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How to Dress like a Boss or Office Manager: Professional Dressing Tips


While being in the office or outside for a meeting, perception is a reality of all the times. The opinion others hold about you greatly depends on the way they perceive you. This is an essential fact you need to keep in mind while dressing for different formal occasions like meetings, seminars and formal get togethers.

One should always put his best foot forward at the workplace. These ways can make or break your professional reputation in the eyes of your colleagues and clients. So it is always advisable to meet the dress code.

Especially being a Manager or Boss, you don’t have a uniform. Dressing in itself is a tedious chore. Even before you open your mouth to speak up, you already cast an impression with your looks and this impression cannot be erased.

dress like office manager

The appropriate attire always depends upon the particular industry in which one is working. It also depends upon the geographic location and calendar season as well. When you are not appropriately dressed, your message gets lost.

When you dress for office or work as per your position, it adds a unique charm and wow factor that makes one great leader stand out.

How to Dress like a Boss or Office Manager:

Plan Your Outfit in Advance:

Many of the managers and bosses fail to create the perfect impression on their employees because they use all their planning skills only while working. They need to use some of these skills when they plan their apparels.

Managers and bosses are busy individuals. They may have some urgent work at the last minute that may prevent them from picking the best outfit for the occasion. So it is all very well to plan these things in advance.

Investing more in classic and staple wardrobe can give you lots of mileage. It is always advisable to plan your outfits a night before. This can be really helpful to avoid looking as one got dressed in the dark.

Customize Your Apparels:

You are the boss and you need to make that clear by the way you dress too. To make a world of difference, it is better to tailor everything. You may be aware of the difference a nipped jacket for the waist or slim down hem lengths procure. Customizing your apparels helps you acquire the same unique charm.

Customizing your apparels can also mean giving your attire your own unique touch. You must be aware of what suits you and what does not look good on you. You may also be aware of the unique fits that make you look impressive. Appoint a tailor to add these unique touches to your outfits and to make them truly stunning.

Choose To Match The Style of The Ones Around You:

Even when you wear the smartest attire, if you are surrounded by people with less fashion sense, they will never be able to appreciate your choice. This is another reason why it is vital to know the mindset and choices of people around you while selecting your outfit.

Always choose your attire based on the audience. If you are surrounded by people who follow the ancient code of dressing, you may pick traditional style suits and outfits. On the contrary, if you have a group of young and fashion savvy individuals working for you, you may go for fashionable new dress codes as it will be noticed and appreciated.

Have Your Own Style Statement:

It is for you to decide how to add your own personal touch. If you just follow the bandwagon and wear what officers in your position are supposed to wear, there are few chances that anyone will notice what you are actually wearing. It is thus vital that you create a style statement with your outfit. It is better to use a statement piece of jewellery to draw everyone’s attention.

Brooch was a common standard way to create a statement in traditional office gatherings. In the modern day, the accessories you carry may have a similar impact. Make sure you have an impressive mobile phone cover or a good branded watch on your wrist. These are things that are easily noticed by colleagues and coworkers.

Stick To Traditional Styles:

Even when you try new suit styles or office outfits, make it a point to stick to the conventional codes of office dressing. In a workplace, too young designs don’t make quiet an impact. So better to stay away from them.

People are accustomed to standard dressing codes. If you try something extremely new and funky, there will be critics who may simply not digest your uniqueness.

To stay a part of the organization you need to adhere to the codes of dressing followed by the firm. On occasions or parties, a little experimenting won’t do much harm but not during usual working days.

A Few Tips For Female Bosses and Managers:

In the male dominated careers, few females have made it to positions of managers and bosses. As the number is smaller traditionally, the codes in case of women are not as conventional as in case of men. In short, women can experiment a little more when it comes to dressing in professional outfits like a boss.

For a girl, heels not only add height but also keep the looks polished and in great posture. It is a great idea to wear a pair of high heels that go well with your attire. Women may wear classy jewellery to create their style statement. Women need to make sure their makeup is simple yet stylish.

Hairdo for Managers:

To make things smooth, always use neat, sneak and polished hairstyles which don’t cover the face too much. Men need to be clean shaven when they are managers, bosses or holding higher designations. Short hair cuts look great on professionals. In some professions, a beard or a moustache is acceptable but this may vary from one profession to another.

The hairdo should reveal that you mean profession. The usual bun is a great hairstyle for women at higher positions. If you plan to leave your hair open, make sure it is tidy and in place. Women may wear Indian or Western formal outfits but they need to make sure the outfits are well pressed and tidy to create an impact.

Other Grooming Tips:

A well groomed person always commands attention. Quality polished shoes portrays as an instant signal that you are a serious player in the business cycle. Make sure you polish your shoes before you head for the meeting or event.

It is a great idea to carry wet wipes along with you so that you can wipe your face at regular intervals and stay fresh. You may also carry a comb and a mirror handy so that you may tidy your hair at regular intervals.

If you have a problem of body odour, it is advisable to carry a deodorant. Similarly, a hand sanitizer helps you stay fresh even on the go. Staying well groomed and maintaining your personal hygiene matters a lot when you are working at a high position in a firm or an organization.

Try New Office Dressing Options:

If you check the internet for the different office dressing styles, you will come across a plethora of options. The dynamic market has opened the whole new venture of office dresses. So don’t be afraid of injecting a little bit fun with colours, prints and accessories.

Trying something new is always exciting. But you need to make sure that people around you will be able to digest the new styles and fashion. Some people are not very comfortable accepting new styles and you need to take them also into account while picking your office wear.

Comfort Still Remains the King:

You wont look smart even in the best outfit if you are not comfortable wearing it. Being comfortable in whatever you wear, makes you more and more confident. The comfort and confidence adds up and make you look like the perfect embodiment of authority.

If you are doubtful or unsure about what you are wearing, it will affect your posture as well as your body language. This simply means that while fashion is necessary, comfort still dominates your true persona.

Make sure you wear something that makes you appear smart and sure. If you are wearing an attire for the first time, make it a point to do a dress rehearsal at home so that you attain a level of comfort wearing it. You must remember that you are holding a position of authority and you need to live upto that position every moment of your job life.

To Wrap Up:

If you are a manager, the way you dress, groom and carry yourself should speak for itself. Know the significance of dressing in the manager’s life and take it up seriously the next time you head for a meeting.