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How to Answer the Question ‘Why Are You Leaving Your Job?’


Job changes make a mark on our resume. Each time an interviewer poses questions regarding your previous job as well as reasons to leave jobs to understand whether you are a good investment for the firm.

There are many unique answers that may be acceptable for the question about leaving your previous job.

Some answers may trap you and so you need to be wise while answering. Check out some answers that may prompt counter-questioning.

Read to know the best way to coin this question without inviting more questions.

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Better Ways to Answer “Why Are You Leaving Your Job?”

1. Because I got a better opportunity:

Many people tend to answer this way when they are asked why they are thinking of leaving the present job.

The question attains a lot more importance when the individual plans to switch a job within a year or two of joining a job.

The next question that they will ask you is ‘why do you think this is a better opportunity?’ or ‘what makes you feel we are better than your previous company?

Very often candidates get dumbfounded with this sudden bombardment of questions.

Be prepared to answer if they question about the better opportunity or else do not give them a chance to counter question. Rather you must phrase the answer in a manner that leaves them with no questions.

Say something like ‘Who can resist the temptation to join a firm that has made its mark in the industry and retains its reputation since the past 10 years?’ and the little praise and the thorough research on the firm is sure to impress the recruiters.

2. I want to change the field:

Change of field is one reason why many people change their jobs.

If you honestly reveal that you intend to change the field and that is why you are looking out for job vacancies, the interviewer will surely ask you why you joined this job when you didn’t have interest in this field.

Do not fret or panic but reveal to them how your interest and knowledge in this particular field developed over a period of years.

3. My husband/family is shifting to a different location:

location shifting Women in India have many more challenges than many when it comes to being professional. The educated and knowledgeable women also need to change jobs to suit the needs of the family.

The only option left with woman is either to look for a job in the new location or sit at home calling you a homemaker. These are the expectations the family has from a woman.

On the job front, when you reveal that you plan to change a job just because your family has shifted or your husband has got a job in a new location, the recruiter will never admire your efforts to stay with your family.

He will only remind you that you are not being professional and are leaving a career that may offer you a bright future. So how should you answer this question without making yourself look like a perfect housewife with very little goals in life?

It is not as challenging as it appears. Just reveal that you have better plans which will fetch you more profits and improve the scope of your career.

Reveal to your employers that you have a clear picture what you are going to do after leaving the job. If this question is posed in an interview, tell them what benefits you see in staying with your family.

4. I want to expand my knowledge base:

There are people who have basic knowledge in certain fields but they require a job experience to be sure they improve on those skills.

You can reveal to your interviewers that you plan to increase your knowledge in a certain field by switching into a core job. Some interviewers may question why you need a job if you have knowledge in a certain field.

Reveal to them that knowledge alone does not get you jobs and you need to prove to interviewers that you are a deserving candidate.

Tell them that interviewers pick only the best candidates to serve the firm and a job experience in a certain field is the best way to reveal your skills and knowledge.

5. I want to join an MNC/ A Government Job:

Many people tend to go gaga over fashionable jobs like jobs in multinational firms and organizations.

It is more often a vogue than an actual lifesaver. If you state you wanted to join an MNC, the interviewers may take you to be one of those who walk with the herd.

Make sure you convince them why you consider a job in an MNC better. Make them realize that it is a wisely taken decision.

6. Job Satisfaction Lacking:

sick A lot of people switch jobs because they are not satisfied with their job. This could be the reason why you are attending interviews but it may not always be wise to honestly tell them this fact.

Interviewers may ask you what exactly you mean by job satisfaction. Be prepared to answer this question. Tell them what your primary expectations from a job are and why you think this job is just perfect for you.

7. Too much work pressure:

If you are planning to state work pressure as the reason to change a job, do think twice. This answer indirectly implies that you are not capable of taking work pressure. This answer can thus prove detrimental to your career.

Try to frame the answer in a manner that is pleasing. You may say something like ‘I am unable to maintain work-life balance and the stress is affecting my health and personal life’ .

Make sure the interviewers understand that you value some things more than money and success and moreover want to balance personal and professional life..

The process of getting through different rounds in a job interview can be very similar to solving the Rubix cube. The answers need to align with your ground realities for you to bag the job.