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How to Write an Amazing Resume? 13 Best Tips to Impress


To land a good job, you must have an outstanding resume. Sometimes people have great qualifications, abilities and skills but because of their poor resumes, they often get rejected. But we don’t want any of you to end up in a situation like that. Therefore we have come up with some really interesting, unique and creative ideas that will help you create a resume that leaves a long lasting impression. The points have been mentioned below. Give them a thorough read and incorporate all of them. You are bound to see good results.

write an amazing resume

Tips for Making a Really Impressive Resume:

1. Add some flavour to your resume:

A good resume can never be boring or dull. You should add more zest and life to this by giving it a more classy appearance. Those days are gone when resumes were restricted to two pages and were black and white in colour. Creativity is in and people are constantly coming up with new ways to make their resumes look attractive. If you ask for our advice, we would tell you to add some innovative designs. Use some images to showcase all your important projects and maintain a list of all your achievements. That would look great!

2. Focus on the accomplishments:

Speak about the accomplishments. A lot of people waste time writing on the kind of job it was. Don’t let it be you. Instead write about stuff like what you did on the job and how it helped you. Give one line on top as a basic description after which you should start mentioning all your accomplishments one by one. Don’t use generic descriptions at all. That usually is a bore. Mention all those qualities and accomplishments that are unique and have made a difference around you.

3. Use Videos:

Videos can be a great way to show your creativity and how capable you are of getting the job. It will display your personality and create a very good image. But if you are going to create a video resume then we would suggest you to spend only three minutes on one. Making things too long is never good. You can use programs and Camtasia to make thing simpler for yourself. Some people like to use power point presentations and that makes a difference too. Recruiters are always on the lookout for creative people and this one move can help you get the call.

4. It’s not always about the job:

Do remember that it is not always about the qualifications. Getting good scores can help you create a good impression but that surely is not everything. If you want to make your resume stand out, we suggest you to add some extra details. Mention all the times you’ve invested in social work and all experiences you’ve had that doesn’t involve in the regular curriculum. If you are working on a blog, mention it. Some of you have great networking skills and have helped in organizing events. Do make it a point to speak about all in brief.

5. Write about your past experiences and abilities:

It is always important to speak of your abilities and what you can do for the company. Plus your past experiences also matter. If you have worked for companies before and have earned a good name, mention that. Talk about how it changed you as a person and what you’ve learnt through them. What are some of the skills you have acquired in the past couple of years? What are your strengths? What can you do best? Write all of that in your resume. It will definitely help you stand out.

6. Write a story based resume:

This is quite a creative way to write an amazing resume. You should write it in the form of a story. What story resumes do is that they mention all your skills and experiences in a coherent manner. For this make sure to stay within a page and mention all information that is needed and make complete sense. You must write about yourself, your education and the skills that you experience. In short, you should tell them why you deserve to be a part of their company.

7. Networking skills matter:

Very few of you are aware of this but networking skills are highly important when it comes to writing a good quality resume. Networking involves having business contacts that are personal and people you have been working for in the past. It should also consist of vendors as well as sale representatives who have helped you out earlier. Plus I am sure there are people who are a part of the alma mater that you know well. Mention them too. With these points, you will be making a fine impression through your resume. Your hiring manager will take a closer look at the resume.

8. Some basic tips to remember:

I hope you do know that resumes are not looked through carefully for the first time. Your hiring manager will spend about 20 seconds look at your CV after which he will decide whether you will make to the interview or not. So remember to make your CV look attractive as much as you can. Your headings should be clean and clear. Use wide margins if you can. There should be bullet points to mention all the short lines. Use bold and italics to write most of your resume! It looks great that way.

9. Give a small summary of your career:

Another point you must remember is to give a brief summary of your entire career. Most of the objectives sound very similar. You must remember that grabbing the attention of the recruiter is highly essential to you. You should write something that is so good that within the first 25 seconds, your manager will be super impressed. He should want to call you for an interview right after seeing this. Also remember to give a summary that describes you accurately. The words you use should make a powerful impact.

10. An example style resume:

An example style resume is good enough. It is creative and can get you a job. In this one you are not just going to put your resume but also a good example of the work that you will be doing in the future for your company. There are many people who have worked for real estate websites have tried something like this. And the good part is it has worked so well. There was this person who before applying to the company noticed that they don’t have a blog. So he made one and sent his resume along with the link of the blog. And that was all needed to get the job.

11. List of awards:

It is important to mention all important dates. This includes the day on which you received an award etc. Professionals have mentioned how excited it has got them to see a list of awards. Plus it always shows good on behalf of the person receiving the award since they have mentioned all important dates.

12. Computer skills:

It is very important to mention a list of all your computer skills. You are not going to get a good job if your computer skills aren’t all that great. Plus people who mention their skills have a bigger chance of landing the job than those who don’t.

13. Use business cards:

Using business cards is quite a creative way to get yourself shortlisted for the interview. You can hand it over to new clients you meet during networking events and job fairs. People will definitely remember you once you start doing this. You should print an attractive and professional photograph of yourself on the front side of the card. Print the entire resume on the back side. Do be creative and use ideas of your own but don’t use fonts that are too thick. Plus don’t it make it large. Otherwise the creativity is lost.

Anyone can write a good CV but to write a fantastic one, you have to know certain things. And in this post all crucial points have been enlisted. If you use all, your CV is bound to make a difference. Plus all of these ideas have been tried and tested. If you use all of them, your CV will certainly get noticed. Apart from that, we are hoping this post has given you some idea on writing good resumes. If you have some feedback or questions to ask, feel free to drop a comment below. We would love to hear from you!