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How to Ask your Boss for a Pay or Salary Raise: 29 Best Ways


The primary motive for any soul who works is to earn more money.

Many masses are bored of their same old pay and find it embarrassing to approach their boss for a pay hike.

Though you should hold a wage increase based on your performance, it is still problematic to ask.

For this reason, there are plenty of ways to inquire for a pay hike. Let’s glance through certain pointers which help in asking your boss for a salary rise.salary raise

How to ask for salary raise:

1. Rate yourself:

The value you possess is what rates you in the company and your worth for. Establish a lot of values that you own as assets and what makes you different from other actors.

Holding on your values in mind, you can ask your boss for a pay hike. Be a star employee before you ask for a hike.

2. Work towards continuous improvement and quality:

Before stepping forward to raising suggestion regarding pay enhancement, make sure you start working harder before few months.

Offer quality output than expected, try to complete tasks within time. Serve out your chief at times needed.

Also hover around the floor and help the team mates who need counselling. This would open up that you’re a proficient squad player and worth for a wage rise.

3. Patience and presence of intellect:

It is required to be a little patient after offering your statement for salary enhancement. You cannot walk in immediately to your boss’s cabin and ask for result.

Your boss needs time as he requires consulting and speaking to his higher authority regarding salary hike.

Wait for two weeks or so and then gear up for a follow-up meeting with your boss for more honest outcomes.

4. Increase knowledge about company’s position:


It is very important for employees to know the proper timing to ask for pay increase. When your society is enjoying with excellent profits, unprecedented expansions and breaking sales numbers, this would be the proper time to ask for a salary hike as you need to move the iron when it’s live.

Think your company is not on the right track regarding profits and asking for salary increment may post you unprofessional and out of contact.

Hence it is mandatory to determine where your company stands financially when you’re about to ask for increment.

5. During economy crisis and layoff’s:

You can constantly ask your boss and educate him that you had been doing multiple people’s job at time of layoffs and economic decline.

Merely it is significant to recognize that apart from you, other coworkers also had the same experience during the economy crisis.

Playing up your talents and hard work all the time without complaining can make you get a salary boost from your knob for your operation.

6. Try out yourself:

Another interesting tip is not to ask for a wage hike, but to prove you. The foreman in any company usually knows the employee and his talent within the troupe. He might receive a calendar which shows him years an employee makes.

Hence with that and the calculated hard work from the employee, a salary improvement would be managed mechanically.

7. Do not sweep up your boss with personal problems:

Another important tip to be followed when asking for salary increment is to focus on your performance and provide the apt reason for your boss.

Do not deviate and mention personal problems as a cause for a salary raise. This would create an aim that you’re more centered on convincing the boss with personal events than professional skills.

8. Educate yourself on the percentage of growth:

It is significant to become prepared and recognize the worth of investment to be gained for you. With the help of salary wizard, mention the location and your role and determine out what you’re worth for.

When your boss asks for increment percentage, make a figure nearing to the given one. When the hike you asked is more than usual, be prepared to be growled with silly looks or laughed out loud.

Prepare yourself for the increment your worth for. Common sense and proper judgment are mandatory to be recognized.

9. Focal point on your intensity and values:

It is always beneficial to have an intellect to focus on your values, intensity and quality than comparing with others.

It is not a good number to compare your salary with others, the other person may have demonstrated in many other aspects than you.

Hence try to build up your knowledge and accomplishments rather than focusing on others.

10. Be positive and confident:

positive quotes

When you have decided to talk about payment increase, then make yourself confident enough to talk to your chief.

Speak up in a positive and convincing way about your strength, years of experience and achievements, and then request for growth rather than telling.

11. Fix an appointment with the chief:

To prove how serious you look at salary hike issue, specify an appointment and ran across your boss rather than shouting out through phone, email or discussing in the canteen.

12. Recognize your role value:

Come to know the worth of your role, by consulting with other company or company salary websites.

Know your job description, responsibilities, level of education, work location and years of experience before asking for a salary hike. By coming to know your role’s worth, a salary hike can be asked for.

13. Train yourself on pay practices of your troupe:

There are companies which open up their wage scales and policies while some do not. Hunt the company’s web sites for personal manual regarding pay scales and policies.

When you’re not able to gather ample information regarding payments, talk to the HR personnel, who will clearly explain you the wage range for your placement.

They help you know more details regarding internal and external payment details and assist you make things in good order.

14. Ask for criteria to your chief:

It is always a smart act to know the criteria for paying you a raise or advancement. Before getting the raise or promotion get to know the same which would aid you and your boss in some discussion.

15. Don’t wait till the last moment:

last minute

Many employees come to a determination that they should request for a wage hike during the performance appraisal discussion. Only that’s not the actual shell, your higher authorities decide on salary hike well in advance before review time.

Suppose your appraisals are during the month of January, make your request during the month of November well in progress.

16. When to step forth to bring up:

Make sure you ask for a raise when your fellowship has just achieved a big project, saw out a major issue, has acquired new responsibilities, or else carried up high for some noteworthy things.

17. Be focused on merchandising and not praying:

Remember that individuals possess more talents for being offered a spot. Your values, attributes and ability are the key points which would aid you in requesting for a hike.

Do not bring in other reasons which appear to solicit for a wage increase.

18. Just go for it:

Many people feel embarrassed and anxious too to request for a wage raise, these categories of people need to rehearse, convince themselves and call for a dive.

They become cast down when their boss says no, but most of the chief are not puzzled by the postulation.

19. When you’re not granted, ask for possible period:

When your boss turned down your request, do not get embarrassed or bad and move off. Simply smile and talk in a convincing manner that you see it is not possible today, but would it be looked at in the hereafter.

You can likewise ask your boss for the ways to be executed for a pay raise. This way the boss would also be impressed the way you approach for a tramp and the way you learned the result.

20. Taking up responsibility without extra wages:

more responsibility

Certain people read a foolish decision by not taking extra duties, without money. This is not a safe idea, always be ready to get up additional responsibilities in an organization though extra amount is not compensated.

Remember, you’re being seen by your higher authorities and within a period of time, you would be accompanied with a wage increase.

21. She’s been offered another job elsewhere:

When you’re extended a job elsewhere with a high salary, your foreman with no way increases your salary to hold you in the system.

22. Talk in a confident and positive fashion:

When you have started your conversation for a wage increment, talk to your boss in a confident manner.

Remember to be positive and not self-important. Make convincing sentences like you’ve been loving working here, and the scope of work has increased and today it’s time for discussing about compensation.

When your conversation is soothing and confident, your boss would be interested in the discussion as well.

23. File a personal achievement file:

Create a list of key achievements in a file, your years of experience, progresses and success track record.

Also mention your strength, talents and plan for the time to come. This would impress your boss and make him think of salary hike.

24. Never threaten your employer:

It is a good suggestion that you should never threaten your boss that you have another job offer, interview or related terms. This turn of conversation can work your boss mistrust in you.

25. Gather market news for similar situations:

latest news

Prepare it a habit to recognize what’s taking place in organizations around. Look into similar industries with similar functions and what is being compensated for them. Also find out the pay range for people going in your part with same characters.

Gathering of market data, can help you generate more knowledge when discussing with your chief. Altogether these data can help you verbalize to your boss with valid points for a wage raise.

26. Decide the raise you require:

Prepare it a habit to give your boss the range of salary raise you want. Take in a justified increase and don’t be greedy in this condition.

Take in a comparison with other arrangements regarding your role, attitude and other terms and fix a range you want to ask for.

27. Be bold enough to ask for a salary increase:

It is truly a tough job to obtain a wage raise, simply do not possess the mindset for not demanding a pay rise at all.

Demanding for a wage hike is not the worst thing; this demonstrates the care you need towards the posture and the maturation of the company and yourself.

In case, employees are afraid to ask for a raise, get drilled and got up before approaching your boss.

28. Thank your boss for his or her help:

Thank You Note

Thank your boss multiple times, regardless of the result being offered to you.

Being a busy personnel, he must have offered you time for discussion, thus offer him a thank you card, or tempt him for a lunch saying thanks or send him emails thanking him for making time for discussion.

29. Do not take things too personal:

When the result after demanding for a wage hike is negative, do not read it personally. Do not show it up on your employment performance or slam the door while walking away.

This may acquire a bad reputation about you towards your boss. Get everything in a possible way and feel glad that you have put your requirement to your chief.