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11 Big Lies Employers Tell You in a Job Interview


Sometimes while employing, the company promises many things to the candidates during an interview process, but the saddest part is that they never going to fulfill.

Moreover, few companies even tell the candidates that they will offer some additional benefits to the candidates who join their company.

There is even a possibility that some of the employers provide the information to the employees or the candidates regarding something important in a halfway truth manner.

biggest lies

Top Biggest Lies Employers Tell The Candidates:

There is a list of annoying lies job interviewers tell their candidate during the interview process. And they are as follows:

1. We’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities:

When an employer says a candidate that “thank you for coming and we will keep you in mind for future availabilities and opportunities”, then the candidate straight away should think that they are never going to hear from the company in their life.

It’s like sugar coating anything horrible and presenting it in front of them for their benefits. Therefore, whenever a candidate appears for an interview and faces experience questions, then they should move on to other opportunities. Try to see this as an indirect way of rejection. Try not to lose contact and familiarity with the employer or the recruiter.

Use social media to always keep in touch and try to remember. If you believe that you have the required skill and experience, then a good job will certainly come to you. All you have to do is try to be patient and try to look for more exciting opportunities.

2. Salary depends on experience:

While starting a job hunting, most of the candidates search jobs by using different source and technology. But during such a job hunt a person might experience some old statements which copy over and over again in most of the job advertisements.

And that particular statement is salary depends on their experience in the field of work. Therefore, after reading that statement candidates shouldn’t fall for that, as it is a strategy to attract most skillful employees to their company.

Though some companies hire employees based on their experience, for example, for high level job positions, most of the entry level positions and their wages are not based on the experience of the candidate.

Instead, the salary depends on the job requirements and the number of workforce present. Try to get to know more the job specification, the position, and the job location and calculate the average pay. Also, do not try to seem that you are too desperate for the job.

3. You will hear from us anyways:

Here the candidate needs to find out a reason behind such a statement. This statement saying that you will hear from us anyways is one of the tricky ones.

Sometimes there is a possibility that the employer is willing to hire that particular candidate after the interview process. But in another way, the employer is trying to distract those candidates with a statement to make candidates feel that they impressed with their interview.

Try to wait till the said deadline when the employer expects to contact you. If the recruiter does not contact you, then send an inquiry email to check-in and remind them that you are still available for the job. If they still do not reply to you, then try to search for new opportunities.

Do not try to contain all your time waiting for an interview result. Instead, try to do some other activities, or try to explore new grounds of the industry. Increase your skillset by learning a new subject or increase your experience by bagging an internship in a well-known and reputed company for the time being.

4. We aren’t finished interview yet:

Most of the time when an employer states that we didn’t finish with the interview yet, then all the candidates must come to a conclusion where they can understand the meaning behind such a statement.

Sometimes company already decides who will take the place of the job posted, but they still take over these interviews just to maintain a visionary picture for the sake of the potential candidates and they keep them informed with this statement until this matter sorts down.

If the company fails to get back to you after the deadline, then send an email stating your doubts. Ask them whether they need any proof that you are a good contender for the job, try to show your skills and abilities if you are given the chance.

For every interaction and discussion that you have with the employer or the recruiter, try to persuade them and make them believe that you are the perfect match for the job and that you could develop yourself into being an asset for the company.

5. There are a lot of opportunities for advancement:

Some of the interview process which undertakes experienced candidates can seem a little weird for everyone else in the team. And that is because most of the interview process takes those candidates with potential skill, which can be converted as a manner of profit for the company.

But when it comes to an experienced person interview, most of the employer study about those candidates’ potential and work along with their future aspirations. And if they find the candidate suitable, then they end up impressing them with this opportunity for advancement statement.

They are just trying to toy you into desperation by making you believe that the job will provide you with lots of technological advancements, but in reality, the job that you have applied for might simply just be routine.

Whatever be the case, being technological adept and constantly updating should be done by the candidate themselves and they might even land a bigger job than the job for which they have applied for.

6. You will receive additional help when you need it:

It is some sort of assurance which the company provides for most of the potential candidates, where they need all the experienced potential candidates to trust them with these charming words.

The company assures that it will provide additional help if the candidate needs at any time. Therefore, whenever an employer delivers a line such as providing additional help, then the employee needs to understand that he is the only hope that he will ever receive from the company.

If the work is within your understanding and within your reach, then try to do by yourself to the max. Depending on others to get the work done will not produce satisfactory results and the end product might be even completely different from what you have imagined.

Asking for help will not hurt anyone, especially if you feel that you need an extra hand or additional advice on how to get the job done.

7. You will have a flexible work schedule and you can even work from home:

Sometimes companies deliver such statements during the interview process that they will provide flexible working hours along with work from home facility to their selected candidates. Therefore, with such a statement the candidate must come to a conclusion where he should take that flexible working hour seriously and work their head out all the time without any break as promised. It is one of the lies in which people buy it easily during their interviews.

The company is trying to make you feel more attracted to the job and also makes you feel that the work will be easy. This is not always the case, try to do some proper research with regards to the flexibility of the working hours of the company and whether or not they permit employees to work from home.

Also, try to talk to some current employees about the situation and try to collect legitimate information about the company. This will help you decide whether or not, this is the right job for you.

8. We will provide extensive training:

It’s one of the things that every candidate who hired looks forward to their better future in that company. When the company promises the candidate that they provide extensive training to their final candidate, then it suggests that they will provide training which can be beneficial for the company, but not the candidate being selected.

Therefore, the candidate needs to know that there is no such thing as extensive training when it comes to the hiring process.

Extensive training is good for a first time employer. Training will give a chance for the employee to extend his skill set and also their work credibility. Also, the employee won’t feel left out when they employ for new projects that require the latest technological know-how. Always enquire whether the company will provide the necessary training before advancing more into the job.

9. There are many amazing projects that are waiting for you:

Some people have a habit of manipulating people with their words and this statement suggests the same manipulation from the employer of the company. It is quite possible that when an employer approaches a potential candidate, then the employer must take any sort of risk to make them take their job without any extra questions and doubts about their field of work.

The company will certainly provide new projects for their employees, but keep in mind that the technology industry is not always stable. Sometimes, there might be a shortage of projects or sometimes they will even call back their employees.

Before accepting their job requests, ask the interviewer about the various jobs that the company has offered in the past. And what all demonstration was done by the previous employee to show their skills. This allows you to learn more about the company and its work culture.

10. You will mostly be working independently:

It is one of the lies that every employer says to their potential candidates during their interview process. But sometimes some of the employers diplomatically complete such promise.

Moreover, these diplomatic manners help all the candidates make the right decision with their career options. Therefore, the candidates must figure out the facts behind these statements instead of falling for such statements.

Working independently is acceptable to a certain extent, but keep in mind that a minimum amount of supervision is very much required from the employers. Working independently may not always be a good thing, especially if you are working within a team, then teamwork should be your main priority instead of the individual work.

11. Your salary will be doubled:

There is no way that an employer will pre-assure an employee that if he joins the project, then he will increase or double his salary for their hard work. But it considers one of the lies which the company presents in front of the candidates during their interviews.

Moreover, the salary will only double if the candidate optimizes the credibility of the company requirements. Or else there is no possible way that the candidate selected for the job will get paid double over a while of their work. Unless this claim officially states by the company, then try not to believe such lies. Try to work hard and show the company that you are a valuable employee.


Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of this discussion over big lies that the employers say to their employees during their job interviews, gives a clear picture of meaning and definition behind such statements which seems comforting and secured.

Therefore, to know more about all the lies which employers present during the job interview, the interested readers should follow all these above mentioned statements to make fully prepared of all the situation during their job interview.