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How to answer the question “what are your career goals”?


Many people find job interviews pretty challenging. A job interview is a forum where the recruiter tries to assess his employee and understand whether he befits the position in the company or firm.

Questions posed in interviews often have a purpose behind them.

To know the best answer to an interview question, you need to understand the purpose of the question posed first.Career Goals

Purpose of Question ‘What are your Career Goals’ in Long Term?

There are several things that an interviewer may want to understand before he hires you. Here are some of the vital attributes and facts that he may want to evaluate before he gives you the job:

Are you ambitious?

Businesses require an ambitious workforce to succeed. They are always in search of individuals who are willing to work hard and prosper.

One of the reasons behind asking career goals is to find out what your dreams are for your future. The answer to this question helps recruiters identify whether you set long term goals and aspire for a bright future.

People who are unable to answer this question are individuals who do not plan their future way in advance.

Are you money minded?

money minded
Money minded people often tend to desert a firm when the business is down. The loyalty of such individuals can never be trusted.

The recruiter tries to understand whether you will stay loyal to the firm by asking you, your career goals.

An ambitious individual is an asset. People who seek monetary gains are not preferred by firms.

Are you loyal?

A loyal individual with an unbiased mind is often capable of taking the right decisions for the company.

A loyal individual regards himself as a part of the company and plans to make sure that the company will grow and prosper together.

The firms seek loyal employees who can stay with the organization even when there is a crisis.

Are you a good leader?

If you apply for a higher position in an organization, your leadership qualities will surely be tested.

Often your long term goals are defined by your leadership skills and your ability to work with a team.

An individual who aspires to head a group of employees in the near future is sure to possess leadership skills as well as confidence.

Are you an escapist?

The employers try to analyze whether you have the ability to take risks.

Businesses are challenging and require individuals to make wise decisions even in catch-22 situations.

Individuals who do not plan for the future are often individuals who fear testing situations. Your career goals helps the recruiter understand whether you are an escapist or not.

Do you have a vision?

The question is also used to understand whether you have a vision for your future. A wise answer to this question is thus vital to bag the job.

Purpose of your Answer to What are your Career Goals?

A job applicant should understand what the recruiter aims to derive by asking this question. Understanding the purpose of the question takes you halfway through the journey.

You must be able to answer the question in a manner that is convincing and pleasing.

Every job applicant has certain goals to achieve through his answer to this question. Here are some of the common goals that your answer can help you achieve:

1. To create a longstanding impression:

Answer in a fashion that appears both impressive and convincing. Interviews are cleared not by your skills or abilities but by the impression you create. Your answer should reflect your exuberant persona and your willingness to work.

First impression is the best impression and your interview is the first impression you create on your employer.

2. To get the new job:

getting new job Always remember that your first goal is to get the job. Before you head for the interview, make it a point to learn about the organization, its hierarchy, its business and sales.

Try and understand the way the organization functions. Highlight the traits that you feel will be ideal for the particular kind of business.

3. To gain the trust of the employers:

Trust is another vital factor that decides your future in the company. Make sure you reveal your faithfulness, integrity and high morals through your answer.

Firms prefer to hire individuals who are sincere and worthy of trust. Make sure to highlight these attributes when you answer the question about career goals.

4. To market your plusses:

The job interview is the first and the last chance you get to highlight your plusses to your seniors.

In a concise answer, reveal your skills, abilities, knowledge and ambitions so that your recruiters are impressed.

Various Answers Based on the Career Type:

The career goals reveal some common aspects about an employee. Yet the answers and the attributes vary based on the type of business/ organization.

1. Management Jobs:

management job Individuals who aspire for management jobs should reveal their desire to manage and lead teams in their career goals.

They should also explain why they are ideal candidates for management jobs. They should clearly list out their excellent ability to interact with people and schedule tasks properly.

2. Creative Jobs:

Creative jobs require skills and talent. Make sure you exhibit your ability to please the audience/ client through your work.

Explain how you are better than others and what makes you remarkable in your field.

3. Technical Jobs:

Technical jobs require commitments and ability to learn and research. Years of experience in a certain technical field surely counts as a plus.

Explain through your answer where you wish to reach in your technical career and why you are the ideal candidate.