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How to Use Non Verbal Communication Effectively?


Non-verbal communication refers to a different form of communication which requires one to speak in different ways than just using speech or words.

It involves everything from your body to your gestures. It is an evolved form of communication.

nonverbal communication to impressNon Verbal Communication Skills:

Nonverbal communication is the form of communication expressed without words.

It tends to include apparent behaviors of facial expressions, eyes, touching, and also tones of voice.

It also comprises less obvious messages such as  the way you dress, posture and  even the spatial distance between  you and other people.

This is a form of communication where one’s actions speak louder than words – 93% of the world’s communication is found to be done this way.

4 Characteristics of Non-Verbal Communication:

characteristics nonverbal communication

1. Subconscious:

Nonverbal communication is often sent and received on a subconscious level. We are usually not aware of the messages we send non-verbally.

Thus, people often get either captured or confused through the use of these gestures.

2. Contextual:

Nonverbal communication actually depends on the situation in which is occurs. Yes, it clearly is based in what context you are going to use that communication.

Thus, you cannot use haptics when it is not required.

3. Ambiguous:

The meaning is open to interpretation and often confusing. One has to really sit through and try hard to understand what all has the nonverbal communication got in store for you.

4. Cultural:

Nonverbal communication has a distinct cultural nature. Yes, it completely depends and is relied on the ways people are talking and communicating with each other.

Thus, it is based on these modes. It is very much cultural and subjective.

Non Verbal Communication Tips To Impress Others:

Sometime it is not just the words that deliver information. Everything about one’s personality does send a signal to the person standing ahead of you of what you want to do.

One person may not be so equipped with words. But however, tactics like acting and making gestures can impress the person sitting ahead.

You make a gesture in the right way and then you can be sure you have communicated. Thus, messages are then made clear and sharp.

There are many ways through which one can express his or her nonverbal ways of communicating with another person. Following given are the 3 major ways to employ them:-

1. Kinesics:

This mostly refers to using your body to send signal to a person about the message. You use your body to make sure you have communicated the right message to the person.

It is your body which will be able to communicate the right message to one and others.

2. Eye Contact – first step of Non – verbal form of communication:

eye contact nonverbal communicationAn eye contact can make or break everything. Eye contact speaks of confidence and enough energy.

Once you have made the perfect eye contact with the opposite person you will be able to create that charm of yours on that person.

You will be able to tell that you have that much amount of valor to come and stand in front of that person and draft a message.

3. Facial expressions – universal – reflects emotions and attitude:

Face is another medium which can be used to communicate to another person. What expressions you make, and how you smile or portray yourself can have a clear impression of what you are going to do.

Thus, face speaks wonders of who you are or who you will be. Thus, face will make the final impression.

4. Gestures – deliberate movements and signals, related to culture and personal likings:

Gestures can be another good sign of making you heard. Suppose for example you want to ask a girl out for dinner, all you have to do is just go and pay for her drinks or give her a free coffee.

Thus, this way you will be able to make yourself heard. Your message will be communicated without you having any need of talking. Gestures thus make for a good non-verbal cue.

5. Posture and Body Language – more subtle and less deliberate – reactions:

posture and body languageYour posture and the way you carry yourself also speaks a lot about who you or what you want in life.

A confident body language, the way you approach a person, the way you drink coffee, all explain the way you wish to ideally do something.

Body language refers to all the things we use to communicate with others through our body. Also, just be sure that the more you remain calm; you will be able to effectively handle the pressure.

6. Touch – Haptics:

Touch can be the most amazing thing or quality which can effectively deliver any message whenever needed.

Yes, it is haptic or the language of touch which can be used to effectively talk about one’s experience one has.

Haptic employ a lot of qualities like these which include touch, and other forms of touch which can effectively convey a message.

As it is shown in movies, how one’s touch can be seductive enough or it can be even plain one to just tell you to go away. Thus, haptics play a great role in building tempo like this.

7. Paralanguage:

Paralanguage involves using communicative tools through the medium of language and emoticons. These qualities of your voice matter when you are indulging in a conversation with someone else.

Thus, be sure that these all qualities are fulfilled and taken care of while you use your voice to initiate a conversation.

Thus these are the various components one can take care of while making a conversation. One has to keep in mind that pitch, volume, reaction are all very important once you make an easy conversation.

  • Pitch: Interest and emotions are the feelings generated through this.
  • Volume- reaction: High volume can lead to a sudden jerk reaction and opposite for the pothers.
  • Tone- intensity: You have to know how intense the opposite person is while he or she is talking to you. It is necessary that you do form this wall of tone once you communicate. Thus, be sure that you are able to make a good conversation.
  • Quality- clarity: Please be crisp and clear while making any conversation. You cannot let go of the fact that you need a clear voice in the beginning to make an impression. The opposite person has to understand what you say and what you are trying to express quite clearly and neatly. Thus, everything must fall in place.

8. Proximity:

proximity nonverbal communicationProximity is also of utmost value in this form of nonverbal communication.

You have to also understand the way you show your closeness towards someone the same way you will be able to express, why one thing is working and why other is not.

Thus, distance will also be able to tell you why one thing is working out and why others are not. Thus be just happy about a fact that if a person wants and is trying to increase his or her closeness towards you.

9. Intimate distance:

Intimate distance implies that the person is coming very close to you. Inflect it also means that you are sharing great bond with the person.

It also speaks of romance and other things. Thus by going intimate with the person you will be able to cast a good impression of yours very ingeniously.

10. Personal distance:

Personal distance implies that the person is sitting very comfortably. Personal distance means that there should not be much problem with the way a person is sitting or is having distance at with another person. Thus, personal distance matters a lot.

11. Social distance:

Social distance means the standing or distance a person has in a social circle with you.

In a social circle, is person still tries to be far or keep distance with you, one must understand that things have gone wrong and they must try to be mended and healed. Thus, social distance holds a big time importance.

12. Public Distance:

Public or people can also consider being at a distance with other people. Thus, public distance also could mean great deals and thus must be mended.

Public distance must be taken care of and things must be improved while you are talking about your standing at a public space.

How to Use Non Verbal Communication Skills for Good?

using nonverbal communicationIt is very simple. Understand the role of each. Each serves a different function, and can be applied during different walks of life.

Remember you can use paralanguage skills when you want to impress another person ranking low than you or otherwise you can use facial emotions to impress a person may be who is better off than you.

Thus one has to carefully and judiciously decide how and why one must tackle with people in life. Nonverbal communication thus helps one to scrupulously make one make an impression on others and make sure that this impression is so lasting enough that it would not fail.