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16 Tips for Getting to Work on Time: Punctuality Management


In today’s business world, everyone is busy and on their feet. Overtime people have come to realize that time means money and if you waste time you are automatically wasting money.

All companies do whatever it takes to ensure that all their employees are not wasting their time and making the most of whatever time is at their disposal. There are a number of people in the corporate world who value time but they are unable to manage their time in an effective manner.

If you wish to be successful in your field of work it is vital that you train yourself to manage your time in a proper manner so that you be on time for everything to get maximum work done. Here are few tips for punctuality you need to follow for Getting to Work on Time.

get to work on time

What is the Time Management?

1. It implies prioritizing your work in a responsible manner:

Time management is not a characteristic of any kind, rather it can be understood as the act of prioritizing your work in a proper manner in order to get more done.

When attempting to manage your time in a proper manner you should ensure that you are dealing with tougher and more complicated tasks first, rather than keeping them right up to the end.

Time management is something that must be done by an individual himself or herself as only you can know what best suits you and what doesn’t. If you want to manage your time, you must make a conscious effort to do so.

2. Drawing out a distinct plan of action:

As we all know the task of the manager is to allot tasks to various individuals. Similarly when you decide that you would like to manage your time, it means that you are going to draw out a distinct plan of action. Simply making this plan is not merely enough. You must be willing to put it into action to the best of your ability.

Sometimes things might not be exactly as per planned, but when making the schedule you must ensure that you are making room for any errors or mistakes. It is mandatory that the schedule you make is realistic and does not make you over work.

3. It is aimed at increasing efficiency:

Most often, time management is done in order to achieve a particular aim or a goal. When carrying out a task or project it is usually necessary to have a plan just so that things can function smoothly and workers can understand what is to be achieved and by when. If there is no time management then things will inevitable take longer to be completed. One of the best things about time management is that it helps increasing not merely efficiency but overall output and productivity as well.

What do you mean by Punctuality?

1. It is a characteristic which is hard to find in people:

As opposed to time management which is a conscious act, punctuality means a characteristic which is to be found in some people who make a conscious effort to be punctual. This characteristic is certainly hard to find in people and it is a much treated quality indeed.

Companies are ever ready to hire those individuals who are punctual when it comes to fulfilling their obligations. Sadly, there are some people who are never able to fulfill their obligations and they always hand in their work late. You should always strive to be punctual as this is a quality which will set you apart from the rest.

2. Submitting task on or prior to the due date:

Punctuality means that you fulfill your obligation on or prior to the stipulated date which had been mentioned for submitting the task entrusted to you. However in the attempt of being punctual you should not compromise on the quality of your work.

As a skilled professional you should be able to manage your time in such a way that you not merely get the task done on time but you also ensure that it is of top quality. There is no point in being punctual if you give up erroneous work or even have to do the task all over again.

Why being on time for work is important?

1. The earlier you start the earlier you finish:

One of the main reasons for being on time for work is that, the faster you start your daily work, the faster you can finish it off and head home. If you are someone who comes into work late, then it is obvious that you will have to stay back after the others in order to complete your daily quota of tasks.

Even worse is if you have to take some of your work home with you. Having a proper work life balance is rather important and it is only possible if you complete your tasks as and when required without wasting any time.

2. It helps you get more work done:

There are many employees who like to take on additional responsibility as it makes them feel like a vital part of the company and in addition to this, they believe that this is going to help them to get noticed by the seniors and bosses in the company.

How will any of this be possible if you are always running into the office late? So if you wish to get more work done, then it is rather important to come into work. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in the matter of a few minutes, so do not let even five precious minutes go waste.

3. Shows you to be someone who takes the job seriously:

You might think that no one is noticing you when you are walking into the office late, but you can be rest assured that the bosses are taking note of how late you are coming in and they are certainly not going to be pleased with your mannerisms. If you love your job and would like to continue working in the company then under all circumstances you should try and show your seniors how much you value your job as well as how seriously you take it. When you come into work late you quietly communicate that you do not take the post or job seriously.

4. You serve as an example to the rest:

Coming to work on time is important because it helps you to serve as an example to the others. If you are a senior in the company, then it is obvious that the juniors will follow your example and do as you are doing.

So as a respectable individual you must ensure that you are doing your bit and not doing anything that will tarnish your name or even that of the company.

A company with laid back employees, who show up late to work, will never be able to make it big in the corporate world, no matter what else they might try.

5. It shows that you respect the company and boss:

When you walk into the office later than the boss it shows that you are lacking in respect. It is for a reason that you are told to come into work at a particular time and if you are constantly late it is a reflection on your personality. It shows you to be someone who cannot be trusted and it is unlikely that you will ever be given any major responsibility.

Due to unavoidable circumstances if you are late, then you should make it a point to call your boss and apologize for the delay. This is something that will make your boss respect you more.

How to be on Time for Everything?

1. Have a fixed schedule or to do list:

In order to be on time for everything, it is imperative that you know in advance what all you are trying to accomplish in a given day, so that you can mentally prepare yourself in a proper manner.

People who are always on time usually make a fixed schedule for themselves which they try to stick to, come what may. In addition to this making a to do list can also help you considerably. So try and chalk out a schedule for yourself every night which you can abide by the following day. It might seem tedious but it is required to help you be on time.

2. Do not take on too much additional responsibility:

There are many individuals who make the mistake on biting off more than they can chew and that is one of the main reasons why they are unable to be on time. So if you wish to be on time always, then you should learn to say no, when people come to you asking you to do some tasks for them.

It is always better to say no right at the onset rather than letting someone down at a later point in time. Rather, the people who you turn down will respect you immensely for your honesty.

3. Give yourself adequate time for each task:

Rather than trying to over reach, it is always a better idea to allot adequate time for each task. In addition to this, you should also take time out to take a break and relax. To be on time always, you should keep a maximum of four to five things to be done each day.

In addition to this, complete the most urgent tasks first. Keeping in mind these little things might seem rather unimportant but they do go a long way when you are trying to work within a tight schedule and get a lot done with a stipulated time frame.

4. Take the help of your tab or phone:

We live in a technological age, where our gadgets function as our right hand. So rather than trying to remember your schedule or carry along a piece of paper, you can always take the help of an app on your mobile phone or tab in order to assist you in your endeavor to always be on time for everything. There are plenty of apps which are available free of cost, so download any of your choice and you can proceed with ease from there.

5. Do not be lazy or lethargic:

In order to be on time for everything it is imperative that you are willing to be proactive no matter what. If you are lazy and refuse to do things on time, then you can never expect to be on time, so stop being lazy.

As an adult, you should be responsible and handle things properly without having to be constantly told. Once you have completed your tasks at hand then you are free to spend your time in whatever manner you would like.

6. Do not get distracted by unimportant things:

Finally, when trying to achieve you goal of being on time for everything it is important that you are focused and do not get distracted by unimportant things which might present themselves before you at an unexpected time. Keeping your head on your shoulders and having your eyes fixed on the goal will help you accomplish much either on the personal or the professional front.

If you do things in a haphazard and careless manner then the quality of work which you deliver will be rather substandard. In order to avoid submitting any slipshod work it is advisable that you learn to manage your time.

If you are someone who sticks to your schedule and does everything on time, then sooner or later you will realize that you are not merely able to get more work done, but you are also a much calmer and more relaxed person. Things will seem rather daunting to you at the onset, but over time you will get used to the schedule and you will understand that this is for your own good.