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Overworked and Underpaid – What to do? 12 Options for you


In professional career, almost all individuals at some point feel that they are overworked and underpaid. This feeling is usually caused by an impulsive reaction which leads to a short-term frustration. You may have worked for hours on a project, but no one would have appreciated nor said thanks. When such a situation arises no one wins either the employer or the employee. Almost all people who feel that they are overworked and underpaid at work look for other jobs that pay the most, and leave their job.

overworked and underpaidWhat to do if you are Stressed out, Overworked and Underpaid?

1. Research:

The best thing is to arm yourself where you require to do research to verify and conclude that you are really underpaid.

Make sure to compare your salary with your neighbors who work in the same industry. Try to use websites like and to know your salary.

2. List down your achievements:

To get a raise you need to submit a concrete reason which can be a list of achievements that you have accomplished till date and frame for a raise. By this way, you can present that you’re an asset for the company and appropriate fit for a raise.

3. Formulate a salary request:

After intensive research create a salary request pay raise letter. Choose a proper way and follow best tips on how to ask for a raise at work.

Mention the percentage of raise for e.g. 4% raise, and also predict how it stands with other salaries for your position. Following this, a meeting can also be arranged with the boss regarding salary discussion.

4. Leave the job:

When there is no positive sign of increasing your salary you can mention you’re to leave the job as there are no options. You can make the same statement in a polite, light and sensitive manner. You can also be generous and mention that you will help in training the replacement.

5. Job search:

The last option one can do when a salary raise isn’t given is to explore for new jobs in the marketplace. While in the job search process you will know your worth and you can tell your boss about the new opportunity you have obtained and you desire to leave.

6. Check your confidence:

Ask yourself the way you work and present your projects were perfect or not. The way you behave and work in the office was perfect.

Whether you were a confident employee in your organization, if all these aspects were true you can very well go to your boss and ask for a salary rise.

7. Use the right time:

It is fact that many people make their pitch during their review time. Do not proceed to the boss at times of high stress. Performance appraisal period can also be the right time to prove your achieved results and ask for a raise.

You can also ask for a raise before taking up any new assignments. Mention your boss that you have made a great bunch of value for the organization. Asking a raise can be achieved in this manner.

8. Know your boss criteria:

It would be beneficial if the employee knows the bosses criteria and conditions regarding salary rise in the beginning. If such condition exists, find if you appropriately fit in those criteria, this can be a factor for the boss to think about salary rise.

This can be the right time to ask your boss about your salary rise since you have been overworked and underpaid.

9. Do not adopt more work:

When you are overworked and underpaid for a long time, try to take steps to overcome the issue, else lessen the amount of work you do regularly. By this way, you would understand your desire and try to overcome it.

10. Run through the company policy:

Run through your company policy regarding compensations. You can find out if you’re an appropriate fit for salary raise and hence move forward for a raise. The policy can be a reason and you can ask your boss for a salary raise.

11. Determine your values:

You must determine and find out if you’re a valuable point to the business and possess the eligibility to ask for a hike. Based on commitment and performance the employee should check out if he adds to the success of the organization.

Before going for a salary hike request, the employee should make sure if he is a good value to the position if he is a high performer who contributes to the organization, and finally is the worth asking a hike.

12. Other tips for a salary raise:

When you have determined to ask for a salary raise make sure to rehearse better before going for it, then approach the boss at the appropriate time, and also make sure to brush up with the latest negotiation tips and strategies.

Also, make sure to be confident enough to ask for a hike and not to be over crowded with the work culture.


These are a few tips that can be followed by overworked employees being underpaid at work. The employee first needs to realize that he is overworked and underpaid, He must be confident enough and rise up for asking a salary rise. He should have printed proofs and reason requesting for a hike. There are many people who just work for their salary though they are overworked.

Every employee should know what they are worth and their value. They are an asset to the organization and hence they have the eligibility to ask for a salary raise. For employees who face the same scenario where they are overcrowded and demand for a rise can follow the above-mentioned tips to step forward for a salary raise.

These tips are professional and can be followed without a doubt. Getting paid for the work an employee performs is always reasonable and good.