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How to Get your Boss Fired for Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination


A boss is a person who handles all the activity of the official outgoings and incomings. And most of the time these bosses can be a bit annoying for their employees in terms of different levels of work.

Most probably employees of the company quit their job because of their boss and there can be several reasons for their resignation as well.

And sometimes employees enjoy the situation when a boss gets fired from his/her job. There is some possibility that even employees can get their boss fired fast from his/her job.

get your boss fired fast

What Makes a Work Environment Hostile?

For any employee, the workplace plays a very important role, be it for their performance or productivity. A good workplace not only boosts employee actions and behavior but also helps employees to show a better attitude at work.

Whereas a hostile work environment can create many issues at work leading to negativity and lack of career development. So employers should take utmost care and avoid the things which cause a hostile work environment. Some factors are,

  • Unpleasant work atmosphere
  • Rude colleagues
  • Not qualifying for a promotion
  • Lack of perks and benefits
  • No recognition and appreciation

All such above factors are responsible for making a workplace or organization hostile. Now the most important factor which is the biggest threat is a bad boss. A bad boss not only harasses the employees but also make them turn to futile which finally make them quit the company.

Most employees do not quit companies, but their employers. This statement is completely true and worthful.

Now if you too have ever come across a bad boss, then you will know the obstacles one have to face.

How to Fire Your Bad Boss?

The best way to cope up with a bad boss is to quit the company or else get ready to face all the difficulties which you may find in your work journey. The other better way is to fire your bad boss. Though this sounds a lot difficult, but if you follow the below-mentioned steps carefully then you can do it easily.

Bad bosses are very hard to stand, they demoralize the employees and never allow them to grow and develop in their career. Moreover, they bully and insult them whenever they get a chance. Now if you have taken enough of your boss’s such behavior like harassment or bullying, then the best option is to get them fired.

How to Take Action?

Before moving in, understand that it is a very dangerous step and can cost even your job. It is almost like bringing insecurity and trouble to your life. But to shun out the troubles you face from your boss, you need to confidently and bravely plan accordingly.

Here are the steps you need to follow

  1. Try to communicate with HR professionals
  2. Meet your union representatives (if you are part of any union)
  3. Speak to your boss’s manager
  4. Document every incident
  5. Provide with enough witnesses
  6. List out the things which you consider a problem with your boss
  7. Be well prepared

Last but not least, even if you are successful, you should be ready to face anything. You may even lose your job as the action you have taken is against your boss.

How to Get your Boss Fired for Harassment:

Most of the bosses have a habit of annoying their employees as easily as they can. Some of them even get things unbearable for their employees.

There are some of the situations and circumstances where the employees of the company can get their boss fired from his/her post with a reason of harassment at work.

1. Directly inform the HR department of the company

Most of the complaints and issues of the company are resolved by the human resource department of the company. And human resource department of the company handles such issues better than any department.

It is necessary for all the employees to understand that instead of suffering inside because of harassment or being harassed at work by one’s boss, it would be better to complain about it to the concerned person.

2. Try and discuss this with a union leader:

If a person is not just an employee of the company, but even a part of a union, then he/she should inform this issue to the union leader and his/her team.

These union parties hold all the power to get one’s boss fired from their job.

It is possible that even an employee can get one’s boss fired from their job, by just complaining about the job harassment he/she is been going through by their boss.

This kind of official harassment is an offensive crime and there are certain types of punishment for that.

3. Provide all the details about the boss’s behavior:

If an employee is being harassed in his/her office, then he/she should take strict action against it. And while doing that the employee need to explain all the acts and harassment by the boss.

This can help that employee to prove his/her point about the harassment against them in their office.

Therefore, if one employee takes a stand for any type of harassment against him/her, then others will learn from them and even they can take an active stand against it as well.

4. Hold on to the official documents:

Most of the time working in the office, an employee may suffer some kind of harassment from their boss.

Most of them ignore this kind of harassment and some takes stand against it. But while making a stand and fighting for their justice, all employees experience some kind of lack of evidence against their boss, which can prove that he/she does harassment over their employees of the company.

Therefore, it is necessary for the employee that before taking any stand he/she should be aware of all the documents which can favor themselves.

5. Convince fellow employees to be witnesses:

Most of the harassment cases in the office, from the employee of the company, may not hold such kind of impact on the boss and nor the company.

It is quite obvious that most of the companies support the criminal and not the victim. It is rare to see that the company is supporting the victim than a criminal.

Therefore, to be on a safer side the employee need to convince people to be his/her witnesses during their complaint registration.

How to Get Your Boss Fired for Bullying:

It is necessary that every employee of the company has a right of working in a healthy and encouraging environment, instead of bullying environment.

If the employee is being bullied by the boss of the company then things can be even worse for that employee.

Therefore, it is necessary that every employee should know how to get rid of bully boss and stand against such behavior. Every employee needs to stand for themselves and get their boss fired from their job.

1. Be emotionally strong:

A bully boss takes charge of his/her emotionally weak employees and to overcome that issue, the employee needs to be emotionally strong.

If an employee who is being bullied by his/her boss learns to overcome his/her emotional issues, then there is a possibility that the employee may have a chance of complaining against that bully boss and even can get him/her fired from his/her job.

2. Keep a track of documents:

It is necessary that wherever a person works or whatever may be the situation, it is always recommended to people that they need to keep a track of document which can help them prove their words.

Nowadays people believe documents more than words and it is necessary for all employees as well.

In another sense, while complaining against a bully boss, the employee needs to be ready with all the necessary documents against him/her.

3. Be ready with your plan B:

This plan B is nothing but an exit strategy. It is necessary for most of the employees to understand that if the employee working in the company is very much uncomfortable with the bully nature of his/her boss, then he/she should complain a case against them.

And being smart enough before complaining any of such complaints, the employee needs to be ready with his/her exit strategy which can keep them in a safer side.

4. Try to reach the higher authority:

It is quite possible that while complaining against one’s boss in his/her own company, the possibility of registration of such complaints in the human resource department is very minimal.

And that is because of the bully boss. A bully boss can manipulate people very easily with his/her power.

Therefore, it is better if the employee who is being bullied, try to reach the higher authority in this instance. Therefore, this can help those employees who are being bullied in their office by their boss.

How to Get Your Boss Fired Anonymously:

It is not easy that one can get their boss fired from their job anonymously.

Because if anyone tries to fight back against their boss, the possible outcome that they can receive would be the termination of their job.

1. Observe the behavior of the boss:

By observing the behavior of their boss with others, the employee can be clear with his/her doubts about the boss.

This can help that employee to be strong with their decision and it can even let them understand that there is something big conspiring against them.

Therefore, this helps the employee to understand the clear picture of their boss’s intentions.

2. Try to be prompt with your work:

If an employee needs to get out of that trouble zone, in which his/her boss makes him/her frustrated, then it is best for the employee that he/she keeps his/her work ready or finish their work promptly.

And that is because most of the bosses annoy an employee with a reason that they have not finished their work. Therefore, it is best for that employee to be safe with his/her job.

3. Secure your job:

If an employee wants to get their boss fired from their job. Then that employees need to play their cards right.

Most probably while complaining anonymously against their boss, the employee needs to be careful with their identity and their complaint. Because going against their boss can be a risky thing to do.

The possibility is that the person can even lose their job. Therefore, it is advisable for the employee to secure his/her job first before making any type of complaint.

4. Be aware of legal employee rights:

Going against the boss and having him/her get fired from his/her job is something risky.

Therefore, if the complaining employee is aware of all the legal terms and legal rights of the employee then the possibility is that the employee can make that boss lose his / her job immediately.

Knowing the legal rights and benefits of an employee is one of the main thing that every employee need to be aware of.

5. Keep an eye on the boss:

Most of the time in office, the person who is being a victim in the office can be punished for the things which they never committed. And that is because of their bosses, power, and relationship with the highest authority.

Therefore, if an employee really wants their boss to get fired, then the employee needs to keep an eye on their bosses activities.

This can help that employee to be aware of the conspiracy taking place against them.

How to Get Your Boss Fired for Discrimination:

Most of the employees of the company experience some kind of workplace discrimination from their boss.

One of the main reasons that can make one employee feel that he/she is being discriminated is by the behavior of the boss with him/her or with others.

1. If the boss makes things tough to understand:

Sometimes in the office, some of the bosses may not like the way the employee is working and that provides them the right to discriminate the employee easily.

Therefore, the employee need to be well prepared with his/her work so that he/she cannot let his/her boss pinpoint any mistakes.

Eventually, if the boss is powerless against his / her employee then the possibility is that the boss can make things tough for the employee around the office.

2. Taking sides:

This happens when there is a female employee in the office and that can make other male employees feel discriminated in his/her office.

Most of the time female employees in the office have a greater advantage in the office than a male employee. And this kind of discrimination between male and female makes things worse between these two genders.

Therefore, to avoid such kind of behavior the employee can file a complaint against their boss so that he/she can get fired from their job.

3. Being demoted from their positions:

One of the common return that an employee receives from his / her boss is that they take a decision of demoting them from their position without any proper reason.

The possibility is that the employee might be demoted from their reason because of their personal issues between their boss.

And once the employee can prove that intention of their boss, then he/she can take a stand against their boss and make them suffer by getting them fired.

To Wrap Up:

At the end of this discussion, the only bottom line is that if an employee knows and understands all of his/her rights and duties against harassment, bullying and discrimination then he/she can get their boss fired from their job.

most common and usual element to keep in mind is that it is not right to suffer official harassment or discrimination from their boss.

A professional employee needs to take and know about the employees official and legal rights.

Therefore, this discussion over harassment, discrimination, and bullying by their boss can provide detailed information about how to get out of those situations and also how to make their boss get fired.