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Top 17 Awesome Reasons to Love Working in Dubai


Dubai over the years has risen from a mere arid desert to one of the world’s cosmopolitan cities. It has appeared into one of the most preferred tourist place on the list of visitors. Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirates and is known for it’s luxury shopping, modern architecture and an exciting night life. Working in Dubai is altogether a fun as it provides people with a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. Some of the reasons to love working in Dubai are as follows:

love working in dubai reasonsReasons Why You Should Live and Work in Dubai:

1. Greater job opportunities:

In order to earn a living for anyone, handsome salary with good infrastructure, neat and clean environment, state of art and safe environment is the utmost need. Such wishes get fulfilled when a person steps in the portal of city, Dubai because it is one of the places which offers a great deal of challenging job opportunities along with a safe environment. This gives a way to grow and succeed in life too.

2. Alluring life style:

The life style of Dubai lures people as it puts forth a number of different styles and preferences. It has world class living standards and an infrastructure which lure people towards it and living in Dubai comes in their wish list. After a busy and hectic work schedule, one has a choice of shedding away their tiredness by joining friends in pubs, clubs thus giving a night life a big high five.

3. The Weather says I am pleasant:

God has gifted Dubai with the serene and beautiful weather. Here nine months a year, the weather remains pleasant and perfect for people to enjoy their lives. Smoke free environment and beaches to spend a weekend is altogether a fun. Only during summer, weather can become a bit difficult to endure, but otherwise it is always good to be here. The water waves on the beaches demands a person to play with it and stay here forever and have fun.

4. I am known for luxury shopping:

Why stay and live in Dubai? Because of the world class luxurious shopping centers and malls it provides. Now day’s men as well as women are adding shopping as their hobbies and why should it not be when it comes to Dubai? Shopping adds fun and frolic to one’s life and gives an escape route to worries and tensions in life. Dubai offers a number of high end malls with biggest fashion trends and designs of world class designers.

5. High security level:

Security comes on the top of the list of everyone. Each and every person wishes to live at the place where security is tight and people feel safe. Dubai is one of those dream places. If a place fails to make you feel secure then all other facilities that it provides are negligible. If you are safe only then you would enjoy stepping out of the house, and if not you probably would not relish anything. Dubai is regarded as one of the top five safest cities in the world. The crime level, the corruption here is at the lowest levels, the security services are available 24/7 along with vigilant police force. So, feel free to live in Dubai.

6. Friend circle:

Here people from every nook and corner of the world come and live their life. This way you will find yourself in a social circle of friends from different cultures and nations. Having friends from all over the world without moving a bit from your place has been just feeling of Wao. You get to experience varied cultures and festivals with your friends and also get to know a lot, thus enhances your intellect level.

7. Events and sports activities:

As people from different cultures reside here, Dubai represents 180 nationalities. Due to such diversity, every year Dubai celebrates different cultures, festivals and events throughout the year. It provides its residents to enjoy exhibitions and sporting events every year which acts as a cherry on the cake. It also arranges mega sports events like rugby, football, horse racing, golf, tennis and so on. Dubai is also best to live for the sports lovers and enthusiasts.

8. The Cosmopolitan city has a cosmopolitan crowd:

The people living in Dubai are from different cities and places. You will come across varied natured as well as literate people. Such people ought to have cosmopolitan thinking and will fit your nature too. You would love to dine with people from all around the world and also would wish to make your children live here for a better and bright future ahead.

9. Travelling is easier:

It is situated in the middle east and due to this location, travelling becomes easier. One could go anywhere with less time as it is in the middle east. The moment you step from the airport, you may feel to have a quick trip, then deciding to go to the supermarket is as easy as a cakewalk. So, this way it offers easy travelling.

10. Desert area fascinates:

The vast open land of desert in Dubai is quite fascinating and is no doubt beautiful part of Dubai. Open space gives a person positive vibe. A person does not feel overcrowded and feeling of relaxation, soothes the mind. It is good to have fun at pubs and late night parties and on the other hand get a sigh of relief by experiencing the open space all around you. The scenes of sun set and sun rise from the vast land of the desert provide serenity to the mind as well as eyes. It makes a person feel out of the world and provides inner happiness, which is the need of the hour in such a life where people are running a rat race.

11. The whole of the income goes into the pocket:

Here people are obliged as they need not pay wealth tax, corporate tax and even the income tax. The whole of hard earned money goes into one’s pocket and that is a big reason to smile on. This way more money is saved and you can add more luxury and fun to your life with the saved amount. It is probably the wish of every single person to keep the whole of the money earned with oneself, and this is the place which fulfills your wish.

12. Skiing is also one of the other best option:

Yes, you might feel bizarre of snow skiing as Dubai being a desert area. But it is something true. You can come with your friends, family to Ski Dubai and practice; enjoy skiing anytime of the year. Though it is strange, yet it is amazing. Having such places adds more fun to the life and makes it more interesting.

13. Enjoy yacht rides here in Dubai:

Apart from the stunning beaches, bars, there are a number of companies which rent out yachts to the people so as to spend a stylish day out. Such luxuries are not available in any other city or the country. Having such luxuries ought to make your weekend easy, hassle free and one of the wonderful lifetime memories.

14. First class and best airlines:

Dubai offers you with number one airlines such as Emirates, Qatar and Etihad and makes your journey a pleasure.

15. Accommodation in Dubai:

Though purchasing an accommodation in Dubai is somewhat difficult as it may raise queries of acquiring a foreigner’s property and all but it is a fun also. You can settle wherever you wish to accord to your preferences and needs. Deira and Burj Dubai is a traditional area while outer communities are the green community and the Arabian Ranches. New housing as well as short term leases is also available. This is an added advantage given by this city.

16. Travelling is no big deal:

Local travelling is quite cheap, easy and nice. Dubai Metro is the one of the easiest and affordable ways to commute from one place to another.Taxis are countless and cheap.So, due to all comforts, travelling here is no big deal.

17. Hospitals and health care centers:

There are a wide variety of hospitals and health care centers in the Health care city in Dubai. Here all types of medicines are available be it Ayurveda, homeopathic, allopathic, acupuncture and so on. Best and experienced doctors are available to care for you and provide you with best and effective medicine. So, health is also no worry.

So, above are some of the reasons of working in Dubai. Every place has its pros and cons, but it does not mean to give away from that city and be a critic of it. Just look forward to the positive points and move ahead in life. Being in Dubai will be a fun in all and will give you number of never forgetting fun experiences and memories. It will give you a lifestyle that you might have dreamt of and could not have it because of being elsewhere. It provides its residents luxurious as well as comfortable life with an added advantage of calmness and peace in life.