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How to be a Good Mentee: Top 12 Qualities and Characteristics


Being a mentee is a blessing for some, especially for those who are really interested in becoming a helpful hand or mentor.  A mentee is a person who is guided, helped, spoken to and accepted by a mentor.

A mentee will be the person who will be completely under the control and influence of the mentor. For a mentee, decision making and life’s choices will be made under the direct supervision of his or her mentor.

how to be great menteeMany people adore having a mentor. They think there could be nothing more helpful than having a mentor.

However, it becomes necessary for them to act and work very wisely and responsible so that his or her mentor will not feel bad.

It is easy to get a mentor but it also becomes challenging to surrender yourself completely to your mentor. Your mentee ship will be something which will take your test as to whether you are really ready to be under a mentor.

If you want to sit back and really ponder over some points as to what makes a good mentee, here is presenting some to you. Make sure you go through each one carefully, because following them will only take you ahead in your mentee ship.

Why a mentor, what is the importance of mentoring?

Before you even enter this subject you must have the complete idea as to why exactly you need a mentor in life. There can be many answers to it.

Maybe because you have not had the perfect guide to tell you about some important decisions to be taken in life.

Maybe you have always been alone and you have never ever received an experience of what it is to have a mentor. Sometimes people chose to have a mentor when they actually need help with their emotional situation in life.

They have realized that they will not be able to handle it all on their own and they will need a helping hand. At such times, also a mentor can be a great guide to teach you things in life.

However, if you are getting something good you must also at that time be ready to pay a price for it. This price may not be that heavy but yes it is necessary that you remain psychologically ready to submit yourself to a mentor.

It is exactly like the situation times of those days when a student or devotee will have the need of taking up Brahmacharya –This is exactly the time when the devotee will feel like he or she is obliged to respect the Guru , take his blessings, listen carefully to his thoughts and implement on the same.

Thus, having a mentor is like having a path in one’s life. It is not going to disappoint one.

Successful Mentoring guidelines:

When you chose a person to be your mentor you must remember that you are conferring upon him or her very big responsibility. A mentor is like a guide. Philosopher, friend and counselor of yours.

If you hurt him, hurt his feelings or do something which will give that person a hint that you are not interested, he or she will turn away from the position of being your mentor.

Thus, it is mandatory that you be wise and know your limits. Here are certain guidelines which you can remember while being a mentee:-

1. Obedience and respect:

Though these two words may have uncanny resemblance to many youths today, it is definitely not the same.

Obedience to your mentor is the prime most tools available with you to show that you are going to be completely loyal and faithful to him or her.

Then, if you have showed that you are ready to follow that person’s each and every diktat you have also shown him or her respected required. A mentor does not need anything more than this.

2. Taking decisions without consulting:

Imagine you are at your friend’s place and they all decided to go for a movie. They all gel up, arrange resources and do not even bother to ask you for your opinion.

How hurt, insulted and ashamed will you feel! Same is the case with being a mentor.

The mentor will always need emotional attention so that he or she can feel like they are there to support a person. You as a mentee must give that.

3. Inability to follow time:

The time you decide you have to be a mentee of someone; you have given a humble and long term dedication also. Thus, when you decide to be a mentee, just remember you need to adhere to deadlines.

You have entered in a mature, long lifetime counseling pact and it also become a responsibility to show that you care. Thus, being punctual is the first step to enter that stage and show your responsibility.

4. Do not approach someone else; say you took a different opinion:

Just so that you can place yourself in your mentor’s shoes, imagine you are walking by and you happen to take a look at a puppy, which you simply adore. The puppy is brought home by you and you give it all the required care.

If at all after some days that puppy starts playing with someone else, starts enjoying someone else’s company or even decides to eat food when served by only that someone, would you not be shattered?

The question she is not of possession or feeling covetous about…the question is about the bond or the unsaid promise the puppy would have made to you.

For your mentor and you it is also going to be the same way. Just trust and belief in your mentor and things would be okay. Do not even distrust the caliber and potential of your mentor otherwise things will fall apart.

Thus, these are some guidelines which if you follow will always help you to keep it good with your mentor.

Qualities of a Good Mentee:

A mentee is someone who knows what lies ahead of him and beyond. A good mentee will be ready to take up each and every task that is laid upon him or her and will also face it effectively.

He or she will leave no stone unturned to see whether he or she is working hard enough to live up to the expectation of the mentor. Thus there are many steps required to overcome or things to see before you become a mentee.

A good mentee will consider his or her mentee as a very good tutor. He or she will never disrespect his or her mentee and will make sure things are going smooth.

A good mentee will do everything to be in the good books of his or her mentor. Here are certain things which one must consider before you decide to be someone’s mentee:-

1. Ability to lower one’s own opinion:

A mentee has to first listen and adjust to what the mentor says. In this, he or she has to give up the pride and then surrender oneself completely to this job.

Thus, it becomes very important that you trust your mentor completely with every decision that the person makes. Just believe in your mentor and be assured he or she will be there for the work.

2. Complete dedication to all what he or she says:

Yes, it becomes important that you trust your mentor for everything said and done. Once, you have that on a mentor, you will need to give him or her complete authority of your life. Just trust in him and her and are assured that things will be done.

3. Mentee does not complain, crib or tries to be arrogant:

Just like you would want your mentor to be as friendly with you as possible; the same is the case with the mentee as well. He or she would also expect you to be that loyal and faithful to him or her.

Thus, by complaining against things, cribbing for resources or trying to showcase yourself as someone great, you are only going to dig a grave for yourself. Thus, stay away from doing so.

4. Is open about one’s needs and goals:

Thus, all that a mentee requires is fixed goals and achievements. It is considered bad if you have a mentor in your life and you are unable to share your life’s decisions, adjustments or any other problems with him or her openly.

He or she has been called for that purpose so that you will be able to not take that much pain and be able to share things clearly.

Thus, it is better that you give up your hesitance, your restrictions, and your qualms for some time and just share with that person.

5. To be regular for all meetings and also punctual:

Do not keep your mentor waiting. If you have decided to meet at a particular time come for it and do not delay. Know and judge your priorities well. Another thing that a mentee must learn is forgiveness.

Suppose, by chance if you have not been able to come on time for any meet or get-to-gather you need to apologize.

We live in a world where cuss words hold more importance than a sorry. However, do not act like that and make sure you are able to apologize and also act on it. Mean you’re sorry, come on time and make sure you never give any chance to your mentor to complain.

Characteristics of a Good Mentee:

Now that we know some qualities of being a good mentee, it is high time that we understand what shapes the characteristics also.

The characteristics involve your behaviors, your traits and how you truly conduct yourself with your mentor.

You do not want to look that ashamed or that foolish when you approach a mentor, thus here are some characteristic which you can go through:-

1. Open to risk-taking:

A mentee also sails in the same boat as that of a mentor. If you do not involve yourself to the level the mentor has, then everything goes waste. Risk-taking is the prime most elements and you should be in for it completely.

Thus, it is only when you have developed the quality of complete dedication to your mentor will you understand what it is to be open to risk taking. Thus, work upon your qualities well.

2. Accepts limitations of the mentor-mentee relationship:

Like every relationship in this world, the bond between a mentor and mentee is also very difficult. Thus, if you expect for you mentor to be good and excellent, you have to be human enough to understand that there may be some short comings as well.

Thus, he or she is your mentor who may have a short temper, he or she may have been assiduously hard working and would be expecting the same for you.

3. Works on feedback appropriately:

It becomes very necessary for a mentee to work on the feedback given by the mentor at the same time when it is given. You cannot expect to sit on the suggestions and then wait for the right time to act on them.

Patience and quick working are two simple terms that every mentee must remember. If you immediately act on the suggestion given, you will be able to crack the code and then work better on it. Thus, all that a mentor will require from you is quick reaction and honesty.


Thus, a mentor and a mentee relationship is a different one. It comes very close to parenthood and just ends before a didactic teacher-student relationship.

It has various elements to it and each layer is beautiful and worth treasured as it unfolds.

Remember not everyone gets a mentor and thus, when you get one treasure it and work on it well. He or she will shape your life and thus you should be in a position to give that same amount of respect to him or her by doing all of the above.