Every workplace environment has different types of employees with different kinds of  attitudes. The most common different types of attitudes are being positive, very diplomatic or negative mind set.

The very first two mind set will not disturb the environment mostly. But negative attitude employees are very difficult to handle as they cause a disturbance to the environment and also pollute the workplace ethics.

One most important thing to be noticed is, it is very tough to pick or identify the negative attitude people in the workplace as they are like a grenade. It would be found only when it explodes.

Hence, it is very important to identify these negative attitude people and stop making them affect the job performances or not create any negative vibes among the work environment. Read this post to know more about the different types of negative attitudes in the workplace.

Negative Attitudes in Workplace

List of Bad or Negative Attitudes in the Workplace:

Here are the few most common negative traits found in the work place or different types of attitude problem in the workplace.

1. Exaggerating co- workers mistakes in the team:

One of the most common negative attitude found in the workplace is exaggerating others mistakes which is not a very decent attitude. It is very natural for an employee to commit mistake in their work.

There are few negative attitude people who tries to ruin others career by highlighting their mistakes committed by them. Yes, it is very essential to make them understand their mistake and help them recover from it. But not spreading it throughout the office, as it will eventually pull them down and feel bad about it.

2. Speak ill about others employees or spread rumours:

There are times where few employees miss out in their personal or professional life. And it might also reach the workplace by many loop holes. In those cases, there are few negative attitude employees who spread the rumours or comment on others personal life in the workplace.

This will totally ruin the affected person as well as it will create a negative image on them. Spreading rumours is one of the most common type of negative attitude which has a lot of impact on the workplace.

3. Back biting about the managers or co-workers:

It is a very bad manner to speak about a person when they are not present in the place. This does not mean you should never speak about anyone in the workplace, but it is very negative to speak ill about others or comment about others when they are not present in the place.

Especially, commenting upon the manager’s opinion or speaking about others way of thinking is a very negative attitude in the work environment.

4. Dominate the team or do not be in line with the higher officials:

Being not in line with the motive of the organization is also one negative attitude exhibited by the employees. For example, there are few employees who always tries to dominate the team or never go in sync with the team’s opinion.

It is good to have an individuality in a team but do not create a havoc or always try to oppose the higher official’s verdict on any issues in the workplace.

5. Never accepting the criticisms:

Every employee may receive both kind of criticisms from their colleagues or higher officials. It is very natural to feel bad when receiving negative comments. But this does not mean, no negative feedback cannot be accepted.

One of the most common negative attitude is to oppose or fight back when they do not receive good criticisms. Showing attitude or retaliating on negative comments is not a good way to show opposition.

6. Do not compliment the good work of other, rather try to pull them down by speaking negative:

There are times where co-workers might perform their best or have a good set back of their project.

At that times, there are few employees who do not appreciate others good work or never compliment any other employees in the office.

This is one of the worst negative attitude which ruins a individuals character completely as appreciating at work or encouraging co-workers is very important in the workplace.

Worst case is negative attitude people also speaks ill about an employee who out performs in the workplace.

7. Too much expectations on their presence in the team:

In an office environment, not that every single day the higher officials might encourage or compliment their team members. It is very natural to forget or miss out few employees even when they show a better performance in the team.

One of the most common negative attitude is expecting too much in appreciation or always expecting to be in the lime light in their own organization. This is a very suffocating attitude as it might disturb the whole team as every one might become very conscious about each other.

8. Expressing the views in a very rude manner:

Not all times it is necessary for a team to accept every single employee’s opinion. Few employee’s view point or opinion might be rejected when it comes to making a progressive decision for the team. One of the worst way of showing negative attitude is expressing the displeasure in a very rude manner.

Sometimes, few negative attitude employee might show worst workplace behavioural attitude like tapping the table, or shouting in a higher tone in the team to show their displeasure. This is a very disturbing attitude as it might disturb the work ethics as well ruin the entire atmosphere in the work place.

9. Showing disrespect to others emotions:

Every single employee in an organization might have a different lifestyle or various personal opinion on many issues. One of the most disturbing negative attitude is to show disrespect to others opinion.

For example, in an office where thousands of people work together, few employees might feel like taking a break from work or might have some personal emergencies, in such cases there are few senior employees who do not respect or appreciate their team member’s decision.

They either try to neglect or make fun of their team member’s emotions in a very harsh way. This kind of negative attitude is very commonly found among the employers.

10. A very non-confidential attitude towards the team issues:

Every organization might have very confidential matters which cannot be discussed outside the team. And it is a necessity to share the confidential matter among the team but not outside the team.

In such cases, there are few employees who always spreads very confidential matters outside the team or they do not maintain any kind of secrets within themselves. This kind of negative attitude might harm the team as well create a bad image to the person.

11. No ownership, when committed a mistake:

It is very common to commit a mistake in a team. There are few people who either gets scared to take the ownership of committing a mistake or in a wanted way escapes from accepting the committed mistake. This type of attitude is not healthy and it causes a negative vibe in the whole team.

Taking ownership is a must either in a positive circumstances or negative circumstances. And it is a very negative attitude to avoid taking ownership in a work place.

12. Introverted nature is not acceptable at all times:

It is not necessary that every employee has to socialize with all the members of the team and be a very go to person. But is essential to not be a very moody person or like have a very introverted nature. This cannot be called as a negative attitude, but there are chances of being misunderstood by the team as they do not share anything or they tend to stay away from the team most of the times. That too introverted nature becomes a problem when the employee stays away from being in a team while making important decision making scenarios.

An office environment will have all types of people. And it is to be understood that even when one employee has a negative attitude it affects the whole environment. And most importantly all the negative vibes might disturb the productivity of the organization.

A team lead or a manager is not alone solely responsible to make the environment positive. It is the duty of every single employee to take care controlling their attitude when it comes to work.

It is very important to remember, any kind of issues or problem among the team or work related can be addressed only when being positive towards everything. Like a virus detecting software for a computer, every individual employee should work helping each other to not show negative attitude to each other. This not only helps the work place become better, but also it helps every individual employee to grow personally. Hope this post helps to know more about what is a negative attitude and the different negative attitudes of the work place.