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18 Superb Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers


Handling rude and angry customers is a bit perplexing as they are tensed for a mixture of causes. Since you are an individual who deals with a number of customers each day, you must know the technique to deal with angry clients. Angry customers do not pop up often, but rise up when they are frustrated with the service or product. The way an employee responds to the customer is something which makes a difference if the customer is satisfied and convinced. In that aspect there are a few tips and techniques to play along in handling an angry client or dealing with angry customers.

dealing with angry customers

Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers:

1. Being calm:

A customer when yells and shouts for any issue, the employee who is in charge should remain calm and quiet instead of behaving the same way to the customer. When an employee yells back to the frustrated customer it can lead to escalation of conflicts. It is important to maintain control of yourself in handling such angry customers. The tirade of the customer can initiate you for yelling but controlling yourself in such scenarios is an important tip to deal with angry customers.

2. Do not take up these issues personally:

When a customer shouts angrily at the employee, it shows their frustration and anger on the quality and service of the product and not on the employee. So it is best advised that the employee do not take up the anger of the customer personally.

3. Listen first:

The main objective of any angry customer would be to release their anger. For that purpose they require an employee to show their anger so that they listen. The customer will be soothed if the employee listens to the complaint in a calm manner and is acknowledged. It is always suggested to hear them out rather than replying them. Once the customer has completed his or her complaint, it would be better to summarize the issue and probe them if there are any queries.

4. Body language:

Body language is something which is an important aspect to be noted while handling an angry customer. It is vital for the employee to sit or stand up straight, in the same manner, eye contact for the employee is important. Uncrossed arms are another aspect the employee needs to possess while handling angry customers. By this way the employee’s interest towards the customers issue is presented and hence body language is mandatory.

5. Actively understand:

Once the customer has blown out everything, he needs to know whether the employee has completely understood the customer status and anger. For the same the employee should first express sympathy for the bitter experience the customer has obtained. Respect and understanding is something that travels long is pacifying the situation.

6. Elegant apology:

Irrespective of the complaint if it’s valid or not the employee needs to apologize to the customer to have them in future. It is vital that the employee states a simple straight forward apology to the angry customer.

7. Solution to the issue:

The reason for the customer’s unhappiness is found and now it is time for the employee to find a solution for the same. The employee can leave the choice to the angry customer and ask him for a solution to be achieved or else the employee can put forward a realistic solution to the issue and clear the hassle of the customer.

8. Relax after solving:

Once the issue is solved and the customer walks out remember to take a break as the issue is a stressful one and it keeps hovering in your mind. Take a break, a tea or a walk. You can also talk to some of your friends who can make you laugh and make you lighter.

9. Phones are disseminating tools:

When a customer pops up online and the employee does not respond immediately as he may be interacting and handling other customers. In such scenario the customer may feel that he or she is not focused and the employee isn’t responding. The employee can choose to use the telephone communication which reminds the customer that the employee is handling the issue and they might be a bit nice to them.

10. When to fire customers:

There are few customers who aren’t tech savvy and aren’t a perfect fit for the product. They come up with some irrelative questions and demand for features which aren’t in the product. The customer will know that they aren’t productive and continuing to convince the issue isn’t going to benefit. In such scenarios the employees can open out that the product is not a perfect fit for the employees and so they can suggest them with something that suits them.

11. Show boundless kindness:

There are many customers who does not calm down though the employee apologizes. Make sure to offer enhanced kindness to those employees. Also provide more respect, kindness and understanding towards the employee’s issue. Try to show more empathy for the situation they are facing. Try to stay calm and control their anger in any way. There are employees who crack small jokes and break their anger, they can also come up with few experiences similarly and how they handled it.

12. Assurance:

There are many customers who make use of abusive language at times of anger. They blast the employees with harsh and opprobrious language. In such situations the employee should assure the issue will be handled and solved.

13. Voice tone:

The customer is angry and can vent the employee completely, but the employee must make sure to use a soft and kind voice tone. It is mandatory that the voice tone is set while speaking to the customer; the employee cannot shout back or use a harsh voice tone. The voice tone plays a key role in managing angry customers.

14. Placing the customer:

Suppose your customer is present in the sales floor or office, make sure to relocate the customer as it would be better the other customers do not watch what is happening and the issue going on. This is a crucial step as it depends on the belief other customers have on the company and so publicizing before other customers can be averted.

15. Follow the procedures and policies:

While handling an angry customer make sure that you do not make fake promises. Another aspect to remember is to follow and abide by the company rules and policies. An employee who is capable of handling angry customers should take responsibility or else transfer the case to a capable person who can handle the hassle easily.

16. Perfect treatment:

One golden rule to be remembered by every employee who handles angry customers is that the customer must be treated the way they desire to be treated. The employee should put himself in the customer’s side and look at the issue. It is also equally important that the employee doesn’t give excuses to the customer instead make solutions for them which is vital point in handling irritated customers.

17. Presenting previous examples:

When a customer is angry and vents more, convince the customer and show them previous such issues and ways you handled them. Promise them that’s it’s an issue which can be solved promptly and assure them with a deadline about solving the issue. The employee can take initiatives to solve the issue earlier and confirm with the customer so that the customer is happy and trusts the organization for any future issues. This is one important manner to handle angered customers.

18. Immediate solution:

When a customer is irritated because of product failure or some other service, make sure to show immediate action rather than procrastinating the issue. When immediate action is taken and solved, the name and image of the company is maintained and also the customer would spread good words about the company.

It is important to remember that with the advent of social media sites, many can get to know about the issue in minutes. Since most of the time the hassles are due to the organization, losing customers would become easy. It is also vital to remember that gaining a new customer is tough and so maintaining them and satisfying them is mandatory. The loss a frustrated customer creates by sharing just one bad experience with others is high and can never be replaced. Offer the right treatment to the customer and you can surely make them one who refers and recommends more customers to your organization. In that aspect these above mentioned tips are very beneficial for employees to handle angry customers. By this way they can also assure themselves that they can solve the issue and relieve the customer. Make a note of these tips and follow them in your career to succeed with angry customers.