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How to Ask your Boss for a Different Job: 9 Convincing Tips


It is quite common to dislike your job after working for some years. There are so many people who feel like they are stuck in the wrong place. There are companies that have less people and employees often have to deal with clients that know too more or too less. If you have identified with this, then you probably need to change your job very soon. It is high time you speak to your boss so that your department can be changed and job shifted. But we do admit that a conversation like this can be nerve wracking. So before you speak to your boss, here are some ways we can suggest to you.

ask boss for different jobTips to Convince Your Boss for Job Transfer Request:

1. Make sure you have a good relationship with them:

Before you speak to your boss, make sure your relationship with them is strong and stable. If you don’t have one anyway, then try to develop one so that it is easier for you to speak about a job change. Otherwise we don’t see how you can make it happen. Plus developing a good relationship takes both effort and time. You should be patient enough to let that happen.

2. Be calm and composed:

Approaching a situation like this can be quite difficult. And also you cannot show your boss how worried and anxious you are about this. This is why it is very important to stay calm, composed and relaxed. In fact, don’t make this a hurried situation. Sit and analyze all your strengths and weaknesses. See how your career change can help you. The whole point is to think thoroughly about the situation before giving it a go.

3. Come up with a good presentation:

A good presentation is a must if you want your boss to give you a different job. We obviously wouldn’t suggest you to memorize a whole speech unless your communication skills aren’t strong enough. Keep an idea of all the points that you are going to mention and all the things you should say in order to create a good impression and how you can be more persuasive with your words.

4. Think of a good time:

It is also important to approach your boss at the right time. Select a time that will suit the two of you. Think of all the things that your boss prefers. Does he like to chat over dinner or maybe a cup of coffee? If you aren’t too sure about this, then ask some of your friends or people who have dealt with him before. Then you can set a meeting with him for about 30 minutes where you can discuss some ideas so that there is some improvement in the business. After all, it should be a very important part of your goals.

5. Keep your ears open:

It is important to have a conversation with your boss and speak your mind but do remember do keep your ears open. You must listen to what they have to tell. The conversation should be two way and between two professionals who are working towards a goal that is similar. It will improve your business enterprise much better. So when you are mentioning your goals and how you are planning to make all these changes, do know that your boss will also have his own opinion. You should listen to his ideas so that it contributes healthily to the organization. If you can keep things like that in mind then the conversation will be successful.

6. Improve your performance:

If you are really thinking of asking your boss to give you a different job, then make sure to improve your performance in the current job that you have. If you havent been doing too well all this while, then start working towards your goals and make sure to improve. You have to create a good impression in front of him if you want him to even consider giving you a job change. So update yourself and get all your assignments finished within time.

7. Improve your resume:

Another thing we must remember to tell you is to improve your resume. There have been other tasks that you have completed. So make sure you have added them all to your resume. When you keep a track of all the accomplishments you have made so far, it shows how much you have grown. In that way you will improve your standard and impression in front of your boss. He will be very pleased by the time you ask him for a job transfer or change.

8. Begin asking questions during meeting:

Also remember to ask questions when you are attending a meeting. It is a great way to get yourself noticed in front of your boss. Plus they will begin to think that you are interested in the task given. Also you should find out what other teams are doing and who are the main people involved in the department you want to get into.

9. Come up with a new plan:

You may also try this technique if you would like to ask your boss for a different job. Look for some kind of training that your company is giving at the moment. See if it is matching with your current job motives. If yes, then invest some money and spend time sitting in class. When you begin to take new classes you will also prepare yourself for a new role. Plus opportunities from outside let you explore more.

This brings the post to an end. Asking your boss to allow you a job transfer or change is possibly the most difficult thing to do. But if you follow some of our tips and ideas, you will surely be able to overcome the fear. And who knows? Maybe your boss will agree with the idea and give you a job transfer immediately. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping you have been benefited through the post. If you have some comments or suggestions to give, feel free to comment in the box below. We also look forward to your questions.