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How to Become a Rockstar Developer or Programmer?


If you have this question in mind, then there is another question that you have to answer before getting into the intricacies of your question and that is –

Will you be able to sacrifice your personal space, in order to become a Rock Start Developer or a programmer?

If the answer is yes, then read on and you will get the answer of your question as well.

In order to excel in any field, it is very important that you live, breathe and sleep with only that thing in mind, else it will be very difficult for anybody to gain perfection in that particular field.

If you are thinking about becoming the best developer or programmer, then you must have only one thing in mind and i.e., how to write effective code.

You have to learn a lot about it and not just that, you have to continue doing that for the rest of your life. There is no end to it, so you must grasp in as much as you can.

Defining a Rockstar Developer or Programmer:

If you ask someone to define what exactly rock star developer or programmer is, then there is no such definition for them.

Instead, you can say that people who has the ability to complete the assigned job successfully much before the allotted time with precision can be provided the name of a rock star developer.

This is what exactly how it should be defined, because if you take long hours in completing the task, then it doesn’t make any sense because when you have ample time, then even a professional can come up with some good codes for the programming.

So, if you want to be a rock star in programming or developing, then you need to do your work meticulously and that too quite fast. You cannot go wrong anywhere and when you have some time to spare, you must utilize that in helping others complete their task of coding.

As a rock star programmer, you will have to be highly productive and must be responsible in bringing up the performance of the team to a greater height. If you feel that you have it in you to become one such rock star programmer, then you are welcomed into this crazy world of coding.

Rock star developer or programmerThere are many out there, who are self proclaimed rock star developer or programmer, but in reality, whether they actually come closer to any such thing is something which needs to be verified for good.

As a company, if you are looking for someone, on whom you can trust blindly for any coding related issues, then it seems quite obvious that you will be on a hunting spree for one of those rock star programmers, who do their job brilliantly.

Some say that it is only a myth, but people who have been working with some rock star programmers, knows very well that these kinds of people do exist.

But, you will only find them in an environment, which is suitable for them. An environment, which allows them to be insane, and understands their way of working and let them be.

If any company has any such programmer, then they will do everything possible to retain them and not just that, they will even pamper them with every possible thing they want, so that they don’t leave the company.

Yes, they are worth everything they ask for and much more. They will make your life easier and in return, if you do not provide them with whatever they want, then there are hundreds of companies waiting right outside to welcome them with open hands.

Becoming Rockstar Developer or Programmer:

Depending on the negotiation skills of the rock star programmer, he will be paid much higher than the actual rate of any developer or programmer.

Moreover, there is a job security for them, instead the company, where they are working, is always feeling insecure.

But, this can go against them as well because once, any programmer has reached this stage where he can demand his own remuneration; there is very little scope of financial growth or for that matter professional growth.

Yes, it is true, but, who cares as long as you are the best in whatever you do and getting paid well for the work that you do!

Here are the ways you can adopt in order to get to the top and become one of the best rock star programmer or developer.

1. A mentor who can guide you well:

mentor When you are trying to understand your job well, then it is important that you get the perfect guidance, else your base will be weak and you can never build a strong empire on weak base.

If you can get yourself a mentor, who doesn’t hesitate to share his experience and pin point your faults without pulling you down, then half your job is done.

When you are writing a code, your mentor will not only help you with your mistakes, but will also explain it to you, so that you don’t repeat them.

When you will be able to put up a solid argument in favor of your code and win it from your mentor, you will know that you have achieved a certain level of expertise in coding.

2. Explore scopes and difficulty level:

Fret not, if you see the high difficulty level because if you do not explore them, then how come you will go up to the next level. You always need to challenge yourself and solve the problems, which at the very first instance seemed quite difficult.

This will boost your confidence and you will be another step closer to become one of the rock star programmer or developer.

3. Professional looking code:

When you are writing code, it must not look like it is straight out of a notebook of some college going students.

Instead, you must concentrate on documenting it properly and also provide better functions names and method names as well.

4. Study hard:

Study hard If you are in the mood of growing into a rock star developer, then it is a necessity that you learn more and more about coding from the library and also study the source code too, if it is made available there.

5. Do not leave any stone unturned:

If you are not getting any code, don’t leave it in the mid way, instead work your way through it. Unless and until you understand the matter completely, do not let it go.

In case you are aiming to become one of the greatest programmer or developer, then you will have to dig in deep always. You have to understand every nuance as much you can without compromising on anything.

6. IDE is the key:

For language never compromise on IDE and that is the reason you must know the IDE like the back of your hands. If you get this right, then you will be able to speed up immensely.

7. Research well:

In case, you are starting up something new, which is never attempted by you before, then you must remind yourself to study well and research well on that.

Without doing your extensive research, you must not start coding else it might turn out to be the biggest disaster.

The internet is one place where you will get all your answers, but that doesn’t mean you will ignore your local library.

Go through several books to see how the greatest and some of the brightest people have been resolving challenges without fail. Understand what they do and how they do it before you take the major step in coding.

8. The client’s update is important:

You are writing code for clients and not for your fancy, therefore, you must keep in touch with your client so that he can keep on giving you proper feedback all along.

You have to keep up with their expectation and that can only be achieved when you are on top of your game.

This will be helpful for you only, because if the client change his or her mind, then you can adjust the necessary changes right away without waiting till the last moment and then doing the coding again right from the beginning.

9. Your life depends on the coding:

Bouncing ball While you are working on your codes, you must do it with so much dedication as if your life depends on it. In case you go wrong, you will be dead, this is what your feelings should be while you are coding.

10. Look back:

It is time to look back and think whether you have done everything correctly or not. Self realization is the biggest learning and you can only grow this way.

11. Get into the mind of the professional developers:

In order to become one expert, you will have to imitate another expert. You will have to know how the rock star programmer thinks or solves any problem and that way you will be able to get yourself in the right frame of mind.

You can go through various forums which the experts’ uses and go through their questions and also the answers to get an idea about their thought process.

12. Solve as many problems as possible:

It is a proven fact that practice makes a man perfect. So, you will have to solve as many problems as possible, in order to gain confidence and start working on your own.

13. Get ready to spare some time:

Becoming a rock star programmer or developer is one time consuming job and if you are not ready to spare extra time, then you cannot become one. You will have to dedicate your whole life in learning codes and practicing them to perfection.

14. There is no end to it:

You cannot say I know enough because there are so many things that one lifetime will run short to gather the knowledge regarding the codes.

You have to only focus on coding in your life, if you really want to grow into a rock star developer or programmer.

15. Work on real projects:

Real projects Once you are a bit confident about your knowledge of coding, start working on real projects and acquire the experience.

16.Be flexible:

Though you might be comfortable working with certain kinds of technology, but still if someone suggested you something new, then do take up the challenge and accomplish the work successfully in that as well.

Never ever stick to the same way of work, even if it is comfortable, then it means that you are getting stagnant.

17. Make things better:

Even when you see that things are messed up in the middle, work your way through it and optimize it, make it even better, but never over invest. Legacy code can be great, you just have to explore it correctly, remember that.

18. Deliver for the team as a whole:

Rock star programmer or developer is not someone who works only for themselves, instead he will make sure that he performs for the team as well.

He will ensure that his teammates are at par with the performance, if not, then he will help them out by guiding them properly. Have a proper idea about how to deliver and measure one’s performance based on the team’s performance.

19. Never be over confident:

over confident Even when you feel the code that you have written is the best you must test it before finalizing it. Rock star programmer or developer will always test before passing on any judgement. Do not boast about things, just because you think it is correct.

20. Interactions with group member:

Groups are dynamic as well as organic, so it is vital that every team member communicates with each other properly. This way, the team spirit will be healthy and you will also be able to work stress free and concentrate more on coding and less on other things.