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15 Awesome Reasons to Love Working in Chicago


If you have been considering going to Chicago and starting to work there but at the same time there are several doubts that have been plaguing your mind owing to the fact that people are telling you innumerable negative things about the place, this article will help you in making a decision. However you can never know how it really is, unless you go and have the experience of living there yourself. For your benefit here is a list of some of the reasons why most people love working in Chicago.

love working in chicago reasonsLiving and Working in Chicago:

1. Low cost of Rent:

As opposed to living in other parts of America both the cost of rent as well as the average cost of living is comparatively much less in Chicago. So if you are young or even if you are older, with a number of children to look after then Chicago is certainly a place that you could consider working in because living at this location is certainly not going to burn a hole through your pocket. Since the cost of rent is low, you can actually save up to buy your own place.

2. Wider streets make commuting easy:

As opposed to big cosmopolitan places with narrow streets where commuting is an absolute nightmare, in Chicago there are very broad roads where even during rush hour you will find that traffic does not come to a complete stand still causing all involved to feel greatly stressed. Based on what most people say, the average commute to work does not take longer than thirty five to forty minutes even during peak traffic hours.

3. Home to a lot of Companies:

If you were to take a stroll down Chicago you will be instantly struck with the number of tall buildings that have been built. However these buildings are home to some very big companies, that with the right skills and qualifications you could easily get employed to. This makes finding a job easy as there are just so many opportunities, irrespective of whether your field of expertise is law, fashion, business, software, marketing or even advertising.

4. Airports are easily accessible:

If your job requires you to frequently fly out of Chicago to head to New York, Colorado or even California, then you will be immensely pleased to know that a trip to the airport does not take more than say twenty minutes. In other places driving from the main city to the airport itself takes over an hour averagely. In addition to this, flights to Colorado or New York is only about two hours long where as those to California are four hours long.

5. Perks of being a city without feeling claustrophobic:

One of the best parts of working in Chicago is that there are innumerable job opportunities and the pay is very good as well. However at the same time even though you might be working in top companies and being an integral part of the corporate world, yet at no time will you feel like you are trapped in a world of brick and concrete, longing to break free. There is plenty of greenery all around and even beautiful beaches where you can unwind.

6. The convenient above ground subway:

In this day and age, people are constantly using their cell phones to look up important information or be in contact with colleagues. So in such cases they find it very difficult to ride in the underground subway as for that period of time, they do not get mobile signal. Everyone in the business world knows that time is money and every second counts. One of the greatest boons of working in Chicago is the convenient subway that runs above ground.

7. Availability of good quality, affordable food:

If you are young and are not very good at cooking or even if you do not have the time to cook, that does not mean you have to go hungry. In Chicago there is an unlimited range of eating joints that you can choose from. Restaurants serve a variety of various kinds of foods and they ensure that nothing is overpriced. In addition to this, the practice of running food trucks is also picking up in Chicago, Illinois. So if you are a foodie you are bound to feel like you are in heaven.

8. After a tiring day at work, you can head to the IMPROV theatre:

Many people who might be forced to live alone when they start their career in a new place, worry that they will have nothing to do when work gets over and fear that they might feel isolated and lonely. However in a place like Chicago you will feel a lot of things, but bored and lonely is certainly not one of them! There is a vibrant as well as age old theatre scene in Chicago, which is where you are certainly going to love being a part of.

9. Good place to work if you are also a sports fan:

Chicago is one place that boosts a number of sports teams that compete each year with one another. If you are a sports fan than working in Chicago is most certainly like a dream. There are over 15 sports teams in Chicago and even if you do not love sports you are certainly going to start taking some interest in it. In addition to this, if there is a big game coming up, chances are that employees at big companies are going to get free tickets with great seats.

10. Plenty of local bars to get to know your work buddies better:

What’s better way to get to know your colleagues than to head out to a bar with them after a tiring day at the office. Some might say that having friends at your work place is not important however being able to forge meaningful friendships with people you work with can never be a bad thing at all! If they are genuine people then they are bound to have your back when you make a small mistake or help you when you are sick or over burdened with work.

11. Cultural Diversity of the place:

There is some truth in the common saying that America is a ‘Melting Pot’ of various cultures, so also, Chicago too is a home to people from various races, nationalities and backgrounds. No matter who you are or where you come from, no one is going to discriminate against you and you are bound to be welcomed with open arms. One good part about working in this city is that no one is preoccupied with how much money you make, their friendships are more meaningful.

12. The good work ethic:

Working hard is good, however overburdening employees is not right no matter how ambitious you are. If you have a job in Chicago then you will know about the extremely effective Midwest work ethic, where during work hours, people give their one hundred percent, however in addition to this, they know when to call it a day and head home to the families. When people work too hard without any recreation then over time they are bound to have a mental break down.

13. Innumerable parks to help clear your mind on a busy day:

Sometimes on a really rough day at the office, all you got to do is step out for a while and clear your head. However in some cities you find that any greenery has disappeared all together, but not in Chicago. There are a number of famous and well maintained parks that are open to the public. These parks include the famous Millennium Park, Grant Park, Lincoln Park as well as Jefferson Park. Lincoln Park is 50% larger than the infamous Central Park in New York.

14. Plenty of things to do on the weekend:

In addition to there being plenty of entertainment for sports fans there are innumerable other things for people to do during the weekends. You can visit the famous beaches of Chicago, go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan or play a game of golf at the any of the famous public golf courses in Chicago. So needless to say there is plenty of fun to be had. Not to be forgotten is the delightful Art Institute which ranks above even the Museum of Art in NYC.

15. The Chicago Skyline:

The Chicago Skyline is simply mesmerizing and magnificent. It is so magnificent that it has become one of the main attractions for people to come live and work in a place like Chicago. The skyline gives anyone gazing at it a sense of hope and serenity.

So these are some of the main reasons to love working in Chicago. If you had previously been in two minds about embarking on a new career in the Windy City then this list is bound to have made you fall in love with Chicago however if you have already worked there, then it has probably made you fall in love with the city all over again.