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How to Ask for Flexible Work Schedule: Top 20 Ways


Companies almost deny the request of working flexibly as they think the employees would not be able to showcase their skills in a better manner and also they have an apprehension of losing company’s credibility, but this is not always the same case.

It completely depends on the employee’s impressive skills and the manner he or she discusses the idea with the highest authority.

So here are some of the ways by which you can ask for flexible work schedule:

ask flexible work schedule

Ways to Negotiate for a Flexible Work Schedule:

The following mentioned are few negotiation tips on how to negotiate for flexible working hours policy and other flexible working arrangements.

1. Be confident:

This is the key to any success you need to achieve. If you will not be confident in what you want, others will surely raise fingers.

So first of all self-confidence is necessary, only then you will be able to convince the higher authority for getting the permission of having a flexibility in the workplace or flexible work schedule.

2. Have a concrete plan:

You must be confident, that’s true, but at the same time you must possess a concrete and reliable plan without any flaws. A concrete plan must contain the objectives and the main aim of yours for asking for such a demand.

When you present yourself with a plan, must think of your own, about the plan, that whether it is really capable of showing it to the boss or no. You must yourself once go through the whole plan and if you find it viable enough, then move ahead to the higher authority. Or if you think certain changes are needed, then do it immediately, then present it.

3. Be clear with your objectives and the aims:

The reasons behind getting a flexible work schedule should be defined clearly. Why you need flexible work hours must be told to the boss. The apt reasons and the answers to those reasons must be explained.

For Example, you are able to focus on the main things and that is more important than working on irrelevant things.

4. Show them your ambition:

You are ambitious enough must be shown to the boss. This is because if you will be dull and dump in front of the boss, your plan will not be considered good and enough capable of implementing.

Tell the boss how ambitious you are like the plans for yourself, where you are seeing yourself and the company in the next five years. Emphasis on the career plan and discuss it with the highest authority.

5. Focus on the main theme:

Here the main theme is to focus on the things that you will put maximum pressure on like if you will get flexible hours, you will be able to focus more on the important deals, vital projects and the less important will be given less hours, indeed the need of the hour.

Explain that whatever you will do, will do with full concentration as you will be working on your own terms and there will be no compulsion. Whenever the work is done under someone’s pressure, the work is likely to be unsuccessful and the company would not want any of their major projects go unsuccessful.

So, while you present your plan, make sure you will focus on the theme.

6. Never say “NEVER”:

You want the demand of getting schedule of works as elastic as it can be, so the trick is not to say ‘no’. Even if it seems impossible, just never say you cannot cope. You have to present the positive attitude and the spirit of doing the things in a better manner.

Never tell the boss that you are exhausted with the current hours and you wish  work flexibility, as this can put the plan turn opposite and the things can go upside down. Never say you are too tired. Know what the firm needs and what is expected from you.

7. Discuss your new role:

It is important to discuss the new role you will be playing in the times to come. Like earlier you were working the whole day, but nothing productive was being done, but once you will work flexibly, you will be able to focus much on the productive things that will lead to the company’s success. Tell that your new role will be more appealing and productive for the company.

8. You will maintain the level of responsibility – Say it:

Prepare a message that showcases you will maintain the same level of responsibility, even after working part time or anytime you feel correct. For example, you can say that you would like to explore the responsibility of redistributing the hours flexibly by carrying out the same responsibilities with the extra dedication and concentration.

You will have to assure the boss that the effectiveness of the work will never be lost rather the productivity will increase over the period of time.

9. Make realistic demands, do not be unrealistic:

If you wish to work on your own, then you need to acknowledge the high expectations from the company towards you and also you need to tell your boss that you will be available even in the odd hours whenever the company needs you.

You need to be realistic. Explain the boss that although you will work according to the flexible hours, yet you will be available to the company whenever they need you. If you will give the comprehensive plan along with the current one, you might get the positive response from the employer.

The main goal is to make the plan a success along with creating the demand for elastic work schedule for yourself.

10. Give viable reasons:

The reasons why you need flexibility at work must be stated clearly or your request may be taken down. The reasons could be any like you have kids and you cannot manage with the kids due to the hectic and long working hours of the office, your husband is not well and you need flexible terms for a few days, you are having domestic issues and you wish the company to cooperate.

Whatever reasons you put forward, make sure they are truthful, trustable and viable enough to be believed by the employers.

11. Demand for a trial:

If you feel there is some resistance in your demand getting accepted, ask for the trail to ensure the viability of the plan. The trial will help the company know whether the plan will suit the company or no.

Also, it will give you a chance to prove your point. You can ask the boss to run the plan for at least about one month and when it will work continuously for one month in a smooth manner, your project may get a big yes. The company will be able to evaluate the success of the plan within 30 days and look whether it makes sense or not.

12. Ask for Assistance:

When you ask the employee for the help, maybe you get a positive response within the help. You never know when and from whom will you get a good advice on how you should manage the working schedule.

Move to your seniors and ask for the help. They will provide you the advice as per their experience and when the guidance erupts from the experienced one’s it ought to give you ideas that work is ought to be a triumph.

13. Do not be bossy, be polite:

Remember, you are not the boss, you are the one who needs, the wish to get fulfilled. For that you need to be polite but daring enough to put forth the plan. You need to discuss the plan and not demand or order the plan to implement.

The way by which you explain, will create a great impact on the implication of the plan. The more less confident you will be, the more are the chances of the plan getting cancelled. So, make sure you are impressive enough to make your wish fulfilled.

14. Demonstrate it when you have shown a high level of productivity:

The time that you choose will also highly affect the implementation of the plan. Make sure you go with the plan only when you have demonstrated a strong commitment towards your work and also you are operating the projects at the highest level of the productivity and excellence.

If the manager knows that you can be considered and trusted, then you surely have the chances of getting agreed to the flexible employee schedule and the working hours.

15. Take the best projects in the front:

What all you have achieved till date, take it forward to the employer.This is to show him what efforts you have made till now and what all you have contributed towards the company.

The employers do not often remember each and every contribution of the employees, so it is your duty to tell and remind them about all the efforts you made for better productivity and result.

16. Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages:

It’s you who are taking the plan so you only need to explain the advantages and the disadvantages of the flexible working policy and schedule.

Tell them when you will work according to the flexible hours, you will be able to give your best, you will not feel tired and with the ever refreshing mood you will do the work and when the work is done in a great mood, the result is of superior quality.

Tell them you will focus more on the achievable goals and also the work will be prioritized, means the most important task will be given more importance while the less importance will be given to the secondary things. Thus company will reach to high level in the market and also the customer will be satisfied as they only want quality work from the company.

17. Take salary in consideration:

Although money forms indispensable part of the lives yet it is never the priority. So, you should not make the first move in monetary terms like many employees make a mistake of asking and putting forth the question of salary in front, you should not make such a mistake.

Primarily, you need to talk about the plan and if possible say that you do not need hike in the salary but are happy with what you get. You are ready to work with more efficiency, but within the flexible schedule. This becomes one of the reasons to say yes to the plan by the employers.

18. Staying in contact with the other employees:

Tell them that you will stay in contact with the other members of the department even during the non working hours and will respond to them immediately. You will respond through the emails, the phone calls, messages and whatsapp whenever required.

You just have to say that even if you are not working, you will show your presence, making yourself available. Assuring the responsibility is your duty and if you will not be able to tell them all, you may fail to get the plan executed.

19. Do not be sceptical within your own mind:

The plan you made should be clear within your own mind. If the plan will not be clear to you only, you will not be able to explain to others. So, make sure every aspect of the plan is well plotted be it the timing, the work hours, the method of working, the main aims, the objectives and the goals you have on the mind.

Do not fumble while you explain the plan to the employer. Just be confident in what you have in your mind. If possible, ask for the suggestions and let them think over the matter, ask for the solutions and also for the changes if any they want.

20. Give them a chance to speak:

Give your employers a chance to speak over the matter. Once you are done with explaining your plan, ask them for what they think. Get suggestions for the improvement in the plan. Let them speak of the flaws if it has and also accept them too. Tell them that you will come up with the revised and more better plan with less flaws.

Conclusion :

So, above are some of the ways by which you can ask the employer for the flexible working schedule. Make sure you are true and are not presenting anything fake and non implementing.