Sometimes it happens that in an office an employee experience certain kind of behavioral difference of your boss. It may feel strange to understand that why the employer feels so insecure about his / her own employee. It may be possible because of the authority he / she is holding on to or just because of attitude issues. But the truth is that when an employer or a boss who has been so nice to you lately and why all of the sudden his / her behavior changed. There are several reasons for such kind lies and attitude issues.

when your boss lies

When Your Boss Lies – Ways to deal with the situation:

The reason for the constant lying from your boss is that he / she whoever your boss is trying to replace you with another person. Or else it may be because of some personal issues with himself / herself. To find out such situation when a boss starts lying to his / her employee, there are several ways and they are as follows.

1. Understand intentions behind your boss’s behavior:

When a boss starts behaving strange, strange in the sense when he / she tries to instigate you or ignore you or lies to you. At that point of time it is necessary to know actual intentions of your boss behind all of this changes. Sometimes it is good to find out such things because there may be a possibility that a person who is your boss is being fishy and trying to trick you into something really bad and it is better to be prepared before anything happens.

2. Handling effects of such behavior:

It is possible that when a situation goes out of hand, it is possible that the situation leaves certain kind of impact on people. To handle such situation, a person need to be calm enough to deal with situations. When a boss starts lying to your face and deny to accept his / her lie, then it is time to confront him / her with the proof or evidence. And it will definitely help an employee to handle such behavioral effects as easy as possible.

10 Best Ways to find out if your Boss is Lying:

To find out the reason behind the behavioral changes of one’s boss or constant denial of lying, a person can rectify some of the signs of change in boss’s behavior to make that he / she has been lying to an employee and they are as follows.

1. Lying:

When an employer starts lying about certain things it is obvious that he / she is planning something against that person or employee. It’s not different to find out that someone has been lying to you, but it feels weird to get to know that all these years that person who is an employer or a boss is scamming an employee from so long time. But it can be stopped if an employer tries to explain the reason behind such betrayal.

2. Insecure of employee or subordinates:

It is impossible to understand the reason behind a constant lie by superior in charge of the office. There is a possibility that the superior in charge of the office is being caught under some kind of pressure against that employee or subordinates. The boss can be possibly feeling threat because of the successful career of his / her employees or subordinates. This may be a one of the reasons for the layer of lie created from the boss to De-motivate his / her employees.

3. Always deliver empty promises:

In a working place where one works for hours and expecting a certain kind promotion for the work one person delivers, is very normal. But sometimes it happens that the employer or the boss of the company on their employees demand, ignores with a lie or a fake promise. It is not necessary that an employer need to deliver fake or empty promises to his / her employees in order to keep them quiet.

4. Blaming others for their mistakes:

A boss sometimes behaves as such a way that it may seem very awkward. Mostly the official environment seems like a boss environment where the boss controls everyone in the office, but it is not necessary that all the employer behaves in a same manner. There is some kind of bosses who believes in degrading his / her employees and blames them for the mistakes which he must have committed. And it is possible because that may be an employer trying to give some reasons for his / her actions.

5. Management skills will be very poor:

If there is any possible conflict between the employees then a boss needs to involve such issues to solve their differences because a working place is like a family where one have to support others work for the sake of the growth of the company. But a boss who lies constantly can never handle such situations in a positive manner, but he / she may take advantage of such situations and cash it for the benefit of his / her personal agenda.

6. A boss may won’t protect his / her employees from the higher authority orders:

A boss needs to be a person who can be very approachable in the office, but it doesn’t happen all the time and because of that it seem as an employer is not protecting any of his / her employees from any kind of impossible requests of his / her company authority. This kind of behavior of a boss can cost him / her in a very negative way. It is possible that in an office every employee expects something from the employer, but when it happens you get to know it is fake promise. At that point of time an employee may feel awkward to continue their work in that company.

7. An employer or a boss keeps you shut or distant:

It means that whenever there is an involvement of that employee and it is necessary to know his / her opinions of employees, at that particular time a boss may take in charge the opinions of his / her employees which is considered as a negative behavior from the boss. It may be possible in such situations when an employee tries to express something for the benefit of the company and the employer or a boss keep ignoring him / her and his / her opinions on important decisions of his / her company.

8. He / she keeps being unavailable:

A boss is a person who cannot afford to take a leave form his / her official duties and it is very necessary for the employees to know whether the employer or the boss of their company will be available to them during critical official situations. By being unavailable to his / her employees all the time and especially being unavailable to that particular employee who is expecting something related promotion from his / her employer is a strategy to ignore the conversations.

9. Never involves his / her employee where ever they are necessary:

A company runs because of the hard work and skills of an employer and the employee as well. Therefore, while conducting company meeting it is necessary to understand that all the employees of the company are also a part of the company and they have a certain right to be in a part of such official meeting and communications. And instead of uninviting them to such meetings it is better to invite them to know about their opinion on the growth of the company.

10. A boss secretly trying to replace that employee:

A very common reason all the above behavior may be possible that an employer is trying to replace that particular employee without any notice to that employee. All kinds of cold behavior towards that particular employee are expressed just to get him / her replaced by his / her position according to his / her interest. And not just that it is also possible that a boss have certain personal issue against that employee and to fulfill his / her revenge against the employee, the boss is trying to replace his / her position.

How to Expose a Liar Boss?

In an office when a boss tries to act really weird against one particular employee and that employee who is being targeted is experiencing a kind of negative behavior from his / her boss, then an employee need to confirm his / her doubts with valid proofs or evidences and plan a way to expose all the intentions of their boss and there are some steps to follow to deliver such activity, as follows,

1. Try to communicate with the HR:

While having trouble with the behavior of your boss, an employee need to try out some solution for sudden change of behavior from his/ her boss. At that point of time when an employee is sure of the reason behind those behaviors, then the first thing an employee need to do is that he / she should try to communicate with the HR team to explain them all the issues with a valid proof against the boss.

2. Seek help from unions or government authority:

When an employee finds out the reason behind such behavior from his / her employer at that point of time an employee need to seek help from his / her company union or other government agencies or authority to make sure that the intentions of an employer or a boss are being noticed. By this kind of process an employee can maintain his / her position in that office without any issues.

3. Proper evidencing:

While searching the reason behind a boss bad behavior and to punish him / her for all of their behavior, an employee need to start documenting all the evidences against his/ her boss. This can help an employee at that point of time when an employee seeks help from government agencies. By collecting proper documents, an employee can expose his / her boss for being fake all these times.

4. Gather witnesses:

To make sure that an employer or a boss will be accused for proper complaint, an employee need to be accurate with all the proof or evidence against him / her. And more importantly an employee need to convince other fellow subordinates to act as a witness against their complaint. Therefore, before planning any kind of exposure an employee need to gather all the relevant evidences and witness to make the case stronger.

To end this discussion, we would say that a boss needs to be a person who can be very honest and committed towards his / her work and duties. But sometimes it happens to see that all boss’s are not the same and there are some kind of employer who really can turn an office into a hell. And to make sure that happen an employer try to deliver certain lie in front of his / her employees. And eventually it may seem a little weird to all the employees, but later on the employees will find out the reason behind such bad behavior. And at that point of time an employee tries to understand the reason behind such behaviors and rectify whether these kind of behavior are for some valid reason or not. Therefore, to find out that the reason behind such behavioral change of his / her boss, an employee need to understand all the above mentioned steps and try to follow them all to get all the answers.