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Productivity Tips for Students, Entrepreneurs and Employees


Ever wanted to become more productive at work? Wondered how some of your classmates scored better grades than you without even studying so much? Ever thought how some of these entrepreneurs are so productive? Your answer lies in this post. In today’s article, we are going to talk about productivity tips and how you can stay more active at work as an employee, entrepreneur and student. Keep reading the post to find out more!

productivity tips and tricks

Productivity Tips for Students:

Staying productive as a student is hard during college. But with these tips and ideas, not only will you become super productive but also become the best in your class. All you have to do is make small changes!

1. Take a break from academics:

In order to become more productive, you must take a break from studies. Now by that, I don’t mean that you should give up on education entirely. What we mean is that don’t spend way too much time on it as well. Try to find a balance because that matters as well. There are many students who have finished university and have literally zero work experience. They have never volunteered for anything, have never made friends or had enough groups and connections. What we can advise you in cases like these is to become more active in groups and clubs and become the VP of a society that you are interested in. This can actually help you in a lot of ways. It will build more skills in team work and public speaking and have something powerful to keep in your resume.

2. Stop reading fiction all the time:

A second advice we can give you is to stop reading way too much fiction. You must instead spend more time on reading those books that have a purpose and can help you learn something new related to your career. Of course, there is nothing bad with reading fiction, you can read it once in a while but if you really want to build your personal development and work on it, then you must definitely do so by reading books that will build your personality. It will boost your general skills and help your career get stronger with time.

3. Stick with people who are productive:

A third thing you can do is hang out with people who are productive. Find people in your university who have the same interests as you do and have achieved the same academic results. Try to get their coaching. If you can find those people, can listen to what they have to tell, they can actually help and inspire you towards becoming a better individual, given more time. Plus when you surround yourself with people who are more productive, you will become productive yourself automatically.

4. Stop spending too much time on Facebook/ social media:

Also remember that social media is not useful when it comes to staying productive. Not only Facebook but instagram, whatsapp, viber and other forms of entertainment should be kept away from. We are not saying stop using Facebook completely. We are instead saying you should reduce the number of hours you spend on social media. There are several apps like Newsfeed Killer which can help you stay focused on your studies during exam time and reduce the time you spend on social media in a drastic manner.

5. Be smart with your information:

Keep all your information and resources near you at all times. Evernote happens to be a service which will allow you to remember all things at all times. Not only is it a wonderful place to keep all important pieces of information and store them but will also be useful to all meetings, classes, events and a lot more. Evernote is now available on all smartphones and helps you stay organized always. It is perfect for all students and can be found on all devices. If you want to know more about Evernote, you can check more online on YouTube.

Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs are always busy. They are expected to work a lot throughout the day and have a long list of assignments that need to be completed sooner or later. Finishing these tasks within a short period of time is not easy, but if you try these tips it will help.

1. Have a list prepared from before:

Before you begin your day, always write down three things, topics or initiatives that you would like to accomplish throughout the day. Then check with each one and keep a check on your mails. Make sure you have executed each task by the end of the day. Never lose focus on any one of them and keep working towards them until all have been done with. You will find that people who plan things from before are able to finish things much faster and in a better way. If you want to be productive as an employer, this is what you must do.

2. Be active always:

There is no secret to success in life. If you want to reach your goals, you have to work towards them and the only way to get it done is by staying more productive and more active throughout the day. I have seen in the past how well some of my colleagues have done and that is because of how active they are. They will not sit inside their office for long. These guys are always on the move. Not just that, these guys also go the gym, exercise and spend at least 20 minutes of fitness every day. Not only has this uplifted their moods but has also made them better people altogether. Some of them successful today is because of their high level of activity.

3. Ask your assistant for some help:

Since you are an entrepreneur who has just started his own business, hiring an executive assistant will be very helpful. Recently I found out that those who take help from their assistants are far more productive than those who don’t. Not only do they finish work on time but also spend very little time on difficult tasks because they already have someone else to help them out. The idea is actually quite simple if you look at it. By hiring an assistant and giving them half of the workload, you will be able to reap so many benefits today itself.

4. Don’t be a slave to your mails:

Now this is something you must always remember. Don’t spend too much time on checking mails. I know how easy it is to get excited when you receive the mail, but you have to stop doing that if you really want to get on with your life. We do waste so much time throughout the day replying to mails that make no sense and take up too much time. By closing your mail you will have not only accomplished an objective but also developed a good habit of boosting productivity.

5. Lists during nights:

Before you go to sleep at night, carry a pen and paper and prepare a list of what has been completed so far and what needs to be done. Those who have done this before have actually been able to sleep better at night and we bet it will do the same for you. My colleagues have told me in the past that when they wake up suddenly at night and then remember there is still some work in the office that is pending, they write it down immediately. By doing this, they have been able to get rid of anxiety from their lives and been able to sleep without any disruption at night.

Productivity Tips for Employees:

If you want to become more successful at your workplace, remember to stay productive always. Business owners and managers always expect their employees to give them the post. If your performance is not good enough, a salary hike could become nearly impossible. But here are some tips that can help you become more productive as an employee. Read on!

1. Focus on those tasks that are less time consuming:

It is actually quite easy to delay those tasks which are small and easy to accomplish but if you go by our opinions, we would tell you to do the exact opposite. The longer you avoid an assignment, the more it will add up to your work and before you know, it will only get worse. In order to keep away from scrambling, get hold of the quick tasks that need to be done and start working on them immediately. Tackling work the right way is honestly the best way to go about it.

2. Go for a few breaks:

Taking breaks is very important at work. You must take short breaks if you want to become more productive at work. It could be something simple like walking around the block or going to a coffee shop or maybe reading something lite and humorous. Always take 10 minutes off work and do something you like doing. It will improve blood circulation and help you gain a new perspective. You will be shocked seeing how productive you have become.

3. Don’t multi task so much:

Even though multi tasking has become a recent trend, you must always try to accomplish a lot more than just doing one task per day. It could help you a lot and in so many ways. Studies tell us that people who have attempted a lot of activities in a day have often ended up getting distracted too fast as a result of which the quality of their work has suffered a lot. What you must do is focus on tasks in such a way that one should only be started after the other. Complete it in the right way before you go for the next.

4. Get rid of all distractions:

Next, remember to get rid of all your distractions. You should not be disrupted by anyone during any time of the day when you are working. For this you have to get rid of all those things which are distracting you. If you have a door to your cabin, let it stay shut. When co workers are looking for something, let them know that you will not be available now as you are working on a new project and are busy but when time comes and the work load is less, you would like to chat up for sure.

5. Let your workplace be clean all the time:

Keep your work place clean as much as possible. Get rid of the mess as fast as you can. You should come across as a more organized person and that can only happen if you clean up and decorate your desk instead. So many of my colleagues have become more productive ever since they became more organized with their cabins. The amount of time that you spend searching for papers, the more time you will waste. During that time you could actually do something better like completing your assignment. There are so many apps online that can help you organize your mails so that you can save time and stay productive.

With that, we bring the post to a close. Always remember that these ideas have been given by professionals and will definitely help if you use them accordingly. If you have liked reading the article and have found some benefit from it, do share it with us in the box below. We would love to hear from you. Also if there are questions and doubts, you would like us to clarify, let us know about them as well. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping you’ve learnt something valuable from the post and will be able to implement all these points in the right way! Take care and happy working!