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Flexible Work Arrangements: Types, Advantages & Disadvantages


Flexible work arrangements could be made of several combinations of flexible work options and leave values. However, you must know that not all of these arrangements have been suited for work responsibilities or individualistic needs. For example, working from home is not suited for people who are teaching in schools or playing direct roles. However, in some cases it could be possible to take several trials of arrangements to get some evidence and work arrangements could be adjusted. In this post we are going to tell you about flexible work arrangement, its types, advantages and disadvantages.

Flexible Work Arrangements Pros Cons

Types of Flexible Work Arrangements:

Job sharing:

The first type of flexible working arrangement is called job sharing. It consists of sharing all duties and responsibilities at one go between two people. Job sharing also consists of having flexible and well tailored variety of interests. There are some arrangements which work between two positions which provides a brief overlap between work and employees.


Working from telecommuting involves all employees who are undertaking work related stuff far away from their workplace. The evolution of these workplace technologies will allow flexibility a lot more than before. The facilities for telecommuting like a laptop and a computer, internet access, smart phones could be required.

This brings the post to an end. Flexible work arrangements certainly has a lot of benefits. If you want to have such a management at home, then go ahead. You are surely going to yield great results. However make sure to speak to your manager before implementing any of these.

Pros or Advantages of Flexible Work Arrangements:

1. Good team work:

Having proper and flexible work practices can allow the staff members to have their own schedules. They will be able to work at home easily and take care of all needs such as children’s activities, doctors appointments and other sorts of life moments. Everyone who belongs to such a company shall be able to have the same sort of flexibility. So when people really need help, there will be someone out there who can. Instead of isolation or resentment, we will be more connected, have a better and more supportive team and reap the same kind of benefits.

2. Have a proper and more productive workforce:

Most of these studies in the past few years have shown us that telecommuters happen to be more productive instead of other in-office counterparts. Not just that, when you allow flexible working at your workplace you are able to become productive and produce even better results. Such is the magic of flexibility.

3. Workers tend to become more happy and satisfied:

Thirdly, employees will begin to feel more empowered and shall be able to structure their lives in a much better way. That will however also depend on the needs of the people. When you give people the freedom to work the way they want to, they will automatically become happy at work. Plus when you have a proper work environment and an even better salary increase, the professionals will choose to work in a schedule like this as well.

4. The talent pool will be much bigger:

Another huge benefit that comes with flexible work options is that you will be able to get a much wider talent pool. Because of flexibility at work,  you will be able to hire people from all over the world, including America and Europe. After all, the timings will not be the same for all and different people will be working at different times. In short, someone or the other will be working that will boost productivity and keep you going. Plus belonging in a small business will help you find talent and let you go places you have never imagined.

5. Continuity during business conditions that are uncertain:

Over the past few years, our team has experienced a whole lot of floods, snow storms, power outages and tornado warnings, service disruptions in the internet and several other events that are not in our hands. If we had to be centrally located, then obviously the businesses would be slowed down or stopped after a matter of time. It would also hamper your daily businesses and operations. But instead if you have a proper and flexible schedule, you will not be missing anything.

6. Opens up new tours and ways of talent:

When you have flexible schedules for working and a proper policy, there are chances that companies shall be able to find talent. In fact, they will find more talent or talent of different kinds. That in fact is so much better than those typical 9-5 jobs. People who are staying at home or those who are retired professionals and military spouses with disabilities shall be brought to the workforce with different flexible work options.

7. Environmental impact is also lowered:

There will be fewer builders to maintain when you have flexible and proper working policies. Not just that, they will be less commuting to and from work and most importantly, they will also use very few office supplies to dispose of. This happens to be some of the ways in which flexible work policies will help the companies lower all of their carbon footprints.

8. Boosted Growth:

Another awesome benefit that comes with flexible working arrangements is that the companies shall also hire telecommuters and grows at a much faster rate than those companies that only feature in office working. By hiring sales people belonging to different geographical locations could be one reason.

9. Reducing turnover and the cost of hiring:

When the employees are satisfied, there are lesser chances of looking for greener and flexible pastures which will reduce the need for such companies to fill up the vacated positions and keep the brain drain very low.

10. Balances life like no other:

Flexible working will also benefit the employer in such a way that he will be able to balance life in a better way. They will be able to spend time with their near and dear ones and undertake a few hobbies as well. Childcare costs will also be reduced in that way. When you have an employer permission, you can travel to any place you want without having to worry about a thing. You will also come back feeling fresh. Most of the employees shall be allowed to work from home easily. This happens to be some of the biggest benefits that comes with flexible work arrangements.

An Overall Summation of Flexible Work Arrangement Benefits:

Just like we have discussed above, there are several advantages that come with flexible work arrangements. From reducing absenteeism to boosting commitment and productivity among employees, it makes sure you are working regularly. Such business may not be able to extend the opening hours because of their availability to work. The government consultation has also exercised some concerns over the extension of flexible burden which shall be discussed below.

Cons or Disadvantages of Flexibility in the Workplace:

1. Handing schedules may become a huge problem:

It may become a huge problem when the employees who happen to thrive in the same office environment often find it tough to work, especially when the colleagues are not holding the same kind of work schedule.

2. People will think you aren’t working:

Working from home will actually make neighbours and friends feel like you really aren’t working and this causes trouble with your relationships. Your friends will become upset saying that you cannot watch their kid or even allow the repairmen into the house because after all, you will be at home all day.

3. No delineation between home and work:

When you have flexible schedules at times, it also means to some people that you will be working all the time. If your boss gives you the permission to go and watch the soccer game then you shouldn’t be feeling bad at all if they call you in the middle of the night expecting you to finish some important work.

4. People may take advantage:

There will be times when people will take advantage of the flexibility and use that as some sort of invitation to work from your home which also means that watching Netflix will also be carried out with the small screen open on the side.

5. New style of management:

There are a few managers who always see their workers come to office and work all day. So it is easy for them to trust people like that. But those who have flexible working hours may not be able to make the same impression which is pretty much worse. That is something that requires you to have trust. That is also new style of management which takes time to adjust.