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How to Deal with Chronic Complainers at Work?


Have you ever met a person at work who just can’t stop complaining? If yes, then let us first assure you aren’t the only one. Everyone during some period of their lives experience or meet some kind of worker who is always complaining about some or the other thing.

They just need an opportunity to get started. And it is very natural to get frustrated. But you can stop and control that by simply following a couple of ideas and suggestions we have for you. So go ahead and read the post and we promise you will not think of chronic complainers at work the same way!

deal with chronic complainers

Managing Chronic Complainers in the Workplace:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to deal with difficult people or annoying coworkers avoiding workplace conflict.

1. Ask them to write their feelings down:

People who often complain are stressed out. If you have met someone in your work who just can’t stop complaining how miserable their lives are, ask them to start a journal or simply jot their feelings down.

If they start to implement this idea, the results will soon be shown. Plus writing down whats going on inside your heart always acts as a stress buster. It releases tension and helps your body relax. I am sure it will help the chronic complainer you are tired of dealing with at work.

2. Don’t let them annoy you:

I know it is very easy to get annoyed and frustrated when someone does constant complaining right next to your ears. But a very smart way of dealing with the situation is by not letting it get to know. Do know that for some of these chronic complainers it is just a matter of time and soon it shall pass.

It will not last for very long. Probably they are going through a heartbreak or something has gone terribly wrong with their lives. So be calm and patient and try as hard as you can to avoid them.

3. Make sure your advice is very straight forward and brief:

A third thing you can do is keep your advice very straight forward and to the point. Don’t make it too long or go into some kind of detailed description as to what they should be doing to improve their lives.

Since you are way smarter than that, just think of all the things you should say, write it down on a piece of paper and then talk only about those that matter. Sometimes the complainers are not going to be happy with the advice you give them. So keep it crisp, sound nice and sweet and end it on a good note.

4. Listen to what they have to tell and just nod your head:

A smart way for dealing with difficult employees is by just listening to what they have to tell and nod. You don’t have to agree or disagree with them. Sometimes these people just want another person to listen to them instead of giving them a meaningful piece of advice. Always remember that they are people too and get frustrated at times but just don’t know how to deal with them. You can help them too by just listening to all them venting out.

5. Don’t cheer them up at all:

The last thing you should ever do is not cheer them up at all. Don’t tell them that the complainer is just worrying about something that isn’t much of an issue. You will put yourself in the wrong light in that way.

Plus you will not be able to change their minds in a very short meeting or something. It is very possible that they could be seeing their life from a complaining viewpoint. So be careful for it.

6. Schedule a meeting with them:

You may also schedule a meeting with them if you like. That would be a very smart move while dealing with chronic complainers. There is no need to address them in the hallway or advice them in front of a group of people.

Just ask them when they have fifteen minutes to spare as you would like to chat up a bit. Invite them, have a formal meeting or some sort of group discussion and set a time limit as well. You don’t want to take up too much time talking to them.

7. Give them some direction if you have to:

Another way you can deal with chronic complainers is by giving them some kind of direction. Now this one is very easy. You simply have to engage them in other things that are happening in the office at this point right now.

Try to get their opinion on how they should be doing the next project and if they have any kind of interesting ideas. Maybe that will help as well. Giving the right kind of direction always matters. You could do that and get rid of their complaining nature once and for all.

8. Ask them if they need your opinion:

You may also ask them for your opinion if the need arises. Often chronic complainers are looking for easy solutions and if you can help them in that way, who knows? Maybe they won’t be complaining to you at all. Plus if you are known for giving good opinions, just go out of your way and tell them if they really want someone to help them out with a problem, you are willing to do it. They will surely feel happy seeing your interest towards them.

9. Keep away from them most of the time:

You will be surprised that if you can put your mind into something, you can surely cut down some of the amount as well as the frequency of the interactions you have with the person. Even if some of them walk into your office, make sure you are so busy that you don’t know what they are doing.

You can send them an email or send them a note with all the necessary details and information. When you speak to someone less, it will help you improve your conversation with them. You will also let them know that they can’t speak to you in any way they like. The lesser you speak to them, the lesser chance they have left of irritating you.

10. Be calm and cool while dealing with complainers:

I know it is very easy to argue and fight with people who rub you in the wrong way. And there are times when you will just lose your mind and point out to all those things that are wrong. This is exactly what you should not be doing.

Unless you think what they are doing is wrong and will affect you, do not bother about starting a debate with them. It will be a baseless argument and lead to almost nothing. So just keep it to yourself, keep your calm and go for those things that matter to you.

11. Be very sure and clear about the boundaries:

You really don’t have to make everyone your friend because seriously that is not possible. This means that you always don’t have to do favours with those people who ask you for someone.

If you think someone has been encroaching your time, just get up and let them know. We know you literally don’t want to be mean to anyone but letting them know the boundaries is very important.

12. Don’t forget to shut the door/Draw the line:

Even though you could be having a tough time trying to interact with those people you don’t really care about, always remember that your time is always going to be your own and that you don’t have to allow others especially those who annoy and waste your time, to take control of your life.

If you meet such kind of people in your life just let them know that you are unavailable at this point and that you wont be able to make much time for them. People who are very annoying also tend to respect those who are busy and do take them seriously so we are sure they will take you seriously as well. So make sure you know how to draw the line and shut the door when the situation calls for it.

Conclusion :

This brings the post to an end. Having chronic complainers at work is quite common and equally difficult to deal with. But if you try all of these tips and suggestions, you will definitely be able to deal with it in a better way. And if you have liked this post, please let us know about it in the comment box below. If you have interesting ideas on how to deal with difficult people at work, write that down as well. Plus your questions are also welcome. Don’t forget to drop that either. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping you will deal with that chronic complainer at work like a pro.