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How to Choose a Career That’s Best for You: 17 Excellent Tips


Choosing a career for yourself is no easy task at all. Some people know from a very young age which career field they want to join, whereas opposed to that, others worry like what career is right for me and what career should i choose? Once you are sure about which career you want to choose for yourself, then you can go right ahead and start applying to jobs in various top companies.

Given here are some of the ways on how you can choose a career which is best for you. In the corporate world things are not easy, so right from the start you should be willing to give your best at all points in time.

Choose a Career

Tips to find What Career is Right For Me?

1. Spend some time with yourself:

Prior to thinking about making any career related choices, it is very important that you spend some time with yourself in order to understand just what kind of person you really are. If you are unfamiliar with yourself then you will never be able to pick a career which is perfect for you.

Never be someone who has preconceived notions about things. So before you take any major, live altering decisions it is advisable that you go on a trip with yourself so that there, you can get in touch with your inner self and find out just what makes you happy and content.

2. Be honest with yourself at all times:

When thinking about which career you would like to take up, keep in mind that this is something which you have to do all your life. If it is something you detest right from the start then you will never feel like giving your job your all.

If you do not love your job, then your job and career will always feel like a burden to you. So while taking decisions for yourself, always be honest with yourself. If you keep fooling yourself then you will never find contentment in the career path which you have chosen for yourself. It is not for nothing that people say that honesty is the best policy.

3. Know your strengths:

Once you have spent some alone time with yourself, then you can understand just where your strengths lie. Knowing your strengths is very important indeed. Keep in mind that just because you are interested in something, that does not mean you will be good at it. So as far as possible try and choose a career which is in keeping with your personal strengths so that you can always be successful in whatever you do. If you are someone who is very ambitious then be willing to work hard for what you want as well. Nothing in life is achieved without struggle.

4. Understand your weaknesses:

More important that being acquainted with your strengths is being acquainted with your weaknesses. Once you know where your weaknesses lie then you can make decisions which are simply perfect for you.

If you are someone who is a fighter then you should make it a point to work on these weaknesses as far as possible. Once you turn your weaknesses into strengths then you will simply be unstoppable. All companies want to hire individuals who are willing to put their all into all projects which they undertake.

5. Think about your family situation:

When choosing a career for yourself, you must put yourself and your needs first, but that does not mean that you disregard the thoughts and feelings of your family members. It is for this reason when taking the decision you must spare a thought about your loved ones and their needs. If you have children then it is advisable that you do not pick a career which will involve you working around the clock. If you are someone who has old parents then picking a career which allows you to work from home is an excellent option for you as well.

6. Do as many internships as you can:

As we grow up and become mature individuals we realize that theory and reality are two entirely different things. Things which look so good and promising on paper are actually so very disappointing in reality. It is for this reason that, rather than taking your decision in from the comfort of your home, you should make your decision only after you have done some internships. In order to make a proper as well as informed decision you should take up as many internships as you can. This way you can see how things really are and how you deal with pressure.

7. Consult a career counselor:

When taking decisions pertaining to your career, you need not take the decision all on your own. You can always make a more informed decision by actually conducting a career counselor. He or she will give you proper as well as invaluable advice.

Once you schedule an appointment, you should keep it. Listen to everything which is being told to you and get a sense of which careers are most ‘in’ at the moment. Once you get a clear picture of how the business world looks at the moment then you can choose a career that is best for you.

8. Do proper aptitude tests to see where you stand:

The career counselor will not only be talking, chances are that he/she might make you take a same aptitude tests in order to see what your IQ is and what bend of mind you really have.

Some individuals are more artistic, where as other people are very analytical and number oriented. These aptitude tests are tried and tested and are sure to give you exact results. Doing this is a very smart move indeed. Even if it involves, spending of some money, go ahead and take the tests and you can really be sure of where you stand.

9. Do not be afraid to try something new and unconventional:

When picking a career, make a smart decision. Think about choosing a career, which is relevant today and is likely to become even more promising in time to come. Never make the mistake of turning down a career path just because it does not seem promising today.

Never be afraid to try something new and unconventional. Do whatever you think is the best for you. Things are sure to be hard along the way if you have chosen a path which is unconventional, but as long as it is something which makes you feel alive, you should keep on at it.

10. Choose something which you know is challenging and interesting:

Pick a career for yourself which you know is challenging for you. One of the worst mistakes you can make is picking something which is just too easy for you and doesn’t challenge you in any way.

If you sell yourself short and pick something which is just too simple, then that too will give you a feeling of discontentment, in your life. So do go ahead and pick something not too hard or too easy, but rather something which suits you perfectly. As long as it is interesting, your mind will be engaged and active.

11. Your career should be in keeping with your personality:

When picking a career for yourself you must ensure that it is in keeping with the kind of personality you have. Are you someone who is adventurous or are you someone who prefers to not take any risks at all. Are you an individual who loves pressure or are you someone who cracks instantly under pressure.

Identify the kind of personality which you have and that will enable you to make a decision. If you are someone who loves road trips then it is advisable that you ought not to choose a career which involves you to be stuck up in an office for more than eight hours a day.

12. Speak to people in different fields:

At such a time one of the best things which you can do in order to choose the perfect career for yourself is, actually speak to and interview as many people as you can. Speak to people who have been at the thick of things and they will give you firsthand experience of what they go through on a day to day basis .

Once you get the details you can think about things on your own. Evaluate the pros and cons of various careers and then you can go ahead and choose something which you think will keep you engaged and delighted as well.

13. See what options you have given your field of study:

When choosing a career which is best for you, you cannot take your decision arbitrarily or at will. There are a number of things which you need to take into consideration. If you have studied literature in college then you cannot simply choose to become a doctor. So see all the options which are available before you based on your field of study. Once you do things in a methodical manner then nothing will seem daunting any longer for you. So rather than fretting for no reason at all, all you need to do is just have a hands on approach to things.

14. Do not let others make decisions for you:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a career which is best for you, is leaving the decision up to others. If you are confused about what to do, that does not mean that you leave the decision making to someone else. Believe it or not, no one knows you as well as you know yourself, so make sure that you do not make this foolish mistake. If someone makes a wrong decision for you then later on you will surely grow to resent the person concerned. Do everything on your own so that you cannot blame anyone else at a later point in time.

15. There is no hurry, do take your time:

If you are looking to choose the best career for yourself then it is advisable that you take your time before rushing into anything. If you do things in haste then you are likely to feel bad about it at a later point in time. Irrespective of your age, you should take things slowly and at your own pace. This will enable you to make the right choice for yourself. So if you are feeling down you should consult your family and they will give you help to the best of their ability.

16. Do plenty of research online:

Nowadays you can avail of so much information simply by looking online. So to get help, put on your laptop, computer or phone and read websites which have information. There is a wealth of information available online, all you need to do is spend some of your time reading up. Once you put your computer on, you can find information on companies, jobs, careers, eligibility criteria, etc.

17. Do not only think about the money and salary angle:

When making career related decisions, it is mandatory that you do not pick a career, looking solely at the money or salary aspect. If you are good at what you do, money will come to you at any rate without you having to think about it at all.

These are some of the simplest things which you can do in order to choose a career which is the best as well as perfect for you. In order to avoid regret and sadness at a later point in time, you should always take career related decisions very carefully indeed. Keep in mind that along the way there will be many people who will try to take advantage of your goodness and weakness, so you should never act vulnerable at any point in time. Conduct yourself in a mature and professional manner and everyone will respect you.