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Ways to Complain Less and Be Happier: Mind Control Tips


In today’s stressful life complaining has become a part of an everyday schedule. It is said that complaining affects brain and physical health in a negative manner. Every individual today, from clients to grocery shop owner, everybody complaint about something that didn’t pass off their way. Complaining does not change anything in life. Complaining is something dangerous which can spoil the relationship you possess with others, and with yourself. Complaining can be an obstacle to your success and happiness. Let’s glimpse through ways to complain less and be happier so that a happy life is led.

complain less and be happierHow to Complain Less and Appreciate More?

1. Changing way of thinking:

It is said that brains usually gravitate to the negative, so changing the way an individual thinks is important. Thoughts that pop up in the mind should be transformed from negative to positive. This can be equated with a proverb where one needs to be happy for the roses in a plant rather than the thorns that prevail in a bush. When every aspect of life is seen from a positive point of view an individual is sure to complain less and be happier.

2. Share your feelings with others:

When you’re frustrated it actually adds up to your stress which leads to complaining. To resolve the same, it would be good to share your feelings to someone else, a friend, therapists or family members. Though you have negative feelings please do not hesitate to speak out. It is never a sin to speak out what you feel, by this way complaining can be made less and an individual can feel happier.

3. Learn to be less judgmental:

The point where complaining starts is when people around you do not match up to your standards. Once you know you’re the background and stories of people around you, you complain less about people and start to be happier. Every individual has a number of problems that runs behind the scenes, in that manner we need to put ourselves in their shoes and think for a minute. By this way you can be relaxed and complain less.

4. Making a list of good things:

Every individual should make a list of all the good things and people they have around them. By this way they are happy with what they have and feel great for all the best things they are blessed with. So an individual should be grateful for all the best things they have. By this way they complain less and can be happy.

5. Taking responsibility:

Complaining is considered as a passive activity. When there are any issues hanging around it can be a good idea to take up responsibility or accept that nothing can be done. By this way complaining can be less and action can be taken to solve the problem. Taking steps for the problem can be one way to complain less and be happier.

6. Focus on things that makes you happy:

It is always good to do things that you love and enjoy hobbies and other interesting stuff. Self-examination of yourself is required sometimes. If you are an individual who constantly complains about your job then make a hard decision and jump over to a career or job which you enjoy and love. By this way you can avert the biggest complaint and lead a happier life.

7. Care for yourself:

An individual’s positive spirit can be broken down when they tend to busy lifestyle and stress. Do not procrastinate your desire for something, for example watch the movie which you were waiting to watch, play sports, get a hot bath, get a manicure, and do things which rejuvenate and energize you. By this way, you’re presented with a new frame of life.

8. Be an example:

Make sure that you hover around with positive minded people. Whenever you are with a group of people who travel on a complain train, you can set an example and change the topic and calm down. When you change the situation and the gossip, surely complaining becomes less and individuals are happier.

9. Learning to adapt:

In life, there is nothing which stays the same throughout. Change is something that happens anytime in life either today, tomorrow or in future. There are certain situations in life which are significantly bad which has a grieving period. To overcome all these situations in life accepting changes is mandatory. Accepting any situation brings in a positive mode of life and helps you to complain less and be happier.

10. Step up:

You can be a person who complains all the time, make a change and say optimistic things instead. By this way your habit of complaining can be changed. Think over again and again and say to yourself that you’re going to say something constructive about the situation which made you doomed. A positive attitude has a number of things that it can do for your life and your relationship with others.

11. Accept that you’re in an imperfect world:

Life is not the same what you expect, there is always change, pain, trouble in whatever an individual does. One should accept and know that the world and the environment around us are imperfect. By knowing and accepting the truth an individual would complain less and can be happy.

12. Being cheerful:

Being cheerful all the time can be something which makes you as well as other people around you happy. Avoid starting a conversation with a complaint, instead be cheerful, happy and smile all the time so that you forget complains and stay happy.

13. Avoiding over thinking:

The habit of complaining initiates when a person overthinks. It is hence advisable to think within the limits and possibilities rather than overthinking. Overthinking leads to complaints and hence spoils the moment.

14. Chill out:

With the stressed work environment and busy schedule chilling out or relaxing can be soothing to the body and mind and hence an individual is advised to chill out which makes him relaxed. By this ways complaints are minimized and life is led happier.

15. Focused on task:

Either in office or other environments, a person should concentrate only on work and its related activities. When an individual focuses on work, and works for its successful output he may have no time for complaining. Complaining spoils the present work and delays others too and hence focusing on work can diminish complaints and make you happier.

16. Do not over commit:

Another main reason for complaining is over committing than usual. When you take up more work or over commit, you start complaining as you aren’t able to handle the task. This can be averted; you should accept work according to your capability.

17. Figure out triggers:

You can find out that at a certain period of time in your office or home you may tend to complain more. For example when your spouse is at home, maybe in the mornings, afternoon or in the canteen breaks in offices, or during lunch times. When you find out that these sessions is where you complain more take initiatives to avoid those situations. By this way you can avoid complaints and be happy.

18. Set goals:

“Never complaint at all” can be a counterproductive way to avoid complaining. Try to get to your work or start a day without complaining, try to avoid complaining the whole day and experiment yourself. This short time period can make you focus on your goal. This shortened period can enhance your sensitivity to avoid complaining. This can be one way to minimize complaining and be happy.

19. Reading and watching positive stories:

Reading through positive and successful stories and focusing on positive entertainment in media can be ways that can boost self confidence in you. When such things are concentrated, the person vision turns into success and he sees everything as an opportunity rather than complaining. He tends to complain less and is happier without complaints. An optimistic person is one who avoids complaining and focuses on work.

These are few tips which can help any individual in life to complain less and be happy. Those who realize that they complain more in their life can glimpse through these points and bring in a positive impact on themselves. Flushing out negative thoughts and sowing positive ideas is important for a person to stop complaining and lead a happy life. Looking at any aspect of life as an opportunity to prove yourself and leading them in a positive way can be ways to complain less and lead a happy life. Reading positive thoughts and focusing on success can help to initiate happiness. These few tips can enhance energy and positive ideas in an individual. Hence to lead a happy life a person should minimize complaining either in personal or career.