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How to Make an Employee Training Manual: 13 Top Tips


To sustain long-term productivity and success in any business organization, effective employee training manual or employee handbooks is mandatory.

The drafting of employee training manual should be carefully followed through and plotted so that the employees, as well as the company, are profited.

This employee training and development material keep your staff motivated and assists them in learning new constructs.

Here is a glimpse of few ideas about developing an effective employee training manual.

how make employee training manualTips for Creating Employee Training Manual:

The importance of employee training and development programs is very much high for any organization.

So proper staff training ideas and employee training techniques should be incorporated in the employees manual.

The following mentioned are few tips on preparing employee development and staff training policy and procedure manual.

1. Researching and home work:

As a representative to formulate training materials for the establishment, the preliminary stride would be to explore and hunt for the company’s requirement exhaustively.

To arise with an applicable and tailor made training material gathering point from relevant key areas and associated documents can assist you in bringing forth an effective training material.

2. Find out the needs:

The actual requirement for developing an employee training material should be recognized.

The number of people who require training material, matter, the pertinent data to be printed, the depth to which the details should be mentioned, and also the list of training resources that can be used in the development of training material.

3. Finding the requirement from the employees and management:

To know the exact requirement, the individual or team who is responsible for formulating the training material can write down two set of survey questions.

An assessment set can be kept aside for managers, where they require answering the particular knowledge they desire to offer the workers.

The management would be answerable in the review, the exact source material available for preparation of training material. The succeeding set of assessment is meant for the employees and mention what they desire to learn. By these responses you can frame the training material in an expected way for them.

4. Limitations for training material:

Cost is an important feature to be monitored; cost is decided depending on the length of training material to be prepared.

To complete the training material in a picture perfect way and also to avert, gyrating time, cost and economy factors should be taken into account.

5. Ways to collect details:

To gather up more of useful information for your training material, interviewing managers and others in the organization can be carried through.

Reaching sources outside the company is also an alternative way. Origins to collect data can be from libraries or the internet from where each and every minute data can be collected.

6. The actual content:

An effective training material should hover around job descriptions and instructional objectives. The errands of the profession to which one is appointed to, ought to be declared in the training material.

The material should never forget to mention the processes as well as procedures which the employees should follow to possess a disciplined organization.

7. User friendly documents:

Though the formulated documents possesses its own standards, it would be flawless if the document is user friendly. This makes the employees to easily follow the material and also allow them to understand easily.

Objectives should be mainly focused on training material so that the trainees are benefited.

8. Pick the right design:

A manual with text being crammed from margin to margin can irritate or muddle the trainee who reads it.

An impeccable design builds reading and interpretation quite easy along with a professional look to the material.

Reading is made simple and easy when more of white spaces and same size font is utilized throughout.

9. Format and structure:

To get rid of blank slate, a training material can be initiated by making usage of templates. Advantageous features are countless when templates are measured.

Templates are the superlative opening idea to start with, which provide the material with a format and structure. This methodology assists in saving time and averts one’s ideas about organizing the material.

10. Material writing tips:

Writing down the material should be made interesting by breaking up the details into smaller paragraphs as magnanimous blocks of text can be quite baffling for employees to read.

Short and descriptive sentences work well rather than lengthy ones. When voice is counted, an active voice can be added to the material rather than a passive voice. At times of highlighting or recapping, make sure to use bullets or text boxes.

A conversational but yet a professional writing should be maintained. When things are vernacular and complicated, then employees would find it unmanageable to understand.

11. Usage of appropriate tools:

There are legion of beneficial tools which can be implanted in the material to make it more interesting and readable.

In that manner, visuals and lists are one such category of tools which can be utilized in the material.

Consider a sample in this scenario, when the material is explaining about a software system, a numbered list in a step by step manner can make the training material easy to read rather than understanding the exact information from a dense paragraph.

12. About electronic training material:

Electronic training materials can be brought into the scenario as they are cost effective and beneficial when more number of employees are considered.

Other office programs can also be considered which include power point, excel, Microsoft word and more for developing training materials.

E-learning software package can be leisurely to read and also will help you avert printing cost. By this way the training material can be rendered in online format.

13. Rating of manual:

Whether online or offline mode, evaluation of the training material is the final step which is a must before the manual is made public.

The material formulated can be presented to the higher officials and others to review it and pinpoint if there are certain mistakes in it. In this manner important errors can be found out and corrections can be made and finalized.


It is said that training materials are useful for freshers and less experienced employees, but studies suggest that training materials in an organization are beneficial for all employees and those who move to new designations in order to achieve improved long term performance.

These employees training material would help assist them in performing their role in the right fashion. They will get to know the skills that are required to execute their occupation.

A well plotted and carried out employee training program material would turn out to be beneficial and bring in productivity through employees.