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20 Bad Habits that are Killing your Personal Productivity at Work


Why some people are more productive than others in their daily output of work? Every individual has different habits and some of these may be unproductive. What habit each individual has largely determines the personal productivity of that person.

What habit do we have surely has the ability to make or break an opportunity that we get in our day to day life.

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Habits like spending too much on our outings may leave us in financial mess at the end of the month or speaking without thinking may leave us in trouble.

So it is very important to have a reality check on our unproductive habits-before it’s too late. In order to be more productive remove the reason of your unproductiveness from your working style and working area.

So here is list of some aspects which have great impact on the resulting productivity of work of an individual.

Behaviors Killing your Personal Productivity at Work:

1. Planning our daily work:

All of us plan our daily work whether at home or at office which is a very good habit but sometimes we really overdo, resulting in confusion and thus the time that we have devoted in planning which should actually be drawn towards action gets wasted and thus the day is gone without any productive work being done.

2. Eating habits:

Surprised! But actually it really effects the work we do. Intake of caffeine which we suppose is increasing our capacity to work is actually stealing the energy from your body, mind resulting in less work being done.

3. Don’t exert yourself:

Working for long hours is doing no good for the office workers and even they have now realized that it really effects the physical capacity and thus work .

Take a small walk or stretch a little while working and it will increase your productivity. Too much exertion will definitely worsen your productivity.

4. Doing more than one work at a time:

You think that you can do more than one work at a time but actually it is not possible cause diverting your focus on more than one job at a time not only reduces your productivity but also lessens your energy for doing further work.

Planning to do more than one job at a time not only reduces quantity but also the quality of work.

5. Important work should not be dragged till late:

Mornings are the most productive part of the day because as you wake up fresh you are filled with great ideas, fresh energy to do work. Work which is more important should be done in the morning without any excuses for its delay, only then you get the most out of yours efforts.

6. Don’t be a slave of your mobile:

Today our mobile phones have made us their slaves .On and off we get call alerts, message alerts, facebook notifications and what not. These gadgets which are made to help us sometimes in the long run they delay our thought process and thus do effect the quantity and quality of work we are suppose to give.

7. Hand over work to others:

Generally a perfectionist wants to do the entire work by themselves in order to get the best results. But sometimes it may lead to less work being done than expected. So it is always important to delegate work to enhance productivity.

8. Learn to say no:

People often tend to say yes to other people’s work even if they know that it will not be done, this disturbs our concentration and thus the work which we are doing suffers also effecting our further scheduled work .So helping others is a good thing but not at the cost of your own work .

9. Long working hours are tiresome:

Long working hours in between are really tiresome. They not only effect our physical caliber to work but also our output of work done. So it is always better to take small breaks in between for 10 to 15 minutes thus allowing your body to work for long.

10. Not planning your agenda:

Scheduling your work for the day is always advised because if we don’t schedule our work then a lot of our time will get wasted in organizing our output given out.

11. Not checking our weak spots:

Today our technology is filled with so many applications that can keep a check on our productivity. So we should keep a track on what areas of work are we lagging behind and where we should concentrate more to increase our productivity. If we continue in the same manner it will deteriorate our work.

12. Attending too many meetings:

Meetings which you are attending just for the sake of your boss should not be done. You can always talk to your boss and can make them understand your point of view. You can always give your boss a second option, so that it not only helps you but also helps your place of work.

13. Not getting enough power nap:

Sleeping too much or less both can work against you. Not getting enough sleep can make your brain a dumping area. All your thoughts and ideas without actually being utilized. Setting your alarm clock to get up early to get that work done without giving enough time to your brain to relax only lessens your energy to work. So get that sleep to get your energy boosters refilled.

14. Not using latest gadgets:

Technology has invented so many gadget that really help you to get that work done while still doing some other work. Like you can pay your bills from your place and save your time and energy from standing in those long rows. You can schedule a lot of work that can really fill in the gaps in your day. Always choose from the options with a rapid thought and this can be done only with practice.

15. Too many choices:

One of the most important reasons today to kill our productivity is that too many choices are available in everything from our breakfast to our wardrobe….. and this effects our time in taking decisions .Just go simple…simplify your lifestyle and you will soon realize that a lot of your time is saved and will surely relax your mind.

16. Using wrong working techniques at work place:

When you are at work place you often work as a team with everybody’s consent. But some techniques may not be of your choice. In such a situation you can always put together technique which work for you for getting better results.

17. Working while watching television:

Working from home while watching television is a great no. People tend to work while listening to music but the lyrics of the song or the plot of the story on television can distract you. Even the gossip overheard in office can really kill your productivity. But you CAN ALWAYS plug in those earphones saving yourself from being distracted. Listening to soft music also has great impact on the mind.

18. Learning new things everyday:

People generally avoid learning new things because learning brings with it responsibility .People work with same set of knowledge they always had. We should always be excited to learn new things because it helps us to do work with new technique, this helps to increase our productivity.

19. Not taking break from work place:

Take a lunch break away from your work place, go for a walk or just go out on that park bench but just leave your office desk. Breaks always refresh you and you get started with a new thought process .Spending your entire day at same place just bores you and your thought process just gets stuck. So just go out and take a break and get yourself refreshed.

20. It’s never too late:

It’s never too late to get start with a fresh idea and realizing that what areas are really killing your productivity and working on them. If you missed the opportunity one day you always get a second chance and you should never let it go.


If you are ever stuck in something then you should not let it stop you but instead learn from them .There is always a new start to everything. While you go through this article you can list down the areas which according to you hampers you from doing that work perfectly than what you did. You should always learn from your previous mistakes while you start a new work.