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20 Tricky Interview Questions and How to Answer Them


One thing that everyone dreads about a job is going to the job interview. Be it a fresher or an experienced for years, it is equally scary for both. One cannot predict the tricky interview questions that can be asked or what will be the appropriate answer to those questions.

Sometimes too much of honesty in your answers might make you lose the opportunity, in such places one needs to be quite diplomatic while answering such questions. The questions asked generally are to check your intelligence and presence of mind, they are not necessarily related to the job but could be random questions to know you more on the personal level. Remember these tricky interview questions and answers which are useful for both freshers and experienced.

Hence, one needs to be quite smart and patient while answering them

tricky job interview questions

How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions:

1. About yourself:

This is generally the first question asked to the interviewee. It is to make the person feel comfortable also to break the ice. You need not start describing too much about your personal life, but the information should be apt enough for the interviewer to continue the talk with you. Share a brief about your life in person, career, and your interest. Practice before the interview but not too much that it starts sounding artificial.

2. Why you want this job:

The reasons for wanting this job could be many but this could be a tricky interview question to answer also. Avoid saying the money to be the prime reason for this job despite the truth being the money factor for your choice.

Mention reasons like your passion for the work or the profile are exciting, etc. Keep in mind that the employer is not looking to be an option for you but the real choice.

3. Why you want to leave your current job:

Ensure to mention the reasons for growth and opportunity and avoid saying anything negative about your company. Do some research about the company and prepare the positive things that motivate you to be there which is enough for you to leave the job.

The common best answer one can give is the opportunities that are being provided and how you think you are a perfect fit for that place.

4. How is your previous boss:

This is of extreme importance, never ever say anything bad about your boss no matter how big difference and issues you are having with them. It is a tricky interview with the employer to know how cordial are you with your boss and how you will deal with the situations of difference between them. A good answer will be a basis to see you as a better candidate for the prospective employer.

5. What are your weaknesses:

No living being is perfect hence, it is a smart way to assess you the kind of person you are. To understand if you will truly make peace with your weaknesses or will just say that you are the person without any issues and a. But begin too honest also might not work in your favor, therefore, showcase your weakness as something which can indirectly be your strength.

For Example, if you say that you have a habit of rechecking everything thrice before you send the final report and it does take a lot of time. Though it talks about the time issues but also conveys the message about how careful you are while working on bigger projects. Definitely a smart answer and itsĀ one of the tricky interview question.

6. What is your strength:

Another common question which is asked frequently. Mention the best things about yourself but something which is lacking in most of the people. Always give some example related to it, as in how you bring out the best results in the certain situation.

Where you were not aware of this but figured out that you are pretty good at it. Examples help to give a clearer view of the strength and show your positive side too.

7. What you did to bring change in your previous job:

Share the examples of your work where you went ahead beyond your designated job role and did the best for the company. For example, if you introduced a newer system or suggested a better strategy to deal with a situation and it leads to better results.

This question generally shows that if you are an asset to the company or not. Also, it shows what are the additional skills you have beyond your resume and its one of the tricky hr interview question.

8. What was your failure and learning:

Everybody once in a while fails or is disappointed in their job when things do not turn out the way they want. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and rectify it. This is the tricky interview question to ask to understand your capability of ownership i.e. if you are strong enough to own your mistakes. It provides the information as to how much capability you have to be a leader or take charge of the situation if required in the future.

9. Share your achievements:

It explains your interest and passion towards your work. How, much dedication you have to do the best for the organization, hence, give examples of your achievements and the recognition you got for the same.

This is an opportunity to explain the best of you and do not miss out on it. In fact, prepare a list of your achievements before the interview, practice the answer but ensure to keep it apt and not to make a story out of it.

10. Why there is a gap in employment:

Having a gap between your previous job and the place you have applied is a difficult question to answer. Because one does not know what is the best answer that can be said which is right. Generally, for women, it ranges from taking care of the family but for men, it tends to be the most tricky interview question that is asked in an interview.

Tell the truth, concerns and what was the reason behind the gap, prefer not to give the vague or doubtful answer but ensure to give valid and strong reasons for the same.

11. One thing that you don’t like in your current job:

A question which can smartly be used against you. Therefore, do not say thing like I hate my job or complaints about your boss. Because the interviewer will think that if you cannot fit there then how will you be a right candidate for them.

You can mention harmless yet simple facts like that your office is too far to travel and you are not in a condition to shift there because of family, hence, you are looking for an opportunity closer to your place to be able to spend more time with your family. A nice and simple answer like this which is not entirely directed to the job or the workplace will be the smart tricky answer.

12. How your colleagues and friends describe you:

What do your colleagues think of you? A common tricky interview question to understand if you are a team player and are adaptable to all kind of people on the team. Everyone wants to work with someone who is cooperative and efficient.

Even if you think the answer might not fit the bill, ensure to say something that your colleagues will agree on your positive aspect of you. For Example, probably they think you are a bossy person but someone who will get the job done no matter what may come.

13. Where do you see yourself about 5 years from now:

It is essential to know how far is your vision. Where do you see yourself in future and how you intend to grow further. A visionary is always required for a company to grow ahead, someone who is capable of foreseeing a future growth and is good to incorporate the same to benefit the company’s growth. It also shows how much you know yourself and how ambitious you are and it is the most common interview question which is asked during interviews.

14. Why you fit this job:

Why you think is this the job for you. Not only as an employee but the positives about the company which made you come here for the interview. Explain what are your personal goals and how you can incorporate those with the company’s vision and value, bringing benefit to the company and simultaneously growing professionally.

Employers generally want to ask this kind of tricky interview question because it gives a clear understanding of as to how you will be able to do the justice to the job and bring the best results to it.

15. What motivates you:

Motivation is one of the prime keys to success. It is only when someone is motivated that the person tends to work towards the desired goal. Share your ideal person or someone who inspired you to be successful in life.

It could be someone within your family like parents or some known celebrity who you consider inspirational and motivated you to be like him. Sharing your motivational figure with the interviewer will present an idea about you and level of passion you have within you.

16. Why you switched your career:

Sometimes one switches their career from one field to another after a certain amount of time. Then it tends to become a common interview question during an interview as to why there was the need to change the whole career dimension.

Give a good reasonable answer to it and explain how this is a good thing for the company also. The experience you have from other fields how this will benefit the company, also how you can incorporate the same in your job.

17. What are your hobbies:

It is an essential part of an interview questionnaire. It explains a lot about your interest outside of work and extracurricular activities you do. The preference is generally for someone who has multi-dimensional skills and prefers to have a balanced life beyond work.

Hence, mention things that interest you outside of work and how to pursue them in your busy schedule. Sharing your hobby explains a lot about you in person too and also ensure to have a right knowledge for the same.

18. Do you have any differences with your boss:

Another common question asked it is a way to know if you have anything wrong to say about your boss? Ensure that do not say anything negative about your boss, differences with your bosses are common but rather than openly telling someone better to be a diplomat.

You can say how you and your boss tend to come on the same platform and work towards the goal. Don’t forget to mention the good thing about your boss too and what are the qualities you appreciate in them.

19. How do you control your anger:

Anger management is another quality one tend to look at. Anger is one of the most common emotion found but managing that well is an art. This is the most tricky interview question is also essential since it shows how well you can work with your team members.

In a team, there are various kind of people and not necessarily during work, everyone is able to perform on an equal level, hence to know how you can react in such situations is helpful to answer.

20. Anything you would like to know:

Keep a small list of question that you can ask after the interview. It shows that you have done some research on your part. Avoid asking questions related to salary, in the end, but ask questions like what the company will be expecting as a result from you, how soon you will be starting the job if you get it. Simple tricky interview questions like these will show your interest and promptness.

Finally :

From the time you enter the office building till the time you leave is the complete time of your interview. Do not think that interview just happens in the interview room, there are people who observe your activities even when you are waiting for the interview. Therefore, be prepared to behave properly.