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7 Best Jobs for People who want to Make a Difference


Do you wake up every day thinking of what you can do to make a difference to people’s lives?

You should definitely think about selecting a job which can be of help to others and which can make your life meaningful.

After a long day of work, when you think that your job has affected the lives of many people in a positive way, you feel a sense of satisfaction. There are various jobs which are driven by the sole purpose of making a difference to people’s lives – some of them are paid jobs and some are non-profit jobs.

Job satisfaction helps in keeping you happy and this is extremely healthy for you and everyone present around you. A recent study which was conducted showed that college students wished to enter a job which creates an impact on people’s lives.

jobs for making difference

Reasons to Choose Different Jobs:

1. Lot of job opportunities:

One of the most important reasons why you should choose a job which can make a difference to people’s lives is that there are a plethora of job opportunities in this field. You name any of your passions and there is a job position available corresponding to that.

So, you can enjoy your work and have a sense of satisfaction that you are doing good for the people. This will boost your passion and you can give more effort to give the maximum.

2. High performance:

The working process of jobs that make a difference to people’s lives is not based on achieving targets, this doesn’t mean that they do not need to concentrate on their performance.

Good quality performance is expected from people who enter such jobs that target to the betterment of people.

3. Involve your head and heart:

We often see that some people’s hearts are not involved in their jobs. This makes their jobs just a means of earning money for them and does not involve any job satisfaction. But, in cases of jobs that make a difference, your heart and head is equally involved, which makes the working an enjoyable process.

4. Need of fresh talent:

Jobs which are aimed at making a difference to people’s lives require fresh talents, for, example, MSW college graduates. Their minds are very fresh as they have just stepped out of college.

So if you are recent pass outs and possess zeal to work and do good to others then these types of jobs will provide you with an opportunity to do both together.

5. Learn to budget:

This is the best way in which you can learn how to budget because such jobs pay a small salary as compared to other jobs which are highly paid.

In high paid jobs you often forget the necessity to put a check on your pocket, however, with these jobs you will get automatically aware on the ways to budget which will help you in the long run.

6. Positive work environment:

The work environment in such jobs is extremely pleasant because there is not much competition and everyone has the same goal of making the world a better place. Because of that working in such a sector or office is all fun being amid all the motivated individuals with positive vibe everywhere.

List of Jobs That Make a Difference:

There are a plenty of jobs available which are driven by the sole aim of making people’s lives meaningful – Some of the examples of such jobs are mentioned below:

1. Teacher:

A career in the field of education is getting extremely popular, nowadays, because of its motives and also because of the great pay it offers. Teaching is considered to be one of the best job options to make a difference while earning a great pay.

Teaching the handicapped is also a job which is an impactful job. Some of the reasons why teaching is a job that makes a difference are discussed below:

Helps in building the society:

Education is considered to be one of the most important aspects which help in building the society. Teachers are the means or channels through which education is imparted to children.

Moulds an individual’s personality:

Teachers are considered to be next to God because they help in moulding the personality of an individual. The teacher is the first guidance after mother, who teaches and guides a child as he or she grows up.

Only a teacher can make a child face the world with all its good and bad sides and can him into a good and successful human being.

Develops future generations:

Teachers are the people who play an important role in developing the future generations. They create the fate of a nation in the form of youth’s who come forward and shape the nation.

Provides inspiration & motivation:

They provide you with the inspiration to think big and also encourage you to take a difficult step in life. The motivation they provide helps you in succeeding in every aspect of your life.

Role models:

Due to their inspiring personality, teachers are the role models for most children.

2. Social Worker:

A social worker is a person who engages himself in a lot of social work to improve the quality of life of people. Social workers first assess a situation, study it properly and then use their services to help people cope in that situation.

The main reasons why a social worker’s job is considered to make a difference to people’s lives are:

Helps people cope with problems:

They also help people cope with a disability or other major problems of society, such as, domestic violence or substance abuse. Anybody facing any problem can approach a social worker and he or she will do their level best to help the victim.

Improves the lives of People:

The main aim of social workers who focus on the field on child, family and school, is to develop the psychological and social functioning of children and to improve the lives of their families.

They help children in getting connected with various organizations, which can help them in their situations. They also strive to get governmental assistance to make the lives of people decent.

Provides physical & psychosocial support:

Social workers, who are related to the field of medical and public health, provide physical and psychosocial support to people who are suffering from illnesses which are chronic or terminal. They ensure that the patient gets proper care once they are discharged from the hospital.

Provides treatment for People:

Social workers, who are involved in the field of mental health and substance abuse, help in assessing the situations of people suffering from mental illnesses and substance abuse problems and also provide treatments for these problems in the form of social rehabilitation and individual therapy.

3. Jobs In Health Care Sector:

Jobs in the health care sector are considered to be the perfect example of the saying – “You can have your cake and eat it too. Some reasons which will compel you to take up this career are:

High pay scale:

These jobs help you in making a difference to people’s lives and at the same time these also help you to enjoy a great pay scale. The jobs of doctors and nurses are the ones that are in great demand, nowadays.

Create an impact:

People involved in the health care sector are driven by the major aim to save people’s lives, which makes these jobs impactful. Other important jobs in this field are health care managers and therapists.

Doctor promotes health:

A doctor’s job is to promote the health of people by treating diseases. They provide support to people and their families in times of need.

Nurse provides proper medical care:

A nurse’s job is extremely meaningful because she helps people to recover from their illnesses by providing medicines on time and also by educating them to deal with their problems in a better way.

Besides this, a nurse also provides emotional support to the families of those who are suffering from problems.

Therapist provides support to people:

An occupational therapist helps people who are suffering from physical limitations to take care of themselves. They provide guidance to these people and encourage them to try out ways in which they can take care of themselves so that they do not have to depend on others. This helps in building their confidence.

4. Activists:

An activist’s job is also on the top of the list of the jobs that make a difference. The reasons why this job makes a difference are:

Helps in supporting causes:

The major aim of an activist’s job is to make the world a better place by fighting for social, environmental, political and other important causes which are of importance in people’s lives.

Helps in creating awareness:

An activist’s job includes work, such as, conducting awareness sessions, conducting activities with the aim of raising funds and organizing media campaigns.

Work for Non-Profit Organizations:

Activists usually work for organizations which are based on the non-profit motive and also for various social organizations. Hence, the level of competition will not be too high and you can easily work and give your best

5. Counsellor:

A counsellor’s job is gaining immense popularity because of its ability to bring about a change in people’s lives.

A counsellor is a person who has received special training to provide advice to people to help them deal with various situations. They are people whom you can turn to for advice at any time.

Mental health counsellors:

Counsellors dealing with mental health help people suffering from disorders to deal with their situation and also recover from it.

Marriage & family counsellors:

Counsellors related to the field of marriage and family help in improving the lives of married people by solving their problems through discussions.

Substance abuse counsellors:

Counsellors dealing with problems of substance abuse and disorders in behavior help in finding out the main causes for these problems and also help in providing a way out of this.

School Counsellors:

Counsellors who work in schools also have a great role in shaping the lives of children. They help students in their academics and also help them in choosing a suitable career. They help in building confidence in children.

6. Fire-fighter:

A fire-fighter’s job is definitely meant to make a difference because it involves saving people’s lives by rescuing them from fire. Some ways in which fire-fighters make a difference are:

Job involves risk

 Even though their job involves a lot of risk, they go all their way to rescue a person during a fire breakout or in case of any other accidental urgency. These persons are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency assistance.

Help people recover:

Fire-fighters help people in recovering from their loss by providing them with necessary resources after any fire-break out or in case of other emergency.

Offer help:

Whether the problem is big or small, they are readily available all the time to help people in case of any danger, mishaps, accidents or any inconvenience.

7. Ethics Officer:

An ethics officer’s job is to make sure that all companies and organizations are functioning according to the standards of business practices. Some ways in which they make a difference are:

Ensures effective functioning of companies:

They help in effective functioning of the companies by checking whether all their documents are filed accurately. This helps in preventing any harm to the stakeholders of the company.

Handles certain problems:

The ethics officer handle problems related to labour, harassment, accounts, antitrust and discrimination. They play a big and significant role in solving several issues related to these areas.

Develops the code of ethics:

Their job is to develop the code of ethics of a company or organization. They also help by organizing training programs to make people understand the importance of ethics.

One of the major facts that you should always remember about such jobs is that your efforts might not change the world immediately, but, these will be a stepping stone to make a difference to people’s lives by helping them in times of need.


People who have a passion for serving people are the most suitable for such jobs. Studies conducted have come up with the finding that being happy in your job and enjoying your job will keep you healthy and will also keep everyone around you healthy.

You can only make a difference to other’s lives if you make a difference to your life first.