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40 Best UI Designer Interview Questions and Answers


What is UI Designer?

UI stands for User Interface design, it is about creating the look and feel of a software or an app. The UI design is in close relation to graphic or visual design.

A UI designer has great knowledge and understanding of the layout, typography, colors and most importantly they need to have a great understanding of how a user will react and see a web page or an app.

UI designer needs to focus that a user can easily understand those visual cues on a page and is easily able to respond to it.

Currently, there is a huge demand for a UI designer in the industry as a fresher as well as an experienced. People now have become dependent on the internet and mobile phones more than ever and this is where UI designer has become more important than ever.

It is good to prepare for the job with the right knowledge and skills to crack in the industry. Each industry is moving towards mobile apps and almost every company has a website, which increases the huge employment possibility for a UI designer because every company wants to crack the code of staying ahead than its competitors.

Here are a few UI designer interview questions and answers to prepare for.

UI Designer Interview Questions Answers

UI Designer Interview Questions and Answers:

1. Question: What you love most about UI design?


This is the most simple question and a crucial one to answer. With this question, the employer will get to know the motivation and the drive for you to be in this area of work.

As a UI designer, what are the crucial aspects you like about it from user testing to designing new layouts and creating an interesting visual language, anything which can hook you up in it will be the best answer?

The UI design is not an art, it requires not only design acumen but a business mindset to deliver the best results. While answering this question, ensure to back them up with relevant and strong examples and reasoning as to why a specific part of UI design attracts you.

Include how you ensure to keep up to date on it and how you intend to improvise on to make it better day by day.

2. Question: What is the average working day of a UI designer?


As a UI designer, they are one of the crucial members of a team built by UX designer, developer and much more. While answering this question, one needs to mention how a day begins with discussing with the team about the work, problem, key areas to focus on. This will provide an idea that a UI designer is a team player and is in constant touch with their team to build an effective design.

They need to mention how they visualize the idea and how to plan to achieve it. Understanding the limitations and the concerns in the design, especially after discussing with the UX designer. How they plan to tackle these issues with an effective result.

Also, don’t forget to allot some time in your day, to read about the newer developments happening in the industry.

3. Question: Describe your challenges as a UI designer?


The answer needs to mention the core concerns that a UI designer faces in day to day work. The UI design is quite a challenging time because every day something new is coming up in the web world and keeping up with that regularly requires immense attentiveness to the information.

A new button, link, scrolling, icons that keep the user interested. Knowing what will attract the user and keep them hooked to it regularly is one of the biggest challenges they have. A UI design talk never goes without talking about web forms.

Understanding what will work best is of utmost importance. The client differences is a challenge which every designer face. Talking about how these differences are bridged keeping in mind the client requirement along with the design value and aesthetics of the product.

4. Question: What is your expertise as a UI designer?


There is always one area where a UI designer is comfortable and good at it. The kind of client and the kind of media they work the best is like the mobile app or websites. Rather than mentioning only one area of expertise, it is good to discuss experience or projects where the work was new and was able to reach the desired results.

These days employers are looking for versatile employees who can multi-task and can crack the difficult project.

Hence, it is best to share your knowledge but best not to restrict yourself. Share what is close to your heart and what keeps you interested the most.

5. Question: What are your views is the future of UI design?


Keep yourself up to date with the upcoming trends in the user interface field before answering. Because it helps the employer to know how truly dedicated, passionate at work and knowledgeable you are in the field and how proactive you will be in your approach to stay ahead of the competitors. Therefore, learn about all the interesting buzz and hot trends in the market.

Best is to read about micro-interaction, layered interface, and agnostic information flow, from what it is, how it works, what is its significance and what are their future implications. Let the employer know the level of commitment and interest you have in a user interface and how your approach as a designer is different from others.

6. Question: How you see yourself as a UI designer in the coming future?


The future of UI design is immense as the world is shifting more and more towards internet life, from computers to mobile phones. Each day new technology is coming up which is making life easier for the people.

As a UI designer, this question is important to answer as to how do you see yourself in the coming future. This is another question for the employer as they can learn about it if you are planning to switch jobs and companies or for how long you intend to be part of the employer.

The clarity of your future gives a clear idea to the employer about your dedication, hard work, and efforts you are willing to put in your work and how much of a risk taker you will be.

7. Question: How do you manage the difference with your UX designer?


Every team or even no two people can have the same opinion about something. As a UI designer, it is crucial to work in a team and be a strong team player, but, naturally, differences crop up in a team.

Generally, the differences tend to come up a lot between a UI and UX designer in a team, since both have a different perception of their work and they want to be the alpha in the team.

Therefore, the employer needs to know how the designer will manage the differences that will come up. The process of effective communication with the team matters the most. So as not to hamper with the result and find the best solution for the problems.

8. Question: What is the app you think with a good UI design?


Answer this question mentioning the apps which have specifically caught your eye and it is not necessary that they are to be popular. What is special about it, what are the features, colors, the design aspect you like in it and justify with the logical reasoning as to how all of it works for the best. What will be your opinion on it and mentioning the synchronicities of all those elements that makes it the best visually?

This answer should tell the employer as to what kind of feature and attributes are your style and how as a designer you will be incorporating it into the work while maintaining the individuality of the brand.

9. Question: What is the app you think with a bad UI design?


Sometimes an employer can ask about your opinion on a bad design instead of asking about the good design. One must need to know about the bad UI design in their opinion. The UI designer should have a strong opinion as to why they think it to be a design that is not user-friendly.

This question answers two very important aspects of the designer-

Firstly, how a UI designer thinks and what are the important aspect for a designer to know the value of the button, scroll bars, signs and process involved in the design. Letting know the employer about how a designer perceives the problem.

Secondly, how the designer thinks about the user. Reasoning with the issues as to why the end user will not be able to work through it effectively will show your problem-solving capabilities.

10. Question: What are the information required before working on the user interface?


The UI design is a team-based work and cannot function best on its own. Before beginning the work, the designer should know what are the information they might require from a UX designer since UX and UI designs are integrated into each other and one cannot function without the other.

The user experience data is based on research and analytics, including surveys, usability tests. This data helps a UI designer to know the problems faced in the interface interaction focusing on the key areas and resolving those issues.

This answer will provide an edge to the UI designer during the interview as the employer will learn about the designer as a team player who is keen on taking feedback from others in an effective way.

11. Question: How effective is Google’s material design for the user interface?


Material design is a piece of visual information provided by Google, and it includes elements and principles of good design, the colors to use in the various sphere from science and technology.

Answering this question will provide the updated information a designer has in the domain of visual design and information. How effectively that information can be used for the benefit of the product.

Sharing the opinions and thoughts on the various platforms of mobile and website domain, its effectiveness in design and how relevant it is in the world of design.

12. Question: Give an example of a popular user interface and how will you redesign it?


There is always a better solution to an existing design and at every given step it can improvise and make it better. Taking an example of an existing popular user interface with the issues and concerns a designer sees in it.

Listing out those concerns and then mentioning the possible solution to make it far better than the existing design. More than a designer shows the business acumen of a designer who can think from the perspective of an end-user.

UI Designer Interview Questions:

  1. How do you plan to redesign an existing user interface
  2. Brief about your core areas of UI design knowledge
  3. What would you do if your client claims that your product did not meet their requirement
  4. How early can you begin
  5. Explain about an app that matches you ideal UI design
  6. How good you are in UI designing
  7. Do you gather any UX details before designing any UI design
  8. What kind of UX information would be needed before working on UI designing
  9. How good are you working with others
  10. What motivates you the most
  11. What is meant by “scraping” in UIPath?
  12. why should we hire you
  13. What do you think about Google’s material design?
  14. Where do you see yourself in the next 5-year span
  15. why do you want to work with us
  16. When was the last time you used UI micro-interactions?
  17. How would you define the timeline of your own design
  18. Explain about any of the toughest problems you have encountered while doing UI design
  19. Brief about your design process
  20. Share some of your previous works
  21. Which app do you think has the most creative UI designs ever
  22. Which app has the worst ever user interface
  23. What could be the reason Sketch gaining higher popularity around UI?
  24. Tell us about your favorite part in designing
  25. How did you get into this field
  26. Brief an average workday of an ideal UI designer
  27. How good is your knowledge about designing
  28. Do you have any question for us

The answer and changes mentioned should have proper and relevant reasoning to it rather than just the desire and interest of the designer.

A good designer is the one who can think from the perspective of the end-user and understand what is the best solution for the user. Ultimately it is the result what everyone is looking for and a beforehand idea of the final output always comes handy.


The opportunities as a UI designer is endless and the future is extremely bright in the field of a user interface. Despite being the high competition and ever-changing market where survival of the fittest is the mantra, there is work for everyone from a fresher to an experienced.

Only those who are truly passionate about the user interface in all its aspects, from designing the layout, making simpler and effective and highly communicative interfaces. The only surviving kit in this industry is to work towards the goal of achieving the best and keeping up to date with what is happening in the industry.

Ensure you are aware of the technical terms used in user interface design because sometimes these interview questions for a designer can be asked too. Along with being open in your ideas and approach for listening to other ideas, this is the best way to learn fast and move ahead.