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Dealing with Negative Attitudes at Workplace: 13 Best Tips


Allowing bad employees who have bad attitude to go ahead with their behaviour could seriously lead to some bad effects. Co workers who see employers and their bad behaviour could be exposed to negative attitude at times.

Customers will also be offended or disgruntled when they have been exposed to employees who have a bad attitude towards work. Plus people who are negative tend to affect your work place a lot.

So what you can do in situations like this is take some positive approach and stop the employees from becoming a wrecking havoc at your workplace.

In this post, we are going to tell you about negative attitudes in the workplace and how you can deal with them in the best way possible.

Negative Attitudes in Workplace

Dealing Employees with Negative Attitudes:

1. Never take the problem in a lighter manner:

Knowing that employees want to work in your company and do have certain good qualities, you can always find a way to deal with people who have bad attitude in the workplace. Several times, managers are going to look past those who are negative or problematic.

Managers who are living by this rule do hope that after some time the problem shall disappear but the truth is that never happens. By all these, people will become more troublesome with time and annoy you even more. By looking past the situation is going to make your problem even more progressive.

2. Delve deep into the matter:

It is extremely important to take quick action whenever you start dealing with bad attitudes among your workers. There are times when dealing with difficult employees do not know that their behaviour is bad or that they are reacting in a negative manner. That is probably because a lot of people do put up with bad behaviour just to get along. And that could also lead to job frustration after a point.

So if you want to go by our suggestion and deal with negative attitudes at the workplace in a better way, make sure to delve deep into the matter. See how it goes. You will have to gather more information and look at how the employee is reacting with others before you reach a conclusion.

3. You have to research the problem too:

Third, you have to research where the problem really lies. As a manager, you have to take the person to your office or a conference room and address the issue in a calm manner.

To start off with, the manager will have to ask their employees if he or she is aware of the issues so that they can determine if the person with an attitude problems at work is aware of the trouble they are causing.

In case the employee doesn’t know, the manager will have to describe such bad behaviour. And in that way, it can be dealt with and there will hopefully be a solution to the problem.

4. Allow the problematic employee to come back on track:

When the employees begin to show and understand that such negative employees behaviours are experienced by people inside the organization, it is high time for the manager to take some serious action.

Coaching an employee with a bad attitude when it comes to displaying for appropriate and acceptable behaviour. What managers must do is provide proper feedback so that the employees find success in reducing negative actions.

5. Termination can be applied in extreme cases:

If matters get too extreme and you feel like nothing can be done about it, you might have to terminate them from your workplace. There are a lot of times when you can actually control the situation but there will also be times when you cannot.

So when you feel like its going way out of hand, do consider terminating them. Only that can help you restore harmony and peace inside the organization.

Other Tips for Handling an Employee with Bad Attitude:

1. Have a good relationship with every staff member:

Whether you are a manager or an employee, you must never concern yourself in being pals with your colleagues or employees. In fact when you are doing that, it will promote a workplace that is dysfunctional where the roles have been ill defined. This may also lead to power struggles, resentment etc.

Most employers will make clear that relationships with the staff members don’t resemble the peer relationships at all. The relationship between employee and employers tends to work best when the relationship is good but also formal.

2. Don’t ever over express yourself:

It is great to appreciate people at your workplace when they have performed really well. But make sure it doesn’t become a routine. Sweet words and compliments will mean a lot more when they have been earned.

It is very important that all of your employees understand what they have done is good but they must never be over confident. If that is possible, only then they will not be having any bad attitude at work. This will always have a positive and better effect on them. Remember this at work.

3. Don’t keep things emotional at all:

Less is always more whenever it comes to having emotional exchanges between the staff and employers. You may use this example of corrective messages which are delivered emotionally with a proper and pleading tone. “I really want you to come on time. I know its difficult because of the rush and traffic jams but please make it on time”.

Instead of saying it that way, you could do it another way as well. Say strictly that you want them to be on time and that their behaviour is completely unacceptable and professional. If you can do things that way, it will actually help you a lot.

4. Never become too arrogant:

Employees who always behave as if they are way above others will not be successful in anything apart from making others unhappy and evoking feelings of resentment and anger.

And that could really be a horrible thing to do. If you want to prevent people from getting negative at your workplace, this is what you need to do.

5. Never provide anyone with universal awards:

Several employers have made the huge mistake of providing all their staff members with the same reward for the same performances in a bigger manner.

If one of the employers gives all of them a sales staff a gift card of $500 when the employees have already earned the reward, it could demoralize people who have worked hard to get that reward and reinforce the attitude of people who don’t. Group rewards will also have the potential for further attitudes and some sense of entitlement.

6. Listen to the problem carefully:

There are times when people in your workplace behave bad on purpose. They are unhappy with a certain issue but really don’t want to speak about it since they have nobody to listen to them. If you feel like you are in a similar situation, you have to make it a point to listen to the problem and completely analyze it.

You are actually going to find out a lot here, whether it was your fault or the employees. Listening is one of the most simple and effective ways to solve problems at the workplace. It is also one that works wonderfully.

7. Give them proper feedback:

A lot of managers don’t mind spending years, months talking and complaining about their employees but will never do a thing when it comes to giving them proper feedback.

Yes, giving people feedback is one of the toughest things that any manager can do but if you want to get rid of negative people at your workplace, this is what you must remember to do. Feedback is one of the best approaches you can use today and works wonderfully.

8. Don’t be too rude:

It is one thing to tell peoples straight up where they are going wrong and it is another thing to be rude to them. If you really want to help people in your workplace, remember not to be rude to them.

Of course you must speak your mind but being rude will really damage the whole scenario. Be upfront and clear with your words. Give them a warning if possible. But don’t ever become too rude while talking.


Several employees do understand negative behaviour in the workplace and will make attempts to turn things around. This is actually quite true during times that are tough and when employment is quite high and getting a new job is not easy.

In any of the cases, your manager will have to follow guidelines of the company and recognize the behaviour which is unacceptable, come up with feedback and provide input so that things can be turned out. If you have found some help from the post or have some queries and ideas, let us know about it in the comment box below.