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Can’t Find a Job After College? Job Hunting Tips for New Graduates


There is no denying the fact that in this day and age new graduates are facing an extremely tough job market and there is cut-throat competition to be reckoned with, yet many organizations prefer to hire new graduates as they are willing to do anything to get the job done and besides this they are young minds that have new and unique ideas.

If you are looking for a job then you must ensure that you are putting your best foot forward and convincing the company that you are absolutely perfect for the job!

Can't Find a Job After CollegeHere are some simple job seeking tips and techniques which new graduates can follow.

Can’t Find a Job After College?

1. Do something you love:

Make sure that you are applying for a job that you are really interested in and not applying for a job simply because it is your parents dream that you enter into a particular profession. Being dissatisfied with ones profession can create a great deal of frustration and even disillusionment.

So follow your heart and chase after your dreams because work becomes a burden when you are not completely content with what you are doing.

When you are in love with your job then you can give your one hundred percent and come up with some new and innovative ideas.

2. Keep in mind your capabilities:

There is a difference between having a passion for something and having an aptitude for something. Just because you enjoy cooking that does not mean that you will be a great chef. You must be honest in your self assessment and ensure that you have the skills necessary to apply for a particular job.

Being blind to your own capabilities is surely not going to get you anywhere. There are many people, who underestimate their own talents and abilities if you do not believe in yourself then how are you going to convince others to hire you?

To convince someone that you are perfect for the job, you must have complete faith in yourself, when you second guess yourself you are doing nothing except feeding your own insecurities. If you are unsure of where your abilities lie then there are also a number of career aptitude tests that you can take.

It is better to avoid the numerous tests that are available online and opt for a proper test one that you can take at any career counselor’s office.

3. Do not rely only on the internet:

Nowadays most companies have an online job application process yet one must also keep an eye open for newspaper advertisements as well.

There are many big companies that do not update their websites and webpage’s regularly and in such a case you might be losing out on some incredible job opportunities.

While searching for a job you must keep your eyes and ears open and you must also inquire if anyone knows of jobs openings in their place of work.

Word of mouth is a method of communication much older than the internet and continues to be just as effective.

Asking around or getting information from friends and relatives can also greatly benefit you.

4. Explore all career options:

Based on your skills, interests, values and educational qualifications you should look at every possible career option that is open to you.

Very often thinking of a career path for yourself can prove to be both a challenging and overwhelming task in such a situation you should visit a professional like a career counselor who can tell you about the various avenues that you can explore.

You should not be afraid to seek help as choosing a career path is no small decision.

Yet, since you are fresh out of college, you are young so you can spend some time exploring a different field of work you do not instantly have to choose your career.

Many people take a number of years before they actually find a job that suits them and which they enjoy doing.

5. Creating an impressive resume:

In this technological age there are numerous websites available that instantly make a resume for you, but these resumes are not very good and are not able to create a good impression.

A resume should not simply be a summary of all your educational qualifications; instead, it should be looked at as a marketing tool. Creating an amazing resume is one of the first steps in convincing the company that they need someone like you.

In addition to giving an in-depth account of all your educational qualifications, you should also make sure that you mention your skills and talents as well as the medals and certifications which you might have won.

If you have done some internship while in college or if you have been selected to represent your college for a competition then you should not forget to mention all these details as the more impressive your resume is, the more likely you are to be hired by the company.

However, you should steer clear of exaggerating and telling lies as for every achievement that you mention they will ask to see some proof in the form of certificates.

6. Practice for interviews:

The best way to prepare for interviews is by having mock interviews with your friends. The only way to master the interview process is by practicing.

In addition to this you should also attend as many interviews as possible. The more interviews you attend, the more you learn and the better you become.

Everyone has butterflies in their stomach before they attend an interview but you must make sure that you do not let this feeling of nervousness affect your performance as well as your answers.

It is only when you have a clear and calm mind that you will be able to answer questions in a coherent and comprehensive manner.

There are a number of different kinds of interviews like a telephonic interview, a face to face interview, an interview while video calling, behavioral interview, structured interview, case based interview, situational interview, stress interview or meal interview and you must know how to conduct yourself for each of these different kinds of interviews.

7. Approach your own college’s placement cell:

Along with picking up handouts distributed by various companies or keenly following their websites for updates, you should also register yourself under your own college’s placement cell.

Many leading recruiters come directly to colleges to employ students who have freshly graduated.

If you have the name of your college and good marks to back you up then you increase your chances of getting hired by a reputed company.

8. Have a professional attitude:

There are some companies out there who do not prefer selecting freshers as they think of students who have freshly graduated as being unprofessional and laid back.

However, when you appear for any interview you should make sure that you take things seriously and act in a befitting manner.

Just because you are young, that should not give them a reason to think that you are immature.

9. Do not focus on your salary:

Though there is no feeling greater than getting your first paycheque, you should not be focusing solely on the money. Sometimes you should accept a job simply because of the good name that the company has.

You should just remember that no matter what you are currently earning, you are earning it by the sweat of your brow and it is helping you gain job experience.

However, this does not mean that you should be over worked and underpaid. If you feel that you are being grossly underpaid for your work then you should not hesitate before quitting.

A reputed company will never underpay their employees so much so that they feel cheated.

10. Do not be afraid to speak your mind:

Just because you are a fresher that does not mean that the interviewer does not expect you to have a voice.

There are plenty of ways by which you can put forth your thoughts and ideas without sounding like you are being disrespectful. If you have some bright new ideas then speak your mind.

Not everyone is able to think out of the box and if you are a person with this rare ability then you should not be afraid to make use of it.

If you are able to present your unique ideas in a comprehensive and coherent manner then you create a very good impression.

Job Hunting Tips for New Graduates:

Having a college degree or graduating from school or a college only, would not directly help you land a job. Saying this doesn’t mean that they are not required, a degree plays one of the most important part of getting employed. But along with it, you need to improve or gain few other skills so that you can stand out among other candidates.

The job market has been very competitive these days, so securing a good job may not go as planned. Even the most skilled candidates would find it difficult to get selected by the employers. On the other hand, the interview process has been so tough as recruiters only want to pick the best candidates for their organization.

Here the best thing you can do is being calm and confident and try to avoid all types of common mistakes which most job seekers make. Getting prepared well and being updated will surely make your job search an easy path.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the unemployment rate in January 2017 was 4.8 percent. Among people aged 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or more education, the unemployment rate was 2.5 percent in January 2017, the same as a year earlier. Among workers age 25 and older who graduated high school but did not attend college, the unemployment rate was 5.3 percent in January 2017, the same as a year earlier“.

Now let us view some other causes which are stoping from landing a job

Reasons for not getting a job:

There may be several reasons for not getting a job, some of the top ones are mentioned below

  • Lack of proper preparation
  • Having no experience
  • Being confused about career goals
  • Not doing detailed research about the employer
  • Having no idea where to start from
  • Not driven or active enough

What to Do If You Can’t Find a Job?

Nothing is impossible should be our motto. With the right tips and a few strategies, we can easily get a job. You just need to focus on your goals and stay prepared.

Here are a few tips that you need to follow for landing a job

Things to Try If You Can’t Find a Job:

Some of the important things to follow are

  • Getting advice from professionals and experts
  • Take the help of a college career placement center
  • Make use of LinkedIn
  • Try some online courses
  • Take up an internship
  • Build a personal website
  • Do a part-time job
  • Make use of desktop for job search rather than a phone
  • Get noticed by hiring manager or recruiters
  • Expand your job searching
  • Consider some volunteering work
  • Do a proper market research
  • Do not waste time, make it productive
  • Make the most of your networking skills


So these are some easy job search tips for new graduates. You should not expect your first job to be a cake walk but just remember that over time you will get used to working and things will not seem so tough.

Do not think that your hard work is going unnoticed and if you work diligently over times you will yield rich dividends. All you have to do is give your hundred percent at all times .