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What is Job Satisfaction? How to Achieve It?


To achieve job satisfaction is certainly not the easiest thing in the world and takes a lot to finally achieve it. A lot of people in the world are not happy or satisfied with their job because they once lacked the zeal and passion for pursuing what they really wanted.

Although the secret to finding job satisfaction is dependent on what you really like and what you want to do, there are several other ways you may try in order to get the job of your dreams and be happy with it. On that note, let’s get started.

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What is Job Satisfaction?

Most people like to think of job satisfaction as some kind of a destination, while the truth is that it is more of a journey. It helps the employees as well as the employer. Plus there is no perfect way using which you can find job satisfaction. It is a process that takes time.

Career satisfaction also comes with different meanings. Not just that, there are several aspects and job satisfaction factors. Some find satisfaction in doing what they love while the rest look for jobs that make the most money.

As a worker, it is your job to understand what gives you satisfaction. Once you have figured that out, you will surely find something worthwhile.

Why Should You Measure Employee Satisfaction?

  • To Boost Employee Morale With Collaboration
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement
  • Its good to identify Problems Sooner Rather Than Later
  • Recognize and Retain High Performing Employees
  • Recognize Your Weaknesses And Capitalize on Your Strengths
  • Satisfied employees are unlikely to leave your company
  • Satisfied employees contribute to the company’s success and growth
  • Satisfied employees show active engagement

Some common methods to measure job satisfaction factors of the employees are;

Job Satisfaction Measurement Methods:

  • Single Global Rating.
  • Summation Score.
    • Global Job Satisfaction.
    • Job Descriptive Index (JDI).
    • Job Diagnostic Survey.
    • Job Satisfaction Index.
    • Job Satisfaction Relative to Expectations.
    • Job Satisfaction Survey.
    • Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Determinants of Job Satisfaction:

  1. Organizational Determinants:
    • Job Content:
    • Leadership Styles:
    • Nature of Work:
    • Opportunities for Promotion:
    • Organizational Level:
    • Wages:
    • Work Group:
    • Working Conditions:
  2. Personal Determinants:
    • Age:
    • Education:
    • Gender Differences:
    • Personality:

How Job Satisfaction can be achieved?

Share a good relationship with your boss:

If you are working in an office and have someone to guide and supervise you, make sure you have a good relationship with them. A boss that you trust is way better than getting a big raise. Plus being friendly with people you work with matters a lot.

Plus this is the perfect way through which you can find job satisfaction. So no matter what, make sure you are in good terms with your boss and have a fine impression of yourself in front of him.

Be happy with the work you do:

There are porn stars and prostitutes who are also very happy with the kind of work that they do. So you definitely should be, if you want to find satisfaction in your job. We know that isn’t the easiest feeling to accomplish in the world. But enjoying your job will help you have better control overwork as well as your life.

Plus being happy with your work has lots to do with the amount of control you have. So employee satisfaction is also an important factor.

Don’t go for a boring job:

If you want to find some kind of satisfaction in the job that you are doing, and then make sure you aren’t doing something that is boring. A job that is creative, challenging and helps you learn something new is a good job. That is also the key to find satisfaction in what you do.

When you are picking good career choices, choose the job that you like the best. Always remember you have to deal with it for the rest of your life. So choose something wisely.

Have a good idea of what you want:

Another way to find the job of your dreams and be satisfied with it, you need to have a good idea of what you want. There has to be some sort of clarity without which nothing really is possible.

Plus when you are at it, you won’t like if you have to work overtime for something you do not even enjoy all that much. So make a smart choice and ensure that you are going for something that you like and want.

Ask your boss to give you feedback:

Always remember to ask your boss to give you some kind of feedback whether it is good or not. To share an honest and good relationship with your boss is very important like we have all told you. Plus when it comes to job satisfaction, no news is bad news.

Getting feedback that is negative will do you good in the long run as you will realize where exactly have you gone wrong and the changes that you need to make in order to get the satisfaction you are looking for.

Good Careers With High Job Satisfaction:

The following mentioned are few most satisfying jobs and happiest careers with high job satisfaction.

1. Actor:

If you love acting and enjoy this field, then going up to stage can really help you find satisfaction. Acting is a kind of art that is useful to those who love it. But there are different types of acting and you should have a good idea about it. Acting on stage and acting in front of the camera are not the same things.

Acting in front of a group of people on a stage requires a lot of expression and drama. On the other hand, the camera needs less of it since they have other qualities that add more charm. Plus you can always correct yourself in case you’ve gone wrong when you are acting on camera… something you will not be able to, in theatre.

So choose carefully. Acting on camera can really fetch you a lot of money. But acting on theatre pays less comparatively. Both the jobs are lucrative nonetheless and something you will enjoy.

2. Modelling:

If you have the looks, the charm to drive people crazy, can survive on fruit and six cups of black coffee a day and can pose like a rockstar, choose modelling. You will be making a lot of money here by posing for magazines, newspaper ads and whatnot. If you are very good at what you are doing, you may also try ramp walking.

Models also get to meet a lot of people, travel for free and can always open a business of some kind once they have made enough money. Most models do that once they have crossed their thirties.

3. Dentists:

If you love teeth, then the job of a dentist would perfectly suit you. You will be paid more than $196,000 a year and all you have to do is examine teeth, prescribe medicines, improve the appearance of teeth that are broken and maintain good functioning. For this you will have to get a bachelor’s degree and study at a dental school for four years.

4. Marine Engineers:

Another group of people who make a whole lot of money are marine engineers. These guys make $94,000 a year and are quite rich. They have to design, build and maintain ships. It is not very stressful and pays you well. For this, you will have to get a degree in the field of engineering. Plus some kind of experience is also needed.

5. Business tycoon:

If you like business and trade, the job of a business tycoon would perfectly suit you. It does not require you to study much. Although you can get a degree in commerce, business studies, marketing or economics.

In that way, you will have a good idea about the market and be able to sell your products at the highest price. Some of the richest men today in the world are businessmen.

6. Flight attendants:

Flight attendants are quite well paid if you did not know. If you are looking for a job within airlines and love aircraft, this job would be perfect for you. There are several perks of becoming a flight attendant.

You get to travel the world, stay in expensive and fancy hotels, dine and eat amazing food and get money as well to shop in some of the places you stay. Plus the pay package for most companies are quite high. Some of them make crazy money. So if you like this job, go for it right away!

7. Chefs:

If you like food, cooking and absolutely love watching Masterchef, then being a chef is what you should aim for. Making delicious food and impressing a bunch of people is something you will really like. Although becoming a chef is not very easy, you can become with a bit of time and practice.

Once you do, you will be highly paid. You will make a whole lot of money and get famous as well. There are plenty of chefs who are known to the world. Gordon Ramsay, Matt Preston, Sanjeev Kapoor are some to name.

8. High Salary Or Job Satisfaction:

A lot of times we have seen people who are conflicted between good jobs that pays the most and a job that lets them be who they want to. If you have also faced such a situation, then let us tell you one thing. If you love doing something, never give up on it. The money will always come and go. But time won’t.

So choose your job wisely. Of course, if you are facing a financial problem then choose the job that pays better. But save up so that you can pursue the job that gives you satisfaction. In that way, you will have no regrets.


This brings the post to an end. You must have a good idea about the job, what you are about to take up and if the idea of taking this up excites you or not. If you have the answers to this question, your problems are taken care of.

And in case you have comments or ideas regarding this post, please comment in the box below. We would love to hear from you! Plus your questions are dear to us. Feel free to tell us more.