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How to be a Creative Sales Person – 20 Awesome Tips


Today the competition is so stiff in every sector that you will have to be innovative and creative enough to stay in the loop, otherwise you will be out of the race in no time.

Even the selling department, which was void of creativity all this while, has joined the bandwagon as well.

In the 21st century, creativity is the key to success, even in the field of sales. In fact, the customers are so smart these days that you cannot fool them with just about anything served on the platter.

The customers have much more options to choose from and that is the reason the salesperson really has to work hard to attract the attention of the customers. So the salesperson, who has a creative inclination will have an edge over others.

You have to think beyond the numbers and sales tactics to excel in the sales field, if you adorn the creative hat on your head.Creative Sales Person

How to Become Creative?

It is believed that anybody and almost everybody can be creative, but the most important thing is the proper execution of the creativity and also the belief that you have it in you.

One idea will lead to another and before you know you will have a whole bunch of ideas that you can make use of.

If you want to encourage yourself to get more creative, then you cannot keep on judging your own ideas or your ability. It has happened to most of us in the beginning when we have stopped ourselves from blurting out an idea just because we thought it was not good enough.

Let it out and see how it is accepted by the audience. Depending on the feedback of the audience you can go ahead with the adjustments, but never shy away from sharing ideas.

It might happen that taking a lead from your idea another brilliant concept is shaped up. So, you never know what will be the fate of your concept unless until you speak up and bring it in front of others.

You will have to start somewhere, in order to reach the pinnacle. It is not necessary that your first idea will get ousted and this is the very reason, it is important that you do not start judging from the very onset.

Let your creativity flow and it will in turn create umpteen numbers of possibilities. Get those ideas out of your brain right onto the page.

You never know, you can come up with some creative ideas that will meet both the requirements of the company and the customer as well.

Tips to Become a Creative and Best Sales Person:

If you want to survive the competition, then it is crucial for you to be quite creative, otherwise you know the consequences.

Therefore, in order to prepare yourself for the stiff competition, you can follow the points that have been discussed here and make use of them to become an exemplary creative sales person in your sales team.

In order to differentiate between your product and yourself, you need to don the creative hat, else you won’t be able to do that efficiently and become successful salesman.

Here are few best salesman tips and sales techniques on what makes a good salesman or how to be a good salesman.

1. Creativity symbols:

crystal ball Creativity can start from your office desk. You can keep something which will depict your vision. So, it can be a crystal ball or a ketchup bottle.

You just have to explain it in a better way to make things acceptable to everybody. If you are able to manage to put across your thought to the colleagues, then you will get the confidence to work on a large scale.

2. Make things happen:

If you keep on thinking that it is impossible, then you will never make it, but in order to make things happen you will have to believe in whatever you do.

Set goals for yourself so that you can start working towards achieving them; you will be surprised to see how things started falling in place, once you started working towards your goal.

3. Have a pen and a paper handy:

Ideas might strike any time, therefore, it is very important that you keep a pen and a paper handy all the time. When you have something, just write it down for future references.

4. Work towards daily improvement:

Concentrate on improving any one skill of yours every day. Exchanging ideas with colleagues and working on that will help you enhance your skills.

You can try to be little creative and convert it to a effective sales skill.

You will be able to improve based on the suggestions that your colleagues discussed. This is one of the best qualities of a good salesman.

5. Have faith in yourself:

You need to have full faith in your ideas, otherwise you won’t be able to explain it to others confidently.

You will be able to push yourself to a great extent only if you believe that you have the capability to reach out to that limit.

Creativity knows no limit and people who understand that can work better in their field and professional sales is no exception too.

6. Know your business:

In order to get creative ideas you will have to know the business well. Before picking up that phone to make calls and try to sell something, you must have a proper idea about what you are selling and what the USPs of the product are.

If you are not fully aware of the product, then you won’t be able to answer any query that the customer has.

On the other hand, if you are completely aware of the business, then you will be able to spin your story around the product and influence the customer’s decision.

It is easier said than done, but if you have to come up with creative ideas to impress the customer then you should know not only the business, but also the services and merchandise along with the customers very well. This way you can give great service to your customers.

7. Know the like’s and dislikes of the customers:

Now that you are trying to sell your services in a creative way, therefore, it is important that you have complete knowledge of what your primary customer’s like or dislike.

You have to know whom to target and how to target it, whether you need to be direct or you have to come up with some ideas that will help you sell the product or services indirectly.

The background of the customer is also important because based on that you will know how far you can go with your creativity.

8. Do your homework:

Real projects Before you start selling something, you have to do take care of some steps that are very important because if your foundation is not strong, then you will not be able to build a strong house.

So, know your target audience, use of equipment and product before you jump on to the bandwagon of selling things.

9. Prospecting in creative selling:

When you are trying your hands on creative selling, prospecting will come in handy. There is no need to use it at every selling option, but you must keep that in mind, so that you can make use of it whenever required.

Here it is all about taking the initiative and making it happen for you.

If you have any product, which will help the new brides, then you take the initiative of taking the product to them and influencing their decision.

10. Not the same old line:

When the customer walks in, most sales people asks the same boring question and in return gets the same answer.

So, it is time to change it and come up with some exciting line which will make the customer want to take the assistance of the salesperson.

If as a sales person, you want to help the customers, then you will have to treat each customer in a different way and remember you must be courteous and be creative enough with your initial contact.

11. Concentrate on merchandise:

While talking about the merchandise you cannot only provide them with numbers and points that are already printed there.

So, you need to talk about the benefits and while you do that you can ask the customer to try it on. The product will do the magic and half your job will be done.

12. Do not put in a huge display:

Huge display The best thing to do is to limit the choices for the customers.

Understand what they are looking for and pick up just that product because when you produce so many options in front of the customers, they are bound to get distracted and confused, ultimately the sales chances go down.

You will see how limiting the choice promotes sales.

13. Showmanship is important:

If you are selling a necklace, then hold it up to the neck of the customer to allow her see how beautiful she looks with that on.

As a salesperson, the first thing that you have to do is to start thinking like a customer and you will be able to come up with some creative ideas for selling things.

14. Attach positive notes:

If the customer is saying something, then agree to it with a ‘but’.

Say that you totally agree with the customer, but then don’t forget to add on your opinion too, and make them understand the point as well.

15. Question your customers:

It will help you know your customers better and serve them better.

If they have any hesitation, then you will be there to clear it out and making them believe in your product just like the way you do.

16. Handling customers tactfully:

Some customers like the truth to be told in a direct manner, whereas some like it in a sweet wrap. Therefore, you have to take that risk and come up with the truth.

17. Be prompt:

Offer your services promptly and if possible, then you can go out of your way to make the customer comfortable.

As a salesperson, you can offer them home delivery or if you sense an urgency in the customer, then understand that and try to provide them your services urgently.

18. Create an urgency:

Best price today Tell your customers that it is the last piece or you can also say that this offer will last only for a while. By creating an urgency in the mind of the customer, you can get your way.

19. Suggestive selling:

Put on your creative hat and come up with something which will suggest the customer that thing which will go with the newly purchased item perfectly.

Therefore, if the person has bought a shirt, then you can suggest a tie or a trouser to match it up.

20. Physical attributes:

Concentrate on how you look and how you present yourself in front of the customer. Don’t come in front of them chewing a gum or with something in your mouth.

Appearance and sales personality attributes are very important for any sales person, especially when you are coming up with some innovative and creative ideas.