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12 Best Reasons to Love Working in NYC (New York City)


It is said that New York City is an awesome place that has endless possibilities. The phrase endless makes a lot of meaning where it brings out that New York has endless people to network, endless gorgeous parks, endless cafes to have meetings and endless happy days which makes every employee’s day happy. The taste and flavor of New York lures you for an urge and never ceases. There is a curated endless list of facts which makes New York the most desired place to work for.

love working in nyc reasonsLiving and Working in NYC:

1. Meetings at the park:

Discussing about skyscrapers and skylines, New York isn’t behind. The spire that pierces the cloud which takes in to account the Empire estate and Chrysler buildings are one aspect to be mentioned.

Though the tall twin towers, Woolworth buildings, the skyscraper museum and lot more are present, taking a walk and arranging meetings in the excellent nature-filled parks of New York is one fact which almost all the employees love and admire.

2. Meeting with coffee:

People of New York sip coffee at least four times a day and it’s a rule as almost everybody there loves to have coffee.

The best part about it is that the employees have meetings as they sip their coffees. This is a primary reason for employees to love to work at New York City.

3. Enough food for employees:

There are quite a lot of hot new venues in New York, a holding a list of best restaurants is difficult. For employees who are craving an artful and tasting menu can get hold of fried chicken which is crackling, or a great bloody steak. The items are plenty and piled up for an employee for his entire career.

A few of famed New York’s favorite are Lobster Newberg, Cheese cakes, Tso’s chicken, eggs benedict, fried chicken and waffles, Hamburger, corned beef sandwich, hot dogs, coal oven pizzas and plenty more.

The best part about food is that food ordered would be delivered to the workplace and there are nearly 530 places which does this service. This is a major reason why employees love to work at New York.

4. Can gain an implausible view:

Being the largest city in the United States, New York is an exceptional place for a city view. The superlative buildings, historic monuments and endless alluring skyscrapers which offer an excellent view when stepped out refreshes the mind of employees. Working in New York is thus considered heavenly and loved by almost all.

5. New York coffees:

Almost every employee knows that New York is a great place for coffee. Whether the employee resides in Astoria, Midtown or any other neighboring places, best cappuccino, espresso, and iced brew are few branded coffees loved by all.

Sipping coffee is favorite refreshment for New York employees and people love to work here for the exceptional favored coffees.

6. Transportation:

Transportation in New York is yet another important factor that lures the employees. The employees are able to get to work using New York transportation without hassles. The stations are perfect and offer a happy journey for employees with their service.

7. Walkable distance:

The office environment is considered as a hub and the distance is just a five-minute walk from anywhere. Employees have no trouble to get to their offices from the pub or bar.

All required necessities are just nearby and for the same reason, employees love to work and live in NYC.

8. Bars open till 4 am:

For cocktails or beers, the bars, dives and spots available in NYC are open until 4 am in the morning. Even Chicago has its bars open just till 2 am, but New York is the favored place for employees so that they can spend their weekend with cocktails and enjoy partying as the bars are open till 4 am.

9. Budget fixed apartments:

The New York City rent guidelines board opens up that there are approximately one million living spaces which are rent-stabilized. This helps the tenants who are ruled by landlords and shields them from the cost elevation. Employees, who love to work and live on a budget basis, can work here without hassles.

10. Place for music and dance:

Apart from being famed as a musical theatre birthplace, dancing, singing, and music has never ceased in New York. There are endless shows, and theaters, enjoyed by all.

NYC has the best music and does the best to entertain the citizens, people love to enjoy all these entertainment activities in New York.

11. People of New York:

People of NYC are friendly and always make sure they help out others. They are proud about themselves and their city too.

They possess ample knowledge and try to help others without hesitation. People are very nice and this stands to be the main reason for employees to be friendly.

12. About the following rules:

When you’re out for a drive at New York you can find out that the driver follows the New York rules strictly. They make sure they run by the natural law, in the same manner, NYC is found to have people speaking many languages and are a place of unity. So people are good and love to respect each other.


With such awesome reasons such as food, driving, good-people, cultural diversity, music, bars and lot more makes New York City a favorite place to live and work in. In that aspect many people from many other countries have stepped into New York and love the place. These are a few reasons and legion more reasons are available for the same.

The Yankees who are stars and local baseball teams are another favorite pass time for the NYC employees. Expectations about NYC life are more than desired and people would love once reading the life there or experiencing the same.

With all this information and high-quality standards of life, NYC is considered as the best place to work and enjoy life.