When people lose their job and are in the process of getting a new job, it creates a little awkward situation in front of the people who are close to them.

And especially when that person is a spouse, then situation goes to a difficult level of understanding. Because consoling a depressed unemployed spouse takes more patience and care.

Sometimes it is possible that the unemployed spouse can behave weird, but at that point of time family needs to understand their grief.

How to Help Unemployed Spouse

8 Tips to Support an Unemployed and Depressed Partner:

Everyone needs to understand that there is a possibility of facing some situation in everyone’s life which their family need to understand very carefully. And being unemployed and waiting for the job selection can be very stressful, but it makes things more awkward when the person who is depressed about being unemployed is their own spouse. The following are some of the ways to make them feel comfortable and keep them strong.

1. Try to talk to them:

It is a common situation in every single house nowadays that two out of one family member will definitely undergo some sort of the unemployment situation. And another family member needs to understand the ways to comfort them.

The first thing that the husband need to do is that to talk to the wife about their situation. While talking about their situation, pass on the courage to be strong during this unemployment period of their life.

2. Be available to them:

After trying for so many job interviews people get exhausted of rejection and especially when the person who is so depressed about their continuous job rejection is one’s spouse.

It is very important to understand during such difficult time of a spouse. Therefore, being available and trying to understand their situation can make things normal between themselves. Finally, all the unemployment issues will be rectified easily with the help of loved one’s.

3. Be supportive:

Most of the time being unemployed for a long period of time can affect a person personally and professionally. So at that point of time, the family or a partner need to be supportive to that person. Because during those times the spouse can feel a little less confident about themselves to face any kind of issues in their life. And that is why the family need to understand what the spouse is going through and provide them all sorts of support during their tough times. Therefore, being supportive can never harm anyone in the middle of any situation.

4. Try not to blame them:

Sometimes some people have a habit of doing things in a right order, but that order of life can be based on their professional life. Some people follow a certain level of procedure while working, but when that person loses his or her job, at that time he or she starts feeling a little unwanted. And the heights of his or her tolerance goes out of hand when the person gets humiliated in front of people for being unemployed. Therefore, it is very important to understand that when a spouse goes through unemployment period, then the family shouldn’t make them feel unwanted or blame them.

5. Avoid nagging:

Some people have a nagging nature and they try forcing others to do something without their will. And in this nagging process the person starts feeling irritated by the nagging person.

So it is better to give the person space so that he or she understand about their future requirement in relation to their employment. Therefore, it is always better to be independent instead of nagging, if a person wants to comfort his or her spouse, then he or she need to avoid nagging behavior.

6. Appreciate their decision:

Most of the time people forget that the person who is going through unemployment can also feel bad about being useless. It is most common feeling that people or a spouse experience when they lose their job or when they search for a new job.

Apparently while working a person keeps himself or herself busy with the official work, but that is not possible when that person is unemployed. Most of the time a spouse who is unemployed starts feeling unappreciated for the work they daily provide for their family which makes feel bad about themselves.

7. Make them think positive:

Being positive and thinking positive is the most important things which a person need to keep in their personal and professional life. Positivity brings new enthusiasm in one’s life. Moreover, such level of enthusiasm can bring in confidence within themselves.

For example, A spouse who is in search of job loses faith that she or he will get a job which can fulfill his or her. At that time people start being negative about getting a job and things around can drive themselves in a negative manner.

8. Develop some hobbies:

Some people can encourage their spouse to start a hobby or continue their hobby which makes them happy so that they distract themselves from this unemployment issue. And developing their hobby can also give them new and creative ideas to start their own business or work through which they can pursue some sort of dream in their life. Therefore, it is important to understand that when a spouse is going through such tension, then it is a responsibility of the family to encourage them.

Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of this discussion about how to help a depressed unemployed spouse, one can come to a conclusion that being unemployed can strongly disturb a spouse in a totally different manner. And to avoid that extreme level of depression of a spouse, his or her family or partner needs to support them during their tough time. Moreover, this level of support can provide them confidence to face any sort of problem in their life because they will always remember that their family will support them no matter what.