning to make your mark in the modelling career, you need to be a face for one of the prominent brands like American Apparel, Macy, Urban Outfitters or H & M. Most of the prominent brands look for perfect figures with trim bodies. The reality of feminine figures could be way different from what they portray in the brand ads.

There are brands that believe and understand this fact. You may choose to model for brands like the Apple Bottoms if you wish to be a face of reality. Nelly came up with the brand Apple Bottoms in the year 2003 to uphold her belief that women can have plump thighs.

The Apple Bottoms brand represents women with plump body structures. The jeans are designed so that even plus size figures look sexy in the attires they wear.

how become apple bottom model

Tips to Become a Model for Apple Bottoms:

1. Understand the Brand:

Each brand has a unique identity. You cannot represent a brand unless you understand the essence of the brand.

Apple Bottoms is a brand started by the Rap artist Nelly and it tries to represent the bulky thighs. The brand does accept people with a little plump figure but you still need to look graceful and elegant. Make sure you have a curvaceous figure that looks elegant even with the extra fat here and there.

The brand has its specifications mentioned when it takes up casting calls. You may check the specifications and make sure you fall in their category.

2. Have your profile made:

It is always better to have your profile ready before you enter the project search. The different modelling agents and the brands where you apply will first ask for your professional profile. You need to make sure you go well equipped when you attend such casting calls or modeling interviews.

Usually amateurs get profile pictures clicked by their friends. This may surely be a cheaper option but not always the best one. A wiser option would be to hire a photographer permanently. He will be able to help you out with the right profile pictures.

He may also make useful suggestions regarding the profile that may help you in future.

3. Do your Homework well:

Every model needs to stay perfectly fit and healthy. Modelling is a very tiring profession and you need to develop the stamina to work endlessly.

This is only possible if you are extremely disciplined and have the endless determination to achieve your goals.

Regular exercise, healthy diet options and yoga will help you develop the strength and stamina.

You may have to eliminate junk food from your diet if you plan to survive in brands like Apple Bottoms.

4. Grab every possible opportunity that comes your way:

There may be many roads that lead to your goal and you should leave no stone unturned in an attempt to achieve what you aspire.

There are many ways to get to be a model for Apple Bottoms. Here we have listed out some of the best options that may help you get hired for this brand.

5. Look for Casting Calls for Apple Bottoms:

Most brands have casting calls at regular intervals. They are always in the look out for fresh faces to represent their brand. These are great occasions to prove your modelling talent and get selected into the brand.

The casting calls usually have their requirements clearly specified. Make sure you fit their criteria. The calls are usually targeted for models above the age of 17. They look for women with curvaceous figures to represent their brand.

So if you are gifted with such features, make sure you make use of such opportunities to enhance your profile.

6. Make sure your profile reaches all prominent agents:

Casting calls usually take place during certain times of the year. This does not mean that you stay idle the rest of the year. You need to look out for prominent agents in your locality who provide models for brands of your choice.

Meet these agents and submit your profile with them. They will help you know of any recent opportunities. They may also advice you if you need to make any alterations in your profile to make it more appealing.

Take the advice sportingly and act accordingly.

7. Social networking may help you build contacts in the brand:

While the above mentioned official ways help you get good opportunities, there are some other unofficial ways to get good projects.

Do not neglect the social media as it is one of the best and the cheapest ways to market your profile.

You must create interesting profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Join fashion related groups in these social networks. You can also try posting your profile pictures on Pinterest and Instagram.

Make sure you join events like meetups where people discuss the diverse options in the fashion career. It helps you develop a greater insight regarding the profession.

8. Participate in Events and Make your Presence felt in modelling circles:

In the modelling profession, it is very important that your mind stays fresh in the minds of the viewers. Once you are out of sight, you are out of mind of the audience. So make sure you participate in the different events that take place in your locality.

You can keep track of the different events by subscribing for their newsletters and keeping track of latest events in the social groups. Do not neglect the print media as there are many firms that still prefer to advertise regarding their events on the newspaper.

Magazines and other print media options also carry information regarding events. Participating in these events will also help you gain valuable experience in modelling.

9. What do big brands look for in models?

Modelling is great profession and once you enter it, you get to stay in limelight all the time. Getting into the modelling profession and being a face for brands like the Apple Bottoms is really not easy.

The different firms and agencies always look for certain specific qualities in the models they hire. Here are some of the prominent aspects they look for in the models they hire.

10. The Perfect Specifications: 

each brand or product has certain requirements from its models. These requirements relate to the size, age, colour and height of the model. You will be shortlisted to be a model for the big brands only if you fulfil all these requirements.

The specifications may vary from brand to brand but you qualify only if you fulfil these requirements.

Brands like Apple Bottoms look for women with a good booty as their brand stands for women who are a bit oversized. Nelly believes that every woman deserves to look appealing in the attire she chooses to wear.

11. Good Communication Skills:

In professions like modelling, you need to communicate with reporters and people of different ranks. As you are always in the limelight, you need to have proper communication skills. Make sure your language is polished and nice.

You may also work on your accent and vocabulary so that you never face any difficulty while communicating with people.

If your language is not very good, you may hire a language trainer to help you improve your language.

12. Willingness to Work:

A model may have to work hours together endlessly without complaining or being fussy. At times it may be very exerting and taxing on you. You can succeed in your modelling profession only if you have the willingness to work endlessly.

You must also have the heart to be polite with the photographers and co-workers even when you are exhausted or completely tired.

13. Confidence and Persona:

You are always going to be clicked and shot. You must thus have a persona which is an edge above the others. You need to carry an attitude that makes you look elegant as well as stylish.

Women cannot carry such an attitude unless she is confident about her skills and abilities. You need to develop immense confidence in your work and your skills. Confidence affects your entire personality.

People who lack confidence fail to have an erect posture. Drooping shoulders and trembling fingers make them look dazed. You need to make sure you are confident to walk to red carpet or climb the aisle without a waver.

14. Health Consciousness:

Health consciousness is an inevitable aspect in any model. If a model is not health conscious, she may gain weight and lose her perfect figure.

To stay fit and healthy, a woman must be health conscious from the very beginning. She needs to have an inclination for healthy foods like salads, vegetables and fresh fruits. She needs to avoid oily junk food.

If you are a model, you also need to incorporate regular exercise into your schedule. Exercise helps you stay in shape. It also helps the body metabolism stay proper.

It is better to appoint a gym trainer to ensure that you follow a disciplined routine for exercises. Gym trainers may also guide you with a proper diet that is healthy and nourishing.

It is not easy to get into brands like Apple Bottoms but if you follow these steps and persevere, you will surely achieve your goal and represent the big brands.