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How to Annoy your Boss without Getting Fired


Bosses are those skilled professionals who have made it to the top of the company, because of their hard work as well as their leadership qualities. It is up to them to ensure that everyone in the office works as a team.

Bosses have a lot in their mind and often lose their temper and irritate at the drop of a hat. Yet even though they might find some things which their employees do annoying, yet it is unlikely that they will be fired for this.

Here are some of the main ways on how to annoy your boss without fire. But if things do go too far, you can never tell.

Annoy your Boss

Ways to Piss Your Boss Off Without Getting Into Trouble:

1. Keep asking stupid questions:

Asking questions is a good habit. Bosses encourage their employees to ask questions as this shows that they are thinking about the topic at hand and that they have an analytical mind.

Yet at the same time, there are those people who want to show themselves to be of such a curious bend of mind and often ask the stupidest of questions, thinking that they are being rather smart.

If you have questions, be sure to ask your boss as and when required, but do not think that your boss is going to appreciate your stupidly. He might not fire you for this, but he will surely be annoyed.

2. Talk in a loud voice at the workplace:

When you work in an office, you must act professionally. Once you walk through the doors of the office, you not only represent yourself but you also represent the company that you are working for.

One thing which is sure to annoy the boss is that if you behave badly and do things like shout or talk in a loud voice. When you are in an office you should be mindful of your manners, lest the clients will not want to invest their money in an unruly company like this which cannot even keep the employees in check. You are sure to annoy your boss if your tone of voice disrupts the work of others.

3. Constantly have a negative attitude:

The attitude of the employees goes a long way in deciding how the office environment is going to be and how successful a project is going to be. The right kind of attitude towards your work and in general as well will be able to greatly impress your boss.

Yet, on the other end, if you constantly have a negative attitude towards any idea which is put before you or any project allotted to you, then this attitude is bound to annoy your boss a great deal. He cannot fire you on this basis, but it is bound to irritate him within.

4. Call in sick to work constantly:

When you are sick, you are entitled to take your leave, yet if you constantly take leave, saying that you are ill, there is nothing which a boss can do except be annoyed. There are many employees who suddenly ‘fall sick’ especially on those days when they need to give up a project or do some extra work.

Bosses are smart people and they have been able to rise to the top for a reason. They are well aware of why you have chosen precisely those days to stay away from work and rest assured that this is not going to sit down well with him.

5. Constantly quarreling with the co workers:

Most often, employees employed on the fact of whether they can do the job well or not. Things like discipline and attitude are rather secondary.

You bound to annoy your boss, without fire, if you constantly get into some quarrel or the other with your employees and no matter where you make to sit or work, you just are unable to get along with anyone.

This is going to be a rather big source of annoyance to your boss as having a dispute among staff members is very problematic indeed.

6. Coming to work looking untidy and disheveled:

When working in an office it’s a rather unspoke rule that you are expected to ensure that you look good when you walk through the doors of the office.

All top offices pay their employees a considerable amount of money and employees should ensure that they use some part of the salary in purchasing a proper work wardrobe.

Your boss will surely annoyed if you walk into the office looking untidy and disheveled. He is unlikely to fire you on such superficial grounds but he is surely not going to be happy with your callous behavior.

7. Not being able to separate your personal and professional life:

If you wish to work in a top company and go from strength to strength then it is imperative to separate your professional and personal life. If you are unable to do the needful then not only are you going to find it tough to adjust in any office, but you will also be a source of immense annoyance to your boss.

Chances are that he will not fire you for this but that does not mean that he is going to take it all lying down. Initially, he will be supportive of your plight but over time he is going to be much sterner.

8. Not communicating with your seniors properly:

You are sure to annoy your boss if you do not keep in touch with him properly or do not respond to his messages immediately. When communication in the office breaks down, then things bound to complete disarray.

If you wish to not annoy your boss, then you must cultivate the habit of constantly checking your emails and text messages in case he has communicated something to you. This is something that will not fire you but will surely be successful in considerably raising the blood pressure levels of the boss.

9. Logging in to social media accounts during work hours:

Nowadays most of us find it very tough to stay away from our mobile phones or laptops. We have the habit of constantly browsing through our social media accounts and seeing what our friends or acquaintances are up to.

If you get caught doing this during work hours, then you are going to annoy your boss. This will not get you fired, but it will certainly show you as someone who is a shirker and does not take the job seriously. So ensure that you only do so in your free time, or at least when your boss is not around.

10. Not following the deadlines which give:

Many employees assume, that as long as they are giving up top quality work, they need not adhere to the deadlines which have been given by the company boss.

If you someone who does this, then it is unlikely that you will fire, give the fact that you always ensure that the work you give up constantly exceeds expectations, but your work style bound to annoy the boss a great deal.

You must try your level best to respect the deadlines and give up work at the appropriate time. Then only will you be a true inspiration to the rest?

11. Keeping your work station untidy and disorganized:

Clients constantly need to keep happy, because if they are unhappy about how anything in your company functions then they will not hesitate, to take out the money they have invested in your organization and give it to some other company which they trust.

You are certainly going to annoy your boss a great deal if you work in a very untidy manner and never keep your desk clean. Something like this will not get you fired though, you are likely to be at the receiving end of some shouting and scolding.

12. Constantly forgetting important things:

A good employee is one who remembers everything which speaks to him and tries to improve when some suggestions give to him.

If you are a person who constantly forgets anything which speaks to you or any instruction which gives to you, then it’s unlikely that you will fire, but your boss sure to very annoyed with your forgetfulness.

If you find it so hard to keep so many things in mind at the same time, then you should make a list of things which you ought to remember, just so that you are not pulled up in the future.

13. Losing papers and documents which are important:

If you would like to annoy your boss just for the sake of it without fired then something you can do is lose some important papers which are vital to the company. Doing something like this is unlikely to get fire but it will surely tick your boss off.

14. Constantly being late for meetings:

Bosses are rather egotistical and they expect everyone to be present at the meeting before they are. If you walk into a meeting after them, it is unlikely that the boss will fire you for this reason as it seems rather minuscule.

Rest assured that in his heart of hearts you have been successful in annoying him a great deal by showing that you are not all that afraid of him like the other employees.

15. Not able to understand simple instructions which give:

Heads of companies are such that they do not like repeating an instruction over and over again. If you have a doubt, they prefer that you clarify it with someone lower down in the hierarchy, rather than constantly running to him.

You bound to get on the nerves of the boss if you are seldom able to follow even the simplest of instructions. As long as you do your work correctly, your boss cannot fire you for this, but you bound to get on his nerves a great deal with your seemingly ignorant nature.

16. Constantly passing the buck:

Bosses get annoyed by those employees who never accept responsibility voluntarily and are constantly playing the blame game. Doing this would annoy your boss a great deal without fire for it.

17. Doing things your way:

Some companies encourage their employees to do things their way, while for some as their boss says. If you aim to annoy the boss, then all you need to do is deliberately reject his methodology and do things your way. As long as the same conclusion reaches you need not worry as this is something you cannot be fired for.

18. Talking the talk but never walking the walk:

You bound to annoy your boss a great deal if you constantly spend all your time talking and making big castles in the air, rather than getting down to doing some proper work.

If you want to deliberately annoy your boss, then doing something like this will surely irritate him greatly, but he will not fire you, as he will have no concrete reason to do so in the first place.


Bosses accustomed to enduring a lot of pressure. Just because an employee has some annoying habits or does some annoying things, that do not imply that the employee is going to get fired.

A boss will not take such an extreme step unless it is vital, this is because nowadays finding good employees is rather tough and no boss would like to go through the long drawn out task of employing a person on board and then training him with how things function in the office all over again. As long as you do your job well, be assured that your position is secure in the office.