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Your Dreams or your Parents’: What to follow?


Dreams are meant to be taken and fulfilled. Everyone has a right to dream good for oneself. Whether they are parents or it’s you, all have the freedom to dream in life. It’s not specifically about not pursuing what your parents have dreamt of you to be; maybe you have the same dream as your parents possess for you; or your dreams can also contradict like views of opposite political parties. In that case, I believe you should follow your own dream, this is due to the many number of valid reasons:

your dreams your parents

23 Tips to Choose Between Your Parents Vs Your Dreams:

1. You know better about your skills:

Your parents give birth to you and they know you by birth; everything from your likes, dislikes, goals, dreams and what not; but this also stands true that you are best known to yourself especially when it comes to skills. Your heart knows better what you are good at and what not, so if you know and follow what you have dreamt of; you will certainly achieve that.

2. You give your best:

When you pursue your dream and stand for yourself and also do best in that, parents certainly come around you and help you after seeing you doing the best in the desired field.

Also, when a person follows his own instinct, he ought to give 100% in the task and it eventually goes successful at the end of the day. Then both the sides become happy; after all parents want to see their wards successful, no matter what field they have chosen to enter into.

3. You are focused:

The dream you have for yourself leads to the similar path and makes you focussed about the same. For example, if you wish to go for journalism thinking of being a news presenter; you make the surrounding similar for yourself all day long, like watching news channels the whole day, downloading news apps on smart phones etc. in such manner you get focused about your dream, thus making it a goal.

4. The dream becomes your goal:

The dream one day becomes a goal and what can be as good as that. When you have set certain benchmarks in life, all the forces of the universe come together in unison to make the wish successful; hence making the dream turning into goal.

Goals are that benchmark that haunts you day in day out in order to reach that point. When all day you work for the goal, you are set to save your future.

5. It becomes your passion:

If you want to make your dream a passion and also want your parents to understand that, then you should start from the scratch to get your dream fulfilled. When you will be seen working with mid night lamps, your parents will surely agree with your dream and will assist you in every hurdle you encounter in life. So, follow your dream because you never know when will it become your passion.

6. You will find it interesting:

If you dream to become a news anchor then it is obvious that you will find it interesting than getting attracted by the laws of Newton and mathematical theorems. So, your dream is something interesting for you and the same goes for the dreams of others. When something interests and attracts you, you are likely to work dedicatedly on it; hence making it a sheer success.

7. You will be ready to work harder for your desired goal:

When you know what you are meant to achieve, and also at the same time that thing fascinates you a lot; then it means, you will be able to carve a niche by working harder for that.

A person never shy’s away from working with strong and harder will if that work is of his or her choice. So, where there is hard work, there is a success and that is the ultimate aim of parents as well you.

8. You are determined:

When there is a zest to reach the destination, then a person becomes determined, but when a person is forced to follow what his or her heart doesn’t allow him to follow then a person cannot be expected to yield good results.

So, it is always better to follow your own instinct and follow it with determination and prove that your dreams were never wrong.

9. You have a clear and coherent mind:

You know better about yourself and also the same goes for your dream. If it’s you who dared to take a dream, then it can only be you who will understand it well. So this clear understanding about the plan and the goals is the best thing. If you have a dream to follow with your own wish, then you will certainly have a clear mind plan to attain that too.

10. You possess good knowledge of the subject:

When you know about your dream, you also possess good knowledge about that subject. This becomes an advantage over anything else. When you already have little knowledge and the process about the career you wished to choose then you will not be made fool by anyone, thus you will be appreciated for the in depth knowledge of the field. This thing will take you ahead of all and you will stand warrior in the battle of being independent in life.

11. You will have idols to follow:

What if you have followed what your parents told you to do and not what you wished to do? This will lead to nothing and you will end up frustrated not because it was told by parents, but because you did not find it interesting enough.

When you will have nothing to correlate the thing with, how will you dream of becoming like any of your idols? For dreaming of someone to be, you need to first know and relate the type of field with that person so that you can show the world nothing is not achievable.

12. Dreams bring more chances and the chances give you opportunities:

When you follow your dream, you get many chances and those chances give you a number of opportunities. The opportunities that knock at your door decide your future. So, this is also one of the reasons of choosing one’s own dream to live a happy life.

On the contrary when you do something out of interest, neither you will not find any chances nor will you be able to grab opportunities. This will lead to an unsuccessful life and zero future.

13. You will be challenging the status quo:

Status quo of the society is the one reason which many times stops a person to follow his or her dream but what if you get a chance to challenge the similar status quo of the society; nothing will be greater than that. So in order to challenge the society, you will have to follow your heart and mind and not the society.

14. You feel happy:

Very simple yet important is happiness in life. Your dream is one thing which gives you inner happiness. When you are following your dream then you will be happy with your work, its environment and everything which is related to the work.

15. You grow when you are out of your comfort zone:

There is a growth of mind, skills and the understanding as you step out of the comfort zone. When you decide to follow the difficult path then you face challenges which help you learn a number of lessons which otherwise you might not learn to be in comfort zone.

16. You will never feel unaccomplished in life ever:

When you will follow your dream, you will never feel something going missing in your life. You will never feel unaccomplished in life ever. Neither will you have any regret that why you did not follow your dream etc. and many more unanswered questions will never haunt you. So, for such kind of peace also it is advisable to follow your dream like a shadow and work hard to attain it at any cost.

17. One who follows their dreams are called doers:

The one who follows their own dream are termed as doers. They have the strength to stand erect like a rock even when the storm arises in their life. Not just this, they are the one who has the will to change the world and bring a revolution in the minds of people who think it’s not fine to pursue one’s dream.

18. You will be able to inspire others too:

People are able to inspire others only when they have achieved something to show the world but if there is nothing you have attained then how will you inspire anyone. So, if you will follow your dream, you will set an example and will be able to inspire others to do the same.

19. You become unique and different from others:

Your dreams will make you unique and help stand different in a queue. Being different is everyone’s dream and to follow such a dream also you need to first take a stand for yourself by fulfilling the dream for your career. So, something different only will define you in true words thus creating your own self-image rather than allowing others to create for you.

20. Your dreams and your action define you:

Who you are in true terms is defined by your actions and the actions are seen when you do something productive. To do productive work, you need to create something new and have to set some example for others. Those examples that you set will define who you are. So, this way you will be able to give a blow to the society, hence stopping them from defining the real you.

21. Accomplishing your dreams will give you more bigger dreams:

When you are done with the fulfilment of one dream, you are able to reach to another dangerous level of achievement. The levels of dreams you have already achieved give rise to bigger dreams, which marks a good angle towards success. So, when you fulfil one dream it gives birth to more other dreams which are again another type of achievement.

22. You will feel something more to live and joy for:

When you escort your dream, you love to do something more about the same just because you find it spellbinding and enthralling for yourself. This feeling makes you feel contented in life and it becomes a joyous time for everyone; your parents as well as you.

23. Life feels memorable:

There comes a number of memorable events during the struggling age. Those stages and the time might have been the toughest but are always recorded in the memory till your last. Such memories make you idiosyncratic, hence helping in making you feel the actual difference in living the life on own terms. Not just this, you are left with zero regrets, you feel more alive, fulfilled and also dare to dream. Also, you are not afraid to make mistakes.

Final Words:

So, above are some of the points that one follow whenever there comes confusion of what to follow, whether to go for parents dream or to follow your own. Evidently, there is equally nothing wrong in choosing a parent’s dream because they also think of our own safety, betterment and protection.

So, it is always wrong to mention that parent’s dream should not be adhered to when it comes to the future. It is just that you need to understand the life in a practical manner and the practicality of life says to think of the future which entirely depends upon us. So, make wise decisions and aspire to become something either through parent’s dream or of your own.