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Top 15 Productive Things To Do When You are Bored and Free


There is some truth in the common saying that ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ so no matter how bored you are there is always something better for you to do, rather than to sit around complaining and whiling away your time doing nothing at all. Remember that in this day and age being bored, with nothing to do is a luxury very few enjoy! Enlisted below is a list of some interesting as well as productive things to do when you are bored or when you find yourself to be extremely free.

productive things when bored16 Productive Things to Do When you are Bored:

There are many things to do on a boring day and turn it to be more productive. The following mentioned are few tips on what to do when you are bored, productive things to do when your bored and how to be productive.

1. Doing some simple gardening:

There are hardly any tasks more relaxing than gardening. A number of simple gardening jobs like planting a sapling or even watering a plant can be done in matter of minutes. The act of nurturing a plant does not take any time at all however watching a tiny sapling grow up to be a huge tree owing to your untiring effort is indeed a rewarding job. In addition to this you could also have a small herb garden where you could grow oregano, parsley, basil or even some thyme. This will help you turning your boring day to a productive day.

2. Visiting an old age home:

It is unfortunate indeed that there are uncountable senior citizens that are abandoned in old age homes and have no one to talk to or communicate with. One of the nicest and creative things to do when super bored is give company to one or even a group of old people who would absolutely love spending time with you-talking, telling you stories and maybe even singing some old songs. If your grandparents are no more or even if they live in another city then you are sure to be reminded of them.

3. Going for a power walk or jog:

In today’s day and age there are numerous people who have become very health conscious and take great pains to exercise as well as eat right. If you are someone who doesn’t exercise regularly but find that now you are bored with nothing to do, something productive and fun for you to do is go on a quick power walk or jog. You will end up feeling extremely refreshed after you do. Just put on your jogging shoes, plug in your ear phones and head out.

4. Joining a dance class:

Being bored is a menace, however one of the best things you can do is join a fun dance class. Zumba , Rumba, samba, Salsa, etc are some of the many options that you can choose from. Irrespective of whether you have two left feet or not, dancing is both a great stress buster as well as a fun way to spend time. In addition to these benefits, those who want to lose weight without even wanting to step into the gym; this is something you must consider!

5. Setting up your own blog:

If your exams have just ended or you are a stay at home mom getting bored, with nothing to do a productive option for you is setting up a blog. Blogging is a great past time for numerous people across the globe and they can even earn money from the comfort of their own home. Blogging is both an art as a science however if it is something that catches your fancy then it will surely not feel like a burden to you at any point of time. This is one of the free things to do when bored.

6. Cooking or baking:

If you are bored, chances are that you are going to be hungry as well so cooking is something that is bound to give you a great sense of fulfillment. After browsing the net for some simple and do-able recipes or even going through some of your cookery books you could narrow down on maybe one or two options which you would not mind experimenting with. There is nothing more rewarding that cooking something delicious for loved ones or friends.

7. Visiting your friends:

Being bored often with nothing to do might often lead to you feeling depressed. When the mind has nothing better to think about, it focuses on several negative or depressing thoughts that if you had a busy schedule you would not even bother about. Visiting a friend if you are bored could really help you feel better.

8. Visiting a new restaurant and trying out a new cuisine:

When you are bored one thing you can do is go and visit a new restaurant that has come up in your locality. In addition to this you can browse the internet searching for a restaurant that is serving a cuisine which you have never tasted before. Trying out new and novel things is a great thing to do, you never know that some dish you might never have tasted before might become your favorite dish which you end up eating as often as you can.

9. Playing a sport with friends:

A productive thing that anyone bored can do is gather all your buddies and head for the basketball court or even the cricket ground. This point does not necessarily have to apply to boys or even youngsters, anyone who would like to relive their childhood days and spend some quality time with friends should surely try and do this when they are bored at home on a holiday or even on the weekends. A friendly match with loved ones is an absolute treat.

10. Catch a good movie:

Being bored is not a good feeling at all, however one thing that any bored person could easily do without much effort is watch a good movie. If you find that there are no good movies coming on the television then you could head down to your local video store or even download an interesting movie from the internet. However if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you could treat yourself to a movie at a theatre.

11. Do pending household work:

One incredibly productive thing to do when you are bored is take care of any pending household work. If there is some minor repair work like a leaking tap or a loose hinge that your wife has been bugging you to repair then this would be a great time to work on it. Settling your cupboard or even a shelf or two are tasks that nobody likes doing, however needless to say they do need to be done at some point of time or the other.

12. Take a tour around your city:

Most people are not aware that in almost all cities there are a number of walks conducted so that people get better acquainted with the place they live in and learn to appreciate even the smallest of things about it which they otherwise might not have even noticed. However if you are more into taking solo trips then you could head out on your own using either your car or bicycle , or even make use of the various modes of public transport.

13. Learn to play an instrument:

Everyone always says that they would love to learn to play a new instrument but they never actually get down to doing it. If you are bored then this would be an excellent time for you to actually following up on your words. You could either learn through YouTube tutorials that are good and available free of cost online or you could even hire a private tutor who would be able to give you special attention and teach you at the pace you are comfortable with.

14. Learn a new language:

Learning a new language is more useful than you might think. In addition to it being productive and very useful, it is also a great past time. Learning a new language at a time when you are bored might help you in the long run when it comes to bagging a new job that you would love to take up. So whether it is a foreign language like French, Chinese, Spanish, German or Greek or a native language do not shy away from dong it!

15. Develop a hobby:

Being bored is a great time for you to find out more things about yourself and learn a great deal about where your talents as well as interests lie. If you are interested in something you could take it up as a hobby and over some time with practice and diligence you are sure to master the task whether it is origami, drawing, sketching or stitching.

These are some fun as well as more productive things that anyone can do when they are bored which anyone of any age can do. Uselessly browsing your favourite social media site or sitting for hours on end in front of the television set might seem like fun but it is not enriching in any way at all. Once you look for tasks to do you will find that there are so many things that you can do rather than being cooped up at home.