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28 Amazing Ways to Describe yourself in a Job Interview


A customary question in an interview is “Can you describe yourself in a few words”.

The interview is for a job and it is very necessary for you to come up with an answer quickly.

Words are floating inside your head and your tongue is dipped in the alphabet soup. You sound gibberish to yourself and realize that you are drenched in sweat.

Then you start thinking it could have been better if you had thought about this before.

describe yourself job interview

Below are some words and best ways to describe yourself in a job interview and choose the ones that depicts about you.

Good Ways to Describe Yourself in an Job Interview:

The following mentioned are few describing words used when answering “tell us about yourself” interview question or how to describe yourself in an interview.

1. I am results oriented:

You could say you are someone who keeps high expectations for the results.

You can say that you are confident in your proficiency and even though you are prepared for the worst scenarios, you strive to perform the necessary work that can fight against the odds so that the best result can happen.

2. I want to be judged by my individual performance:

You could explain that you want to be judged by your individual performance. You can add that you wish to be rewarded for your efforts depending on your performance capability.

3. I want to work for a successful company with sturdy visions:

You can express your interest in working for a company that is successful with robust visions and strong leadership. It should be the one that acknowledges and rewards executors.

4. I like to consistently grow:

Say that you look forward to continue learning and developing. Professional growth is based on what you learn whether it is related indirectly or directly to the work.

Thus you wish to consistently grow by learning although it is not a direct requirement of the job.

5. I set definite goals:

Say that you are hard working and modest. You prefer to set definite goals for yourself and with the necessary targets set, you strive to achieve those goals. This will portray that you are an organized person.

6. I prefer open communication:

You can say that you aim for having open communication and are concerned with client’s needs.

You dig for information as to what a client really wants and then ensure that you fulfill those requirements.

7. I am optimistic and problem solver:

State that you are positive about everything and are keen on executing difficult tasks. There will be no need of micromanagement.

Relatively you discover the best ways to resolve a problem in a very independent manner. You do not let problem overpower you but that you handle the situation with adequate control and your efficiency.

8. I am a determined person:

Say that you are a person with firm determination. You have solid resolve to perform well at your job and build a successful career at the same time make the company you work for, more competitive.

9. I meet with challenges bluntly:

Express your need to make results. You face challenges straight on and do not ignore them. You are realistic about present situations and whether they are satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

You do not just wish to meet with your employer’s expectations but look forward to exceed them.

10. I am a responsible person:

You are someone who takes responsibility for your actions when something goes wrong.

You do not play the blame game rather look for solutions and ways to improve. You are someone that sets aside any personal gain for the welfare of the group.

11. I believe in integrity:

Say that you believe in integrity and thus you are mature and forthright at work. You always strive to improve yourself and your skills as a part of developing into a better professional.

12. I adapt to any situation:

Another way to answer is to say you are flexible and adapt to any situation. You prosper in fluctuating environments.

You look forward to changing the unexpected hindrance into a method of obtaining achievement.

13. I constantly innovate:

You can say that you constantly innovate to create value. You try to locate opportunities where others find none.

You transform ideas into assignments and assignments into ongoing success.

14. I have a creative mind:

Creativity is the basis of distinction and hence a source of competitive advantage.

Thus you keep a unique perspective while approaching a matter and it is a result of your extensive range of pursuits.

15. I am target oriented:

Say that you have your eyes on the target always. You strive hard on delivering the best quality of work timely and consistently.

Describe yourself in an interview that hiring you will be a real guarantee for results.

16. I know about this job thoroughly:

Say that you know the in and out of the particular job and the industry. You have many years of relevant experience and thus there arises no question of your efficiency in performing the tasks on the job.

State that you will be able to get in the best practices to the company.

17. I have a high level of motivation:

You can illustrate how you researched about the company, its history and observed its business strategies.

You can even prepare a report and accordingly form some suggestions for improvisation. It will display your high level of motivation to work for the company.

18. I have a pragmatic approach:

Say that you approach things in a realistic manner. You do not waste time in theories but look for practical examples of whether something would work or not.

This way you have less unrealistic ideas and fails and more of practical outcomes.

19. I take work ethics seriously:

Tell the interviewer that you take work ethics seriously and do not look for ways to slack around.

You perform what you are paid for and discover ways to do the best in it. Let the recruiters know that you do not wish to break any rules but work ‘by the book’.

20. I am a quick decision maker:

Say that you are an instant decision maker when need arises. All are able to make good decisions when provided with enough time and details.

However in reality one has to go through time pressures and high risks while making decisions. You take charge and make decisions in a timely manner.

21. I am considered to be fun:

Say that you believe that people are more productive when they enjoy with the people they are working with.

Thus you believe in being enjoyable. When there are tough times with a client, a spark of humor will be able to lighten up anything.

22. I work like a real team-player:

Tell them that you work as a team player. You endeavor to bring the best out of the members of the group you work in and do the best for the company by generating highly competitive workers.

23. I lead people:

Say that you have the capability to unite people surrounding the vision and encourage them for excellence.

You do not insist on something more from other people; you only expect how much you would expect from yourself.

24. I understand the complexity of project management:

You have to illustrate how you understand the intricacy of advanced project management.

It is all about getting all the people together and making them to agree for the steps ahead. It is very complicated however you believe you can manage it.

25. I have an eagle eye for details:

Details matter a lot and thus you keep a keen eye on details. There have been companies that have failed due to one tiny detail and hiring you will guarantee the company that no such details go unnoticed.

26. I look at the bigger picture:

A novice would waste his or her time solving minor problems. Tell that you understand the objective of a company, deal with the real matters and make it noticeable for the top management.

27. I am easy to get along with:

Tell them that you are a people person and that you enjoy working with a diverse workforce.

You are known to be a good listener and an efficient communicator no matter who you are communicating with, employers or colleagues.

28. I am a fast learner:

Say that your best quality is that you are a fast learner. In specific situations or tasks where you lack experience, with a little guidance you can accomplish what is expected of you promptly.


The job market is highly competitive and it is essential for you to grab hold of any opportunity that you see.

You need to be able to express yourself candidly, confidently as well as in an alluring manner. Never forget to be positive while answering and keep things professional.

Using the above ways to answer the question of describing yourself will help you to describe your total finest self and the recruiter will consider you as a resourceful candidate for the company.