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How to Work with Introverts and Extroverts Easily?


Introverts and extroverts are different types of personalities whom you will come across in your day to day life.

The ideal place where all these different types of personalities come together is none other than the workplace. Introverts as well as extroverts are extremely essential for the proper functioning of a company.

Working with an introvert or extrovert is not an easy job because it requires you to understand their behavior and act accordingly.

working with introverts and extrovertsIn this regard, it is extremely essential to understand the extrovert and introvert personality traits and how they function in the workplace.

The tips and details mentioned below will help you work better with these extremely opposite types of personalities.

Introverts in the Workplace:

Introverts are people who enjoy their own company and are in love with solitude. They are mostly concerned about their own emotions.

People often misunderstand introverts to be people who are shy, but, this is not the case in reality. They are people who get their energy by being alone or working in solitude. Their entire energy is consumed by working in a group.

People often believe introverts to be depressed people, but, the truth is that they just love to work in solitude.

Character Traits of Introverts:

Introverts have certain character traits which they reflect at the workplace, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Prefer to work solo:

Introvert people usually prefer to work solo and prefer conversations which can take place on a one to one basis.

They prefer an environment which is quiet so that they can come up with the perfect decisions.

2. Taking decisions takes time:

Taking decisions or coming up with judgments will take some time in the case of introverts because they need some time to think about their decisions before being vocal about it.

They need time to reflect on each and every detail carefully and then only they come out with a strong determination to do that in reality.

3. Talk to the point:

Being an introvert in case of conversations, they prefer to talk to the point rather than to talk about anything. Interruption in their work may sometimes cause introverts to become angry.

4. Leadership:

Introverts can become good introverted leaders because they do not have the habit of showing off their skills and flaunting themselves. They have a very clear idea about their capabilities.

5. Shy away from Social Media:

They are people who are not very active in the social media. Introverts tend to shy away from social gatherings of the company which are not related to business matters.

Introverts can be extremely diplomatic at the workplace as they have the habit of assessing the personalities of different people.

6. Lack of confidence:

They have a particular trait, due to which, they do not feel confident enough to take up an assignment until and unless it is refused by other colleagues. Communication in the form of writing is usually preferred by introverts.

7. Concentration power:

One of the best introvert characteristics and features of such people is that they possess extremely amazing concentration power and problem solving skills.

They keep on strive for improvement at all times, which is extremely beneficial for the company which they work for. They have the habit of writing more, which helps them in thinking clearly and coming up with outstanding ideas.

Extroverts at Workplace:

Extroverts are extremely enthusiastic people who love to be in the company of people – be it a social gathering or a workplace.

You cannot ignore an extrovert personality because they are people who just love to talk. In contrast to introverts, extroverts get their energy by spending time in the company of people.

Due to their enthusiastic nature, they often tend to get noticed more.

Character Traits of Extroverts:

Certain personality traits which extroverts exude at the workplace are mentioned below:

1. Leadership:

People are of the view that extroverts prove to be good leaders, but, introverts can also prove to be good leaders in reality.

They prove to be good leaders because they possess awesome listening qualities and keep their cool at all times.

They make good leaders because they involve all employees in the decision making process and come up with a decision after listening taking into account the ideas and suggestions of all the employees. Their dominant nature is helpful in proving them to be good leaders.

2. Love to work in a team:

Extrovert person enjoy working in projects which involve a team. This gives them a chance to put forward their thoughts and ideas and to connect with their colleagues.

They love to express their ideas and emotions verbally because of the simple fact that they love to talk.

Extroverts prefer to come to a decision by conducting discussions in a group rather than thinking about it in solitude.

3. Ready to Volunteer:

There is no doubt about the fact that an extrovert will be the first one to volunteer for any activity at the workplace – it runs in their blood.

Other people at the workplace get motivated by seeing the enthusiasm and energy of the extroverts. They always take the first initiative and buck up everybody to perform any task.

4. Social media:

They love to be the centre of attraction in social gatherings related to the company. The best extrovert characteristics is that nobody is a stranger for them, which is extremely essential at the workplace.

5. Need to set boundaries:

They must learn to set boundaries at the workplace because extroverts tend to get too friendly with their clients and staff.

They have the ability to overpower a client with their emotions, but, this can be disadvantageous at times when the client wants to stick only to business.

6. Appreciation:

Extroverts are people who love to be appreciated for their work. They are even happier if they are appreciated in front of their colleagues.

At the workplace, different techniques should be used to approach introverts and extroverts. The tips mentioned below will give you the perfect idea about how to deal with both these personalities at the workplace.

Tips for Working with an Introvert:

An employer should thoroughly understand the character and personality traits of an introvert before approaching him. Some tips to deal with an introvert personality type are listed down here:

1. Provide them opportunity to work independently:

Introverts should be given the opportunity to work independently on projects or handle projects by themselves, which will help in boosting their confidence. If they are relied upon they will definitely come out with something out-of-the box.

2. Provide a quiet environment:

An employer should respect the fact that an introvert takes time to open up. Introverts need time to take decisions, so, you should give them time to think and work in a quiet environment.

3. Ask for suggestions personally:

An introvert will not be able to express his ideas when sitting in a group. So, an employer should call him personally and ask him for his suggestions and ideas.

In this way he can speak his heart out and can come out with the best suggestion.

4. Give them their space:

Introverts require some time to sort and plan things before starting their day. So, employers should respect this fact about them and give them their space.

Give them agendas of meetings before time so that they can plan accordingly.

5. Prefer to give ideas in a written format:

An employer should not feel that an introvert is not responding if they do not come up with any ideas during a meeting. This is because they prefer to vent out their ideas in a written format, for example, through e-mail.

6. Provide an electronic system of sharing ideas:

One of the best methods in which you can help an introvert share his ideas and suggestions is to have an electronic system to share ideas.

This is perfect for those companies which have extremely busy workplaces and do not have time for one to one conversation.

Tips for Working with an Extrovert:

Dealing with extrovert people requires a lot of cautiousness because they possess a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

So, it is extremely important for the employer to allot them work and responsibilities accordingly. Some tips which will help you in dealing with extroverts at the workplace are mentioned below:

1. Provide opportunity to express ideas:

The most important fact that the employer should keep in mind is to provide opportunities to extroverts to convey their ideas and opinions. As much they will express themselves they can give their best to the organization.

2. Involve them in team work:

You should give them the opportunity to work in projects which involve a team because this involves a lot of brainstorming.

You should have the knack of making extroverts apply their energy and enthusiasm in the right place and at the right time.

3. Give them proper appreciation:

Another important fact that an employer should keep in mind is to give proper appreciation to the extroverts. They would really love it if they are praised in front of their colleagues.

4. Give them some private time:

Employers should be aware of the fact that extroverts also need their private space even though they are extremely talkative.

They are also normal human beings and need some time of their own to brood over things and to spend on their own.

5. Give them time to plan:

Give the agendas of the meeting in advance so that both the personalities get time to plan their ideas. This will help extroverts to come up with better ideas rather than just coming up with any rough idea on the spot instantly.

Advantages of Introverts:

Introverts possess certain advantages which make them extremely beneficial for the company, such as:

  • Introverts are extremely valuable for a company as they have a very unique way of interacting with their colleagues.
  • Another major advantage of introverts is that they are extremely good listeners and they think thoroughly before talking or before taking a decision.
  • They love to work on projects alone and not in a team.

Disadvantages of Being an Introvert:

A major disadvantage is that introverts need a quiet space to work and take decisions efficiently, which is not possible in all the companies.

Advantages of Extroverts:

Extroverts also have certain advantages, some of which are detailed below:

  • Extroverts are people who add a lot of energy and life to the office environment.
  • They are extremely popular due to their friendly and cheerful nature.
  • They possess excellent communication skills and love to work on projects which involve a team. This allows them to connect with various colleagues and to put forward their thoughts and ideas.

Disadvantages of Being an Extrovert:

One of the major disadvantages of extroverts is that they are not good listeners, which can be annoying at times. Moreover, they are sometimes more indulgent in gossiping and talking, which in turn might divert them the real task.

Introverts and Extroverts are Equally Important:

Both extrovert as well as introvert at work are equally important for the successful decision making process and functioning of a company.

The employer should assign tasks and responsibilities to introverts and extroverts in such a way that their quiet strengths and abilities are highlighted and weaknesses are hidden.

For example, an extrovert would not be the perfect choice for a task which requires a lot of reflection over the details of a project. An employer should be capable of encouraging an introvert to speak up their ideas and also limit the talking of extroverts and make them focus more on the task assigned.

Both introverts and extroverts should be given importance which will make them feel that they are useful for the company.

Wrapping Up :

Assessing both introvert and extrovert personality traits of the employees and acting accordingly is extremely important if an employer wants his company to run successfully.

An employer should take care to create an environment which can prove to be productive for both introverts as well as extroverts. Introverts and extroverts should be encouraged to work together at the workplace.

The ultimate aim of any company should be to boost their performance by respecting and encouraging the employee strengths in the workplace regardless of introverts and extroverts.