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How to Dress for Interview in Summer and Winter?


Dressing up for any particular occasion is always a difficult task. You need to choose between formal and casual wear to suit the occasion as well as take the utmost care of comfort.

For an interview on a hot and moist day or cold wintry days, you will have to face some difficulties regarding fashion or in choosing a perfect dress for an interview.

You need to stay cool and agreeable while yet showing an expert and clean pictures. You have one opportunity to make an initial introduction, and dressing properly for a prospective employee meeting is one approach to making a decent impression.

How to Dress for Interview in the Summer:

How Dress for Interview in Summer

Dressing agreeably during sticky summers at the same time giving a pleasant appearance is a very challenging task to complete effectively. Getting dressed in a way that you won’t have to compromise on either comfort or fashion is something that needs attention. Hence some tips are provided below to follow in case you need help in deciding a proper summer interview outfit.

What to Wear to a Summer Job Interview?

1. Check for any dress code:

If you are going for a job interview then you need to make sure that there is no working dress code assigned specially for the interview. You will need to dress suitably for the work society of the organization or association with which you are meeting.

Therefore it is always necessary to call or email the contracting director to affirm your meeting and get some information about the clothing regulation beforehand.

Also to ensure proper dressing, you can check with the standards in your industry and on the off chance that you are uncertain, pick something more preservationist and impartial like traditional or formal with which you are comfortable and won’t sweat to death.

2. Proper maintenance of the dress you should be wearing:

During the interview, it is quite mandatory to wear something crisp and clean. Wear something that shows wear and tear can cause a negative impression. Ensure your garments are free from stains and wrinkles. Wash them properly and iron them. You would prefer not to appear before your interviewer looking sloppy. Also, avoid wearing faded clothes.

3. Test your dress:

Your outfit needs to be bearable enough in hot summer conditions. Therefore test your outfit beforehand whether you feel comfortable in it during sticky climatic conditions. Pick something that is made of light-weight fabric like cotton.

Also, you can use Half-lined coats that have to line along the back on the upper half, in the sleeves, and at the edges of the coat. Half lined coats can be preferable it can be stylish as well as formal in a certain way.

4. Appropriate color and set up:

Summers are all about playing with colors. Additionally, you need to pick a light color so that you won’t go on sweating, something like blue, dim or a lighter-shaded suit. Avoid dark colors, which are normally solemn. Avoid cloth, which tends to wrinkle rapidly. This may bring about your outfit looking ineffectively set up together or careless.

5. Selecting a shirt:

If you are considering wearing a shirt to the interview for ladies, then going for pristine white ones is the best option. Not only the color would protect you from sweating too much but also the cotton shirts can be quite comfortable.

A silk or rayon shell can be a decent decision; the length of the shirt should not be too long or too short. It should be light and additionally, dependable looks

6. Say NO to a sleeveless shirt:

If you are thinking to wear tank tops to interview, then you might need to reconsider your decision. Tank tops are unquestionably not a decent decision for a prospective employee meeting, at the same time even sleeveless shirts can brutally damage the impression in an interview.

If you are thinking to wear one, then make certain that you are not demonstrating any bra strap or inners for both the genders. Ensure your shirt is humble. Select a shirt that is decent and fits well.

7. Try underarm shields:

Underarm shields are a recent trend in the market where a thin material is used to shield your underarm from excessive sweating and making your outfit look wet with your sweat.

Underarm cushions are dispensable supplements that you join to your shirt’s underarm region to shield your garments from sweat, stains, and smell. They are not very hard to find. At the same time, they can come in handy especially in summer if you have an interview.

8. Wear pantyhose for ladies:

Since its summer, you might get tempted to throw away your pantyhose. But it is always advisable to wear them if you are opting for skirts and shirts since it will reflect a formal look, especially in a professional workplace. Wear pantyhose that nearly coordinate your characteristic skin tone and that which would keep you formal as well as cool at the same time.

9. Wear clean shoes:

Shoes can be important while attending an interview. Therefore selecting the perfect shoe is very important. You need to select a shoe that would go with your outfit at the same time won’t look too casual. Select more moderate shoes. Pick dress shoes, pads or heels in an impartial shading that supplements your outfit. Don’t go for too high heels.

10. Perfect shoes for perfect men:

If it is an interview, men need to carefully groom themselves to look smart enough. If the industry is casual, you may have the capacity to wear shoes, however, you should never wear casual wear to a meeting. The worst thing you can wear to an interview. No matter how hot it gets, if it is an interview you should go for formal wear.

If you are talking someplace that requests safe shoes, for example, a development site, a doctor’s facility or somewhere else, make sure to wear shoes that are fitting for the area. Therefore it is always a good option to purchase good pairs of formal shoes, which are designed to keep your foot balanced out in your shoe.

11. Wear socks:

Wearing socks in summer can be very difficult since you will be sweating a lot, it may entice to abandon covering your feet or legs to keep cool. Yet, this is the look that is required in the workplace, especially in a professional workplace.

Pick a plain shading for your socks. Try avoiding funky wild designed socks. Wear shut toe shoes and good plain socks something chestnut or dark.

What to Wear to Interview in the Winter:

How Dress for Interview in Winter

Winter is great holiday times where people enjoy the funky party wears and shaggy looks for the winter holidays. But when it comes to interviews, you need to maintain that same old classic ideal interview look with a proper interview attire no matter what is the situation.

The most common problem that many faces is the sudden change in the temperature when they enter the hot room after coming from the cold chilling weather. This leaves many candidates sweating as if they are sponge absorbed in water.

Common Tips for Both Men and Women:

The second problem is to travel in snow-laden roads and paths to the office. Even if they somehow manage to get pass through the snow, the dirt and salt do not easily leave the dress, leaving it with dirt spots and decreasing your chances of making your grand first impression. To deal with such a problem we will give you some simple ideas to get easily ace your interviews in winter.

1. Cover up your interview dress:

The most realistic approach to this problem is to cover up all your interview dress and accessories from the snow and dirt. Wear a different outfit while traveling to the interview place and wear your classy dress for an interview when you reach the office.

This is the common sense guide to make sure you get to keep your dress clean and not to be worried about your dress getting dirty. To make sure that you are successful in executing this plan follow this step.

Make a research about the cafe shop near the interview place. Reach to that cafe an hour or half an hour early to adjust your looks

Find a place in the office where you can comfortably adjust your outfit.

2. In the worst case scenario:

Carry a brush and a cloth with you so that you can do an on-spot correction to your dress and make minor adjustments to your clothes.

How to Dress for an Interview as a Man:

1. Formal dress is your all weather look:

No matter what is the condition outside you need to make your appearance in all formal interview look which will consist of your suit, shirt, tie and all those accessories that you would normally wear for an interview.


Since it’s wintertime the best bet for your outfit is wearing a coat. The color of your coat should be bold and neutral in tone. Make a plan in advance so that your coat matches the rest of your outfit. You can make a solid impression even on your coats on.


You can choose to wear either blue suit which allows you to try a variety of shirt and tie combination or you can go for gray suits which look quite formal yet giving a trendy edge to your look.


A solid blue or white shirt is your interview pro shirts that are ideal for this situation. You do not want to look like someone who is on a vacation.


No need to be funny about it. A bold looking navy blue tie or dark colored red is your way to go with your shirt.

2. Cover your suit in a cover:

It is best advised to cover up your suit inside a cover to prevent it from getting dirty. If that is not possible, then make sure to keep it completely covered with your coat.

3. Wear a formal solid black pant:

No more discussion on the importance of black pants at this point. This is the most fashionable, bold yet formal look that you can fancy for your interview.

4. Boots:

Now, this your fashion killer. We know it does not add up to your complete formal look. But for the worst case scenario, we recommend you to go with simple black snowshoes.

5. Other accessories:

Make use of a belt and maintain a good looking face and a bold yet not so funky hairstyle.

How to Dress for an Interview as a Women:

1. Ladies are no exception:

Yes, even you need to make a formal appearance at the interview. Although there are many dress options that you can use to add to your fashion yet formal appeal.

2. For Skirt lover:

The best option for you is to go for Maxi-shirt as they give you maximum protection from the winter. For tight mini skirts, it is advised to go for a black stocking to prevent cold breezes knocking you out in the way. Whatever your choice is, make sure to use a heavy fabric and bold colors.

3. For the tops:

Choose a bold yet neutral color like black or gray or dark blue for attire. But make sure to make use of full sleeves so that you can protect yourself from the cold outside. If the interview place is hot then you better wear your half sleeve or sleeveless top inside a warm coat.

4. Boots:

For winters you maybe only stuck with your snowshoes, but if you have the opportunity then better make sure to carry your pumps in your big handbag and change your footwear before you reach the office.

5. Make use of waterproof make-up:

It is usual advice as you do not get much time to make quick adjustments to your look before your interview. So to protect your look from dirt and snow make use of waterproof make-up.

So we have discussed all the interview dressing tips for summer and winter. So just follow them and create hands on impression on the interviewer just through your dressing.