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How can Recruiters and Job Seekers connect on the Web?


Web has become a foremost podium for the connection of people for various things. It could be either affirming some broad information telecast or having to get connected with people for endless reasons.

The striking step starts when a recruiter and job seeker could be able to turn a tactless process into an affirmative one by starting a two-way dialogue.

This conversation could take place if your profile has a power to attract the recruiter in a positive manner.

It could barely turn out to be firmed when your resume gets reviewed appropriately or well deliberated for the role.recruiters and job seekers connect

Job Search and Hiring Through Online Meeting:

1. Internet, a place for submitting an application online:

You should constantly consider that there is no subsequent position for applying for your fantasy place.

The first place contender gets the job and dozens or hundreds of other candidates, do not. The only thing that matters the most is, what hardships you are doing to distinguish yourself in this stiff employ market.

Now, internet is a place which eases the things for recruiter and as well as for candidates. It has really eased the correlation between job seeker and recruiter.

It has helped a lot to bring together the entire employment network to make a job search easier for both job seekers and employers.

2. Creation of profiles publicly:

Recruiters could also create profiles which are an easiest method to find job seekers on the platform of internet. This is for the purpose of sending trouble-free messages to them.

Creating a public profile also helps in enhancing employers branding. You too can put out yourself there without any worry.

Rest all heavy lifting jobs will be done afterwards. Employers do notify you when the suitable opportunity pops up in the organization.

3. Send introduction requests through social media websites:

Checking social media Do set up yourself thoroughly on social media websites. Let candidates know that you have posted online jobs for candidates on their career pages.

They would like to follow-up in a straight line to restate your strapping concern.

Be explicit about the positions you are referring on the web, not just as a wide-ranging statement message for everyone.

4. Wide resume database:

Recruiters get to have the best talent via wide range of resume/ CV database.

Various webpage has profiles of candidates which are readily available and quickly accessible through high quality resume on web catalog.

This process gets employers to reach directly to candidates, who are uniquely qualified, opportunity for those who are interested in switching jobs for the right position.

5. Use of social website in recruitment process:

There are various social websites such as LinkedIn, which is a perfect platform for this type of investigating and/ or set of connections.

Some details are highly helpful in many ways so that job seekers could easily approach recruiters on  “LinkedIn” as well as in other forms of social media too.

Be self-assured and fervent while contacting employers and recruiters through where both could come across to each other. Use your best judgment while contacting one.

6. Availability of other social websites:

Do check if the company or the job-seeker has a Twitter account too, so that it could also be a contact point to reach out there to any of both.

Do a Facebook or a Twitter search to classify two or three of contacts that initially you would like to contact.

Better recommendation is to contact recruiters, hiring managers who are serving on the level of Executives, Assistant Managers or Manager.

Needless to say, it might not be that helpful to contact peers who embrace the similar designation that you would wish.

7. Posting of comments on company’s webpage:

comments on websites When you are on a job search, it is anyway better to keep on checking company’s updates or their posted jobs daily. It would keep you engaged in finding new job postings so that you can apply for the relevant ones.

Always comment first on their careers section page where the recruiter has posted any fresh job vacancies so that it shows your self-interest and enthusiasm for that position in the company. This is the best way to go behind employment.

8. Self promotion of the company:

Another good means to get connected both with recruiters and job seekers on web is to highly promote your company’s brand values yourself via a public portfolio and try to build it as a platform of talent pool.

Employees could create an admiring profile without anyone knowing your real-time identity or could promote it by own words of mouth.

Even job seekers can eventually souk themselves to new employers without worrying. Promotion enlarges the visibility of both recruiters and candidates as well.

9. Direct access to top employers:

Reaching out directly to top employers and getting more recruiting clients by searching profiles on web has lessen the trouble for each of them.

If there is no network to handle via indirect ways, no soft “invites” to send then a simple easiest way is to send an email or just an easy, straightforward message service plays a vital role to get you in touch with the recruiters or employers.

Reaching out to top recruiters and employers is just a click away via email.

10. Recruiters linked career portal:

Sourcing of candidates through easy job postings or reach out to passive job seekers directly has become an easy way through career or job portals.

These portals run the leading publication for HR recruiters where recruiters can post the new job openings and job seekers can easily view it online by opening it from their own respective job portal accounts.

Stay tuned on top of your job game with daily searching tips and get in-depth reports on various new hiring trends and recruiting techniques.

11. Online search profession wise:

online job search Search could be more refined if you don’t gets hold on the relevant position, i.e. by start searching profession wise instead of position wise.

You could now hunt jobs on the job board by searching for specific industries, for exemplar, accounting jobs, engineering jobs, administration, healthcare industry, manufacturing jobs, IT, HR, pharmaceutical jobs and sales or marketing jobs.

There are also career tools, career news, and/ or career tips readily available on web which helps in supporting to get your subsequent job search done for future career goals.

12. Professional placement agency:

Now, much expertise and relevant thing has to be happened through online placement agencies that provide assistance to recruiters and to job seekers as well by having connected both of these pillars together.

Substantially these professional agencies plays an important role as they introduce both of these categories and charge according to whatever is the arrangement have been done between them.

That too, everything happens on web though online available services. They search; they refer and rest of the things happen accordingly. So, this is another way to come across on the web.


Such online meeting of recruiters and job seekers on web has become a trend these days which too, has reduced much of the paperwork and initial rounds of interview. They could be interviewed through Skype or other online methods to get preliminary rounds done. Internet is now a medium of linkage between various people for interacting in many ways. Web postings have started giving a good going to make your job searches easy than before.