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15 Top Reasons to Love for Living and Working in Singapore


Singapore is located on the tip of South East Asia and people love to stay and work in Singapore due to some of the common but true facilities that it imparts to its residents. Best food availability, shopping places, competitive working environment, good and high standard of living are what lures people towards it. Other reasons why you would love to work in Singapore are as follows:

love working in singapore reasonsReasons for Living and Working in Singapore:

1. Safety comes first:

Wherever you live, you must assure that you feel safe while you live there. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. It is because the rate of pickpocketing, corruption and crime level is too low rather it is next to negligible.

The reason behind zero crime is that every male member of the house has to go through the army and they naturally learn discipline by being among the army officials.

Even if people try and rob someone they are ought to be bringing them down because of the safety training given in the army.

Moreover, there are a number of police officials who guard the people in malls, and everywhere else at a public place.

2. Relishing delectable delicacies:

Singapore is a food hub. Here you get to relish a variety of dishes that you might have not eaten or even heard being somewhere else. Whatever your budget is, you will find eatery in every nearby place that would provide you food at your best affordable price.

Food is something which waters one’s mouth and attracts a person like a magnet. This would be the best place especially for the ones who love to have different food from different countries, this is the right place where you would get every sort of food to fill up your tummy.

3. Career opportunities and training:

Building your career here is the best choice. It offers medical students great deal to have an international exposure as well as training. The state of art hospitals give you a bright and long term career.

Singapore provides training compared to other countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and so on. It gives students all round spectrum of services right from primary care to quaternary care as well as organ transplants. To top it all, the conditions, living as well as salary packages are also good.

4. Heterogenous people:

People from all over the world come and reside here. This gives a golden chance to each and every resident to be friend with varied cultures people around. It gives you a chance to dine with the friends from every nook and corner of the world and have fun, share experiences with them.

Most of all Aussies, Brits and Kiwis reside on this island. You come across various languages and also get to learn about different religions and cultures.

5. No need to own a car if you can’t:

Owning a car is not a child’s play for everyone. If you are not able to buy it, need not worry as Singapore provides best of the public transport facility to its public. The taxis and other transport are inexpensive, easily and readily accessible and suits one’s pocket.

Not just this, the public transport also assures safety while they travel from office to home or somewhere else. Even if you feel like you are in need of your car, there are many companies which hire cars on the competitive rates.

6. Multicultured:

Chinese, Indians, Muslims, and many other communities come and live on this island. This island celebrates the festivals of all kinds. Every person follows his or her religion like Chinese follow Buddhism, Christians, catholics.

Malays have the Muslims while the Indians are mostly Hindus. So, by having people from all walks of life adds beauty to Singapore’s population and makes it truly multicultured.

7. Infrastructure and the technology:

Singapore provides its dwellers with number one infrastructure and the world class technology. Good infrastructure gives a person good and high standard of living along with a positive vibe within oneself. Singapore provides you with the facilities that make you feel being and living in a heaven.

8. The airport of Singapore:

It is to bring to your knowledge that Singapore’s airport has been voted as the best and number one by many magazines and the organizations. Its airport provides the facilities of 24/7 wifi, good structure, comfort and a great transit hotel which further provides free video games, movies for 24 hours a day and so on.

Such facilities attracts a person and obviously does not demand for leaving such a beautiful island. The Changi airport is the best airport in the world. The journey no matter how hectic it would be, the time from plane to cab is always 15 to 20 minutes away and comfortable.

9. Singapore at night:

Late night Singapore is vibrant as it gives it people night life to enjoy with friends and colleagues after day long hectic work schedule. Here the things start but finishes late at night.

10. Easy to get permanent resident:

Getting a permanent residence means you get to stay in Singapore for lifetime without giving up your native citizenship which helps you in bringing your family also and you would enjoy the benefits of both the worlds.

Having a PR gives a number of advantages, like you can call your family and stay forever, set up a business and more. In order to have a PR you need not to be a professional because the government of Singapore is too desperate to enhance it’s population that it’s ready to keep any Tom, jerry or Harry through immigration.

11. Tax rates are very low:

Here in Singapore the tax rates are very low and the disposable income is high. This way you are able to save more and even spend the best on the things you are in need. This is exactly what every individual dreams of having more of hard earned money to himself or herself. So, this dream would probably come true when you decide to earn and reside in Singapore.

12. Standard of living:

The standard of living, ultimately rises by living in Singapore. The infrastructure that it provides allures people and it gives them good hope of living healthy whole their life.

Moreover, you would want your children to have the same standard of living too. For that you need to live in Singapore and relish it’s varied cultures and also the natural beauty.

13. The service provided is reliable:

The services provided by the Singaporeans are awesome and commendable. Their honesty is what remains on the priority list may be this is one of the reasons why Singapore is the most visited tourist attractions.

The nature is god gifted but the inherent nature and behavior of people is praise worthy. So, this is also one of the reasons to love working in Singapore.

14. Simplicity in creation:

The infrastructure is outstanding, labor is very skilled and the laws are very attractive. These things make setting up of business easier and also provides a competitive market to grow. The industry there is quite knowledge based and working in Singapore is itself attractive. These reasons also make one to work in Singapore and earn his bread.

Moreover the businesses in Singapore benefit from the investment agreements along with many free trade agreements. These powerful factors have made Singapore a major hub for business as well, which is now giving equal competition to the other countries of the world irrespective of its size, and the population.

15. Efficient:

Singapore is more efficient when it comes to business or work. Due to the quality of efficiency, one is able to work hard and that efficiency boosts one’s morale too.


So, above are some of the most preferred reasons of why most of the people choose Singapore as a destination to work and live for long. Singapore is an island and being an island it provides people with a sigh of relief as it offers the folks with a positive vibe of being secure and safe.

It not only offers a great business place to open but also is one of the best place to enjoy and shed all your worries away as it provides a good night life after a hectic day.

Although there are a number of disadvantages, but the advantages weigh more and should not be neglected. Singapore will provide wider job as well as growth opportunities and will further help to grow in life as well as a career.